Super Tuesday's Close Ohio Primary

Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney fight for delegates in key primary state.
2:56 | 03/06/12

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Transcript for Super Tuesday's Close Ohio Primary
It's -- NBC news election up. Super Tuesday showdown. And showdown that is good evening once again I'm Diane Sawyer and George Stephanopoulos. This ten states voting day and let's look so far Mitt Romney is 13 states Rick Santorum is -- three states Newt Gingrich won an Ohio. All eyes are on that state and that as the big battleground Republicans do not win. Without winning Ohio look at that boat right there right now less than 2000 votes about 2000 votes separate. Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney right now this one is going right down. To the wire this is a must win state for Rick Santorum he's holding on. Right now but Jon Karl losing its -- Delaware Rick Santorum spoke earlier tonight John they are already saying tonight that they have one. George they are fired up you know Rick santorum's finished speaking about ninety minutes ago it was walking out of this building -- this high school. And he turned around we saw how close this is. He is now holed up -- in a makeshift holding room with his family watching results. They believe they have already demonstrated loud and clear that this race is not over. Let's head over to the Romney Camp David -- is -- -- in Massachusetts Romney's home state. What is the what are they saying they are -- I -- little shaken by these results so far. They have been -- in -- the governor speaking just a short time ago Mitt Romney saying I was struck by this he said tonight we've taken one more step. Tomorrow we wake up and we started new. They might have taken a step but this was not nearly the size of the -- they wanted they wanted that Ohio win. And they wanted to headline to come during prime time and all these national cameras were trained on them they didn't get that at least not yet. So this already long campaign. Looks as if the story is an agreement won't get a lot longer now we should say Mitt Romney is poised to win more delegates than anyone else think he's gonna build his delegate lead. In -- and that's it's about who commute to 1144. First and actually he's the only candidate right now who can get there. The other candidates are in a war of attrition but we know now because of the results in Georgia because the results in Tennessee in Oklahoma you Rick Santorum is staying -- he's gonna fight. Newt Gingrich is staying in he's gonna fight they're gonna keep going and one of the things -- seeing here even though. Most Republican voters think the Mitt Romney. Is the candidate they can beat President Obama can not close that deal. Not so -- we could point out though he's still got some counties. Coming -- -- votes coming in and big -- still holding out hope and we should also say Mitt Romney will win more delegates in Ohio tonight. And Rick Santorum because Rick Santorum did not fill out full delegate slates but nonetheless -- -- big story. Rick Santorum and his he's coming this close again stay with us tonight it is great to have you with -- said. We'll keep you up to date live streaming coverage there and a special edition of Nightline -- results. -- there.

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{"id":15865228,"title":"Super Tuesday's Close Ohio Primary","duration":"2:56","description":"Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney fight for delegates in key primary state. ","url":"/Politics/video/super-tuesdays-close-ohio-primary-15865228","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}