Supreme Court justices hand down opinions

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg predicts the remaining decisions will be sharply divided.
1:34 | 06/10/19

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Transcript for Supreme Court justices hand down opinions
I'm Devin Dwyer at the Supreme Court the justices are wrapping up their work for the hearing clearing out a long list of requests for a hearing before the court later this fall. Today the court rejected a request from a Yemeni national that's been held at Guantanamo Bay prison for seventeen years. Moloch on the op meant a lot we was captured in Pakistan says he's been held longer than any other detainee in US custody. The justices decided to let stand a lower court decision it's as he could be held so long as the US is fighting the Taliban and al-Qaeda. Justices today also declined to hear a case proper two Kansas men challenging federal regulation. Of those guns oppressors known as silent search this comes nine days. After a gunman in Virginia Beach, Virginia used one to murder twelve people and that municipal building there. The justices didn't offer any explanation but the national firearms act will stand. Today there were no divisive opinions issued by the court they appear to be saving the best for last are still 24 cases. There were argued this year that it yet to be decided only two more dates on the courts. Scheduled for those to come down they include contentious issues a political gerrymandering whether 20/20. Since this can include the citizenship question also the case. On the Maryland in that World War I memorial. In the shape over crossed can withstand on public land all of those cases will be saved. For the very and the next two weeks justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg over the weekend suggested. These cases will be divisive. I'm DeVon choir at the Supreme Court you're watching ABC news lives.

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{"duration":"1:34","description":"Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg predicts the remaining decisions will be sharply divided.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"63611386","title":"Supreme Court justices hand down opinions","url":"/Politics/video/supreme-court-justices-hand-opinions-63611386"}