Former Supporter Calls for San Diego Mayor to Resign

Councilwoman Donna Frye details the sexual harassment allegations against Bob Filner.
10:05 | 07/15/13

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Transcript for Former Supporter Calls for San Diego Mayor to Resign
Sexual harassment is not simply a legal standard that exists only in the workplace and -- then of the lawsuit is filed. Sexual harassment occurs when that behavior is unwarranted. -- causes harm. Unwelcome sexual advances. Requests for sexual favors and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature. Constitute sexual harassment. This is a type of behavior that I spoke directly to the mayor about. After I learned firsthand about his sexually harassing. -- and one woman. I told him that what he was doing was not only sexual harassment. But -- gross abuse of his power. And that's sexual harassment was not limited to his employees. But also applied to women he met in the court in his official capacity. As the mayor of our city. I explained that because he was the highest elected official in this city he wielded a lot of power. And he had an obligation to -- -- and appropriate manner. Because it had the same effect on women whether they work for him as an employee. Or whether they -- an employee of a company or organization. Or even an individual. Who had dealings with the city. For example. What if the woman worked for a company that has signed the woman the task of having them marriage and their of that. And their job depended on making sure he would do so. How might that woman react to -- is asking her for a date. -- touching her when her job could be impacted if she said something -- rebuffed his advances. I explained that his actions placed women and bad and disturbing situations. And -- -- acceptable. I left the meeting. And I knew he was not comprehending. What I was trying to tell him. Over the past many weeks. The mayor's pattern of behavior has become clear to me. It begins with him checking -- woman's availability through asking her about -- spouse or boyfriend. Then isolating women somewhere -- where they can talk. He then request dinner. A later meeting making -- -- -- sexual comments are physically imposing himself upon her. I would like to read to you this stories from two women. Who met with them there and I want to provide you some specifics. Constituent number one's. I went to see mayor Bob -- City Hall earlier this year to talk about a city issue that concerns me. When America was ready to seeing me -- Stafford cockney into the room where the mayor was way. A few moments after the -- and I entered the room -- failed their asses -- to leave the room. That staffer comply. The first thing the mayor did after the -- left the room was asked me whether I was single. Before I could answer he followed up by asking me whether I was seen any -- I am responded mr. mayor you have a very beautiful fiancee. Mayor bill -- then -- I'd like to go out with you may I kiss you. Immediately upon asking whether he could kiss me mayor -- their grabbed me and kissed me. I was able to push myself away and hurriedly left the room. Dairy upset. It should go without saying that his comments and physical comment -- to put it kindly. Extremely unwelcome. Constituent number two. This constituent deals with a variety of policy issues that are relevant to the city of San Diego. -- first meeting about -- he was cordial and seemed interested in her conversation. Which took place following a debate. It was not inappropriate in any way at that -- As a campaign progressed this woman was inspired to volunteer. And even send him a couple of opinions regarding policy issues in which she wasn't involved. Don't they responded to one of her message -- you are wonderful. Which naturally made her feel useful and inspired her to continue helping with the campaign. Following his successful bid for mayor Bob invited this woman to meet privately with him. At their breakfast meeting. The mayor made some flirtatious comments average for chalked up to friendly banter but politely rebuked. The policy issues were the focus of discussion. And it seemed -- heard that the mayor genuinely valued her perspectives. Approximately a month later he asked her to meet again. -- some reservation -- to the flirtatious comments previously made it she agreed to meet with him at a public location. She was excited about the opportunity to have the Arab the most influential person in town. She continued to believe the primary reason -- marijuana to meet with her was because she had substance to bring to the conversation. And that she could add to his successes mayor. There is a great deal to disguise and her mind it was like picking up the conversation with an engaging friend. And the mayor spoke freely about numerous issues. As they relieving the conversation suddenly -- it I want to kiss you you are so beautiful. Bob -- that. Got completely off guard by the comment they -- -- walked across the street. On the sidewalk the mayor suddenly. Being clearer view of anyone who might pass by. Grabbed and kissed her jamming his tongue down -- -- -- was completely shocked. First by the suddenness of it. And second or maybe can currently. Betty getting care that he was the mayor and trying to kiss someone who is not as beyoncé on the sidewalk in plain view. She quickly pushed him away it's done. Her car was nearby. And she had agreed to give the -- ride home. And felt it would be extremely operating -- to just leave him standing there. In hindsight. She should have never -- into her car. She really didn't -- come up as rude. She wanted herself and her issues to be relevant. She was in no way willing to sacrifice values thirteen -- desires of another to advance your goals. But this was a mayor who had just tried to kiss her she was -- While sorting this out and about to drive off. The mayor quickly had his hand on the inside of her -- and was again trying to put his tongue down her throat. It reflection. She now feels guilty and ashamed. For not more forcefully rebuffing his flirtation -- is groping. She feels that if she had done is so maybe things would have gone differently. Maybe it would still be interested in her issues. And maybe he would have not done this to someone else. This is a woman who generally admired the mayor. And she has been made it feel that in order to be heard. You have access to the mayor Stuart have to accept the unwanted flirtatious. Private meetings. And possibly eventually sexual relations. Another -- and that is emerging. That is the end of her statement. But another pattern that is emerging. Is that many who have spoken to the mayor. About this when they heard rumors. There are more than 1 people I am learning there are so many people who have talked to Bob Dylan -- about his behavior. He -- repeatedly told that. It was -- flirtation there's nothing to it. Don't worry about it it's five. Repeatedly. Today have been assured that he would correct his behavior. If the mayor is truly sorry for the wrong he has done. And truly wishes to do differently he must resign and focus all of his time and energy on getting out. We all of us. Standing here today. Are only going to -- able -- mayor if knowing what we now go. We allow him -- -- that he will change while in office. But worse. We will all -- the women of our city if we. Asked them to continue to meet with this man to seek the leadership of wide. Who will continue to arrest them groped and try and stick their tongue down their throats grabbed their breasts. One who is tragically Bob builder is tragically -- -- For any woman to approach. Again this morning we call on the mayor to resign. And we want the women of this city and the people who love them didn't know that sexual abuse and this behavior. Is not. Normal. Not there ball and they are not to -- Bob. Bell there is -- -- And he needs to -- that I. We stand by our women. Who have. Opposed the lab and it's actually. And stand up or am I -- -- -- How does -- is horrible. Horrible civic nightmare.

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{"id":19673997,"title":"Former Supporter Calls for San Diego Mayor to Resign","duration":"10:05","description":"Councilwoman Donna Frye details the sexual harassment allegations against Bob Filner.","url":"/Politics/video/supporter-calls-san-diego-mayor-resign-19673997","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}