Super Tuesday: Romney Hopes to Break Away

ABC News' David Muir discusses Mitt Romney's polling numbers and electability.
6:44 | 03/06/12

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Transcript for Super Tuesday: Romney Hopes to Break Away
Boston Massachusetts that is the home of Mitt Romney. And that is where we find ABC news's David Muir who has been covering the Romney campaign throughout this entire. -- and David I see that behind you in the ballroom or those folks are starting to fill in. The Romney campaign. Saying my how confident are they -- they're going to be able to put this to bed. What David maniac and tell you this much that the governor late today saying it be hard to predict who's gonna. Do well this evening particularly in a crucial state of Ohio. But behind the scenes in covering this campaign of course these last couple of days and followed with these advisors are saying and signaling to us. You could tell that they like what they were seeing as far as the polling if you're gonna see numbers shift. They wanted to see -- shift the way they were the momentum was in Mitt Romney's direction in these final days helping to turn around a bit of the deficit that he had here. It's an Ohio against Santorum in recent weeks able to turn that around much like he didn't in his home state. Last week. I can tell you people are beginning -- island near Boston of course his home he was governor here Massachusetts -- to do the news. Here in in Boston covered him as a governor when he became governors a bit of Groundhog Day only this time. Guy's been running for president now for six years the most recent since last June this time hoping that tonight -- may be that we'll be able to make this map. Medically impossible for the other guys to catch up to a. We'll -- -- that's a great point mathematically it is likely to be impossible -- -- and catch up with -- but we keep hearing from me. Gingrich and the Santorum -- they're going forward no matter what life. You think. Mitt Romney needs -- -- to -- death. Bring the party together tonight and think that's part of his plan -- to try to pick that not only into the general election but -- -- just sort of you know after very negative campaign. Bringing the team that -- out. Right yeah I think you make a great point -- I think this campaign is desperate. To -- -- back to the general election -- would like nothing more than the first thing tomorrow morning starts to aim their fire again -- President Obama and this economy. Very interesting to watch this last week since Michigan Mitt Romney -- every rally every factory that -- visited with him talked about the economy about jobs. About the -- unemployment rate in this country getting right back to the message that was so. A familiar quite frankly more comfortable for him in the social issues that we saw the last couple of weeks -- and Rick Santorum. Very interesting though Rick Santorum. Telling our Jon -- yesterday indicating it again today that he moves forward no matter how he does an Ohio tonight Gingrich obviously. But we just projected looking very well -- in Georgia for him. So these other guys are not going away there's rob he's gonna have to try union message tonight. Particularly if -- is -- the great showing in Ohio to try to shift gears. Even though he knows in this campaign knows that these other candidates aren't going away and -- not going away anytime soon too quick question. We gave them on that -- that very point one is there any concern that you're picking up inside the campaign deeply in Southern Conference obviously. Georgia was the home state -- Newt Gingrich but it can also -- Tennessee -- Oklahoma. Virginia doesn't count because it's -- -- a ground ball on the ballot. Do it is out of weakness that they're concerned about that woman and my next question is. -- wasn't -- tomorrow if if these guys are gonna -- because of these guys are not getting out what does Bob May have planned to do more to try to do that hit it make -- -- -- to the general election. Well first I think they're gonna count Virginia no matter what you say -- They're -- point -- these other campaigns say they were disorganized they didn't -- the ground gave the -- team -- so they're -- count Virginia but it. To your larger point -- this -- team. Desperately wants a very strong showing in Ohio tonight but nothing would make them happier than -- bodies that a good chilling in Ohio. We a very strong showing perhaps a winning just one of these southern states because quite frankly the general they've got to make the case that Mitt Romney. Not only appeals to. Other Republicans -- been able to pick up so far but to the southern -- to average Americans and middle income Americans. We've seen it that's a huge hurdle for him when you Republicans for exit forums and firm. Not only has that appeal to social conservatives but some of them Rust Belt Republicans those blue collar Republicans and -- the second part of that question maybe that's what will he do tomorrow hot I think they're going to try to sit this race. Back to the economy. They did not feel comfortable delving into the socialism isn't mentioned before and so I think what -- hear is what frankly we heard of these smaller settings. At these campaign stops along the way that he is. The candidate best suited to win. Beat Obama in the ball he believes that's the message that resonates most. And quite frankly most comfortable with it so I think you'll see him -- first thing in the morning reluctantly. If you ask -- such as. -- -- -- You don't want anything. I hear a lot this summer nineteen easy summer don't you think that. They are purposely putting and pounding out front more -- sort of humanize Mitt Romney and you expect that she's gonna stay as active as he's been going forward yet. No question -- tell you -- hope that -- factor yesterday. It probably always introduces his longtime love as he calls for him running -- met as teenagers at school I could recite the real world war. Yesterday it was it was certitude even -- communities light heavyweight champion. And many of the Bill Ritter -- and it didn't sound right it's got -- on -- stage. And ran when -- that you don't let minimized in this campaign trail much longer I am going to be to have champions center. The -- -- Denton that a little snugly. If that's over in his new little tighter than usual and and dancing in season. Humanize this campaign in a way I think that governor Romney has been. Challenged. Say that revealed what its biggest. Losses relating to the average here and in some ways am Romney seems to. Corbett comfort zone when it comes and then we saw yesterday actually talk about the -- well for the first time that I can remember in such directs. -- sees it quite frankly I don't consider ourselves well in talking about the -- -- Needham an enormous amount of money his success in business. It's went -- explain why she doesn't consider herself -- -- -- -- battled breast cancer and and that's and that. Those diseases taught her how to live in the unbeaten in the greater community as part of her family -- -- -- the money doesn't matter to -- comes and goes but the people's fears about six. -- and -- needed to tackle the money for the well issue him on the direct done a lot of people criticized the DNC jumped on those words I don't think overwhelming. Clinton but there's a whole other audience that heard what she said and said he didn't make sense that's the most -- way to sort of describe their -- so --

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{"id":15863067,"title":"Super Tuesday: Romney Hopes to Break Away","duration":"6:44","description":"ABC News' David Muir discusses Mitt Romney's polling numbers and electability.","url":"/Politics/video/super-tuesday-romney-hopes-break-15863067","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}