Who Supported TARP?

Rick Santorum accuses fellow candidates of supporting TARP.
0:59 | 10/18/11

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Transcript for Who Supported TARP?
Several people appear that could businesspeople. Are supported the TARP supported the bailout and governor governor Rick Perry -- You know you wrote a letter on the day that -- -- He wrote a letter on the day of the vote governor saying the vote for the plan message I mean that's -- no letters and yes she did -- -- they'll finish on sinus. And -- is so -- you supported governor Romney and Herman Cain also reported -- via the TARP program was started all right. You guys complain about governor Romney flip flop damning look at what's going on here I mean that -- the bottom line is. You all supported -- you all started this ball rolling with the government injected itself. In trying did make. The try to try to fix the market with the government top down trying to do -- and managed to -- And what happened was people who -- who did things that were wrong. Did invest in things took risks we're bailed out and the folks who who acted responsibly are now getting hurt because their houses have gone down in value.

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{"id":14766543,"title":"Who Supported TARP?","duration":"0:59","description":"Rick Santorum accuses fellow candidates of supporting TARP.","url":"/Politics/video/supported-tarp-14766543","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}