Gingrich Wins Ga. Primary

ABC News projects the former speaker of the House will win his home state.
2:31 | 03/06/12

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Transcript for Gingrich Wins Ga. Primary
It's an ABC news selection out. Super Tuesday -- Now reporting from election headquarters in New York Diane Sawyer George -- Welcome this big day in the race for the White House voters in ten states going to the polls at this Super Tuesday from North Dakota to Georgia Idaho in -- Massachusetts. Let us show you what is at stake tonight as we said -- states 413. Seven delegates up for grabs and our political team is following at all. Some of the polls have closed that we are now ready to project -- -- we're ready to project that in Georgia ABC news. Has concluded that former speaker Newt Gingrich is going to win and it is his stake in Georgia this is not a surprise 76 delegates there. With two other states in -- the polls have closed but we're not ready to project just yet Virginia. Polls have closed and Mitt Romney is ahead. But we're not ready to make our projection and -- -- -- Romney also leaving based on exit polls. But not limited to -- him from George. Surely no one thing's for sure Diane you get yourself in in this race he said that if he won his home state of Georgia -- would stay he's won it big we also know based on these early. Numbers and that what we're learning all -- -- that Mitt Romney is poised to get the most delegates tonight. And perhaps to win the most states as well so it will be the only candidate by the end of the night. Who can actually win enough delegates to -- to sew this up before. The convention but all eyes on that -- -- -- polls closing at 730 that is the battleground state of Ohio. He will be able to secure his claim to the nomination only if he beats Rick Santorum in that big -- And he comes in with seven states certify that he has one. Two more. He could possibly be women as we as we look at the early results coming in at the polls closing. But we'll have the latest for you throughout the night tonight and as we -- our team will be here all evening. That's right. Level the election results throughout the -- -- full wrap up later on the special edition of Nightline and Diana will be bringing results as they comment on the wrong so now we will return you to your regular programming as we get more results and bring them to you for some -- you. Regular programming is world news and I'll see you there I'm Diane Sawyer in New York with George Stephanopoulos. Have a good -- season. If -- ABC news. -- --

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{"id":15862972,"title":"Gingrich Wins Ga. Primary","duration":"2:31","description":"ABC News projects the former speaker of the House will win his home state.","url":"/Politics/video/super-tuesday-results-newt-gingrich-wins-georgia-primary-15862972","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}