Strait Talk: Trump Wins South Carolina Primary

ABC News contributors LZ Granderson and Matthew Dowd tell us how Donald Trump stole the South Carolina primary.
2:29 | 02/20/16

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Transcript for Strait Talk: Trump Wins South Carolina Primary
Donald Trump has won the south Carolina Republican primary Donald trial who invest in two weeks before. It's gone off from the Pope. Dawn Alford W in. Is gone off on the popular governor of at South Carolina right caught off on the US senate. He act senator Lindsey Graham golf what apple gone gone off on the audiences I'm telling. Vision captivate audiences gone off on the RNC. And he won the south Carolina Republican primary tonight and a funny thing is that it and the results aren't the only thing we know right now is that down term one. Where Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio will finish second or third everybody else's distant from that. Is if anybody else other than Donald Trump had just on what he'd done in New Hampshire and South Carolina you. Basically people would be saying the race is over if it was anybody other than him. Which skews a lot of credibility the statement that he made back in New Hampshire which is at this point act instead of Fifth Avenue and start shooting people and I was still win enough states. I'd started believe that the right answer. It's amazing how that it you're the outsider the ultimate outsider that stuff that he is said. I mean I think it's a big night for Donald Trump it's a crazy not any for the Republican establishment and what they do from here. But I do think Donald Trump what has happened to him as you know I've bowel locks and I thought I'd favored him I think do you think this last week. Is going to being weigh heavier and heavier I'm him I think it it solidifies him. At a lid that he probably is going to be have a very difficult time getting above. So if it becomes a two person race that it's very problematic and I think over the long haul I can see. Things to cheering for him but right now and a three or four person race Donald Trump is going to be hard to stop. It's absolutely amazing. That this election season morsel any of that I can think and I wanted to incorporate. Park there's fifteen years from now like an old soul. But the spurs like Intel. This is a personal which new information. Has Marie no bearing what so or forever hold who worried that people view their top stories no medal. How many deals come out audiotapes of trumped contradicting themselves the things he says the bar beloved figures like the Pope. No matter what new information comes out about him it doesn't seem to impact his supporters. And got to be. Besides the demise of Jeb Bush is the story.

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{"id":37088568,"title":"Strait Talk: Trump Wins South Carolina Primary","duration":"2:29","description":"ABC News contributors LZ Granderson and Matthew Dowd tell us how Donald Trump stole the South Carolina primary. ","url":"/Politics/video/strait-talk-trump-wins-south-carolina-primary-37088568","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}