Comedy Bloggers on Super Tuesday

Comedy Central's Indecision pokes fun at the primary election.
11:31 | 03/06/12

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Transcript for Comedy Bloggers on Super Tuesday
Mary Phillips and the next. And yet -- thought that she probably left politics. Because of how totally absurd it is. You are the editor of indecision 2012 from companies to at -- where these editorial produce companies. Well it's essential that any team -- floats order is that the official name -- that one word. -- -- CC it's been -- for. Years -- But. Our characters in politics that are funnier than others yes yes so running for president. I was we can talk about this we're gonna get a look at some of the work that we did. Our -- here talked to your bloggers. To get haste. Just what kind of comedic elements can grow at a presidential candidate pat we'll talk a little -- about -- -- name -- Jeff -- on a blogger for comedy central's indecision. And the dollar -- and I also a blogger for indecision. That's a comedy blogger we take the important political issues of the day. -- just made jokes about them. I'm -- -- for the blog and also for the Twitter account and a Twitter account is just even shorter and dumber it's -- and boil everything down to the dumbest. I don't know this person like -- -- joke. I I really a new Gingrich moon bases are really bad idea because -- can be deadly moon base Mitt Romney he's gonna buy it is the second summer home. What makes a great comedy -- it is a little nugget of real. Factual reality we live let me just a little a little better reality not a big joke at the end. Again in the letter the better the -- does not have. To be very Smart and continue literally not even have anything to deal with the story the story can be Newt Gingrich. Had some kind of death. Like -- -- spilled milk on himself eating -- cookies and then we'll just end with something about him getting married for no reason people really like. Oh -- -- and more than -- milk and cookies which is that they had just decided he likes. I want coming -- come back I'll I wielded -- want -- can come back and he gets -- -- -- Herman Cain came back. All every single comedy bloggers head would explode. -- expertise is really exciting because like. Where is gonna get to see all these candidates come up. Indeed -- speeches and they are so tired at this point. That's the stuff that's coming out of -- now. They stop making sense completely every other -- just Obama communism Vegas they've given up. I wouldn't be surprised of Mitt Romney threatened to put Rick Santorum on the roof of the car. Could produce say the big day for politics and comedy. It's a big day for us it's like Mark Twain said Super Tuesday is the funniest day ever. The -- isn't -- -- -- -- The congress. Depiction. -- -- -- actually. We do you want to try to. Interpret. It. As our. Toes it's easier. -- It. -- -- -- The best mister -- and aren't. An eagle and I'm flabbergasted. At. All. The -- -- -- What. Path. It's on our hearts our -- -- -- -- It. Did -- get here it's here and I hope that he's. Still -- us. And even that evening warm ties. I credit my favorite stops of the entire campaign -- so far was when Rick Santorum I believe it was in Wisconsin in Milwaukee. He. Stopped in to the factory that makes the Rick Santorum sweater vest there and SA. The -- Didn't but this guy as -- -- we have -- -- we can I don't think that's the eyewitness so that he spent. Eight out of place they sent people to the moon it's like he wrote and -- free. -- the probably -- Gingrich is so long we needed. It can be hard pressed to get a -- in edgewise we're live -- -- -- his speeches because it's like trying to live -- your history class. He just speaks -- very long wind bag he paragraphs which you know you know like that doesn't work this shorter sillier -- things works better for us. Do you. It's. Sit in front of me who. Now -- told. -- it is not donate now we got out on TV. And it -- that's that's our properties but that's -- -- -- -- Smartphones and weekend I was reading a prepared statement. It really. As long as beacons are getting gets me. OK so now we we may be. Coming to the situation very soon where we have. Mitt Romney yet not -- Up against Barack Obama also -- we had a lot of yes troubled comedians analog trouble. With him -- -- -- a lot of trouble so. Not on what do you do with those don't Wear out -- I think it's say that any politician is not. He's funny and our politicians other hypocritical. Lie there and do things they should be you -- gonna get. There's arrogance there vice presidents -- campaign spokespeople. -- this whole operation around them. Even Barack Obama had these elements that are really areas on its battery was talking about high -- -- And LT. He's this very dignified. Just gone on about high and that's funny and there on in now he tries so hard you know -- yeah. And bless his heart and eight where's -- -- that -- -- for us think it will get worse. That just this weekend. Could become legal going forward -- Upholstered buzz about Iran and Arab bite us I think we've seen or more. Had ever thought about. Bringing some of those people in tune in to -- I really -- The -- girls yet. We're very little girls on my twelve girls we talked about maybe pairing them with the Romney boys that's an awesome band -- out at Partridge Family. -- but what -- What do you think about that would you bring in. People -- outside of that the circle as lefty I think it might be afraid of even now you know -- -- -- Never seen anyone. In person actually earlier this -- that series can't understand when he twelve -- interviews longshot candidates like. Fred Carter. Your mind right I think is still running actually the president -- -- -- room Jerry Johnson. We didn't get but it but we got Gary Johnson and -- is Cotter is running -- you know there are some people who who understand humor what they're doing as well. Especially when they have nothing in the news and -- win. But we respect them where where are grateful that there trying to serve our country and server. Kennedy can I ask you about a two -- for people who do cover this all the time attorney we keep hearing about. People -- jaded. And cynical. And nobody comes -- turns out to vote -- and politics is ugly. And then we say but. Don't shows like this and only promote more cynicism so how do you guys walk that line or do you need to. Between being series this is a big deal secret United States started responses are and it's a big -- going to vote verses. Come on they're so -- -- There is well I mean I think this is a great thing about America that people can take on this very serious and important -- running for president and I can take on the much less serious task -- sitting in my pajamas and I don't yet. And writing jokes about -- -- about thousands and thousands of people to be. And we joke because they. We wouldn't be this assessment that I wouldn't be we would be up all night following these returns if we didn't care. But we just -- -- to find humor in it wanna share with other people because even though there's -- great need for real news real information. Breaking through all of this in the -- it's also really can't understand that it's pretty funny. Ability. For one's absence. And it's going to be partners suggestion I think the voters need to be be. -- little more. Like I -- I think these independent voters would be Chordiant all the right to -- you know that really think politicians but -- We -- we voters are quirky people. -- -- line and I I. -- -- Ever -- fair game. Voters politicians all due respect media at yes that everyone and -- action. And make -- All right so what's the coming up down the road we knew we have the conventions and -- so. What are you guys going to be doing going forward have a very exciting here would be at conventions actually. Country it to comedians -- -- -- Covering. All of the action for us we've got from eastern -- wide range also focusing on local races like. Little small town politics things that democracy is -- -- weekly series that. That's -- where where it's your first. Stop while traveling -- we're just reporting on actually tomorrow or -- very heated tiny arteries. Away so. You know these things -- -- happening -- Before they go do you think that this nomination season provides -- -- sort of an intra party battle. -- the general election will provide better material when it's one on one the president vs one of these Republican. And Republicans fight among themselves as great especially on the big money getting involved in that backstabbing and why it certainly -- Let's -- you feel like he could have tuned in at any point during this and that many got a good let's have a very quickly it right this is a reality -- infecting the debates. Must've -- you great -- -- live I've read every debate every -- -- where my -- and -- tonight and cat it's it's even as people dropped out there consistently. -- -- -- I was reminded us. Fantastic -- -- of comedy central's. The decision yes. You can check it out online and -- there live blogging -- -- I want to bring out following right now they aren't thinking things much adding.

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{"id":15864082,"title":"Comedy Bloggers on Super Tuesday","duration":"11:31","description":"Comedy Central's Indecision pokes fun at the primary election. ","url":"/Politics/video/super-tuesday-comedy-bloggers-results-15864082","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}