Supreme Court sides with student in Snapchat free speech battle

ABC News’ Devin Dwyer reports on the ruling that a Pennsylvania school district violated a former cheerleader’s First Amendment rights by suspending her from the team for a vulgar Snapchat post.
7:54 | 06/24/21

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Transcript for Supreme Court sides with student in Snapchat free speech battle
Major Supreme Court decision on free speech that we've been following here. The High Court ruling that a Pennsylvania high school violated a former cheerleaders first amendment rights when it suspended her from the team. For a Volcker post on snapped jet sent off campus during a weekend. But the 821 decision did leave room for schools to police some off campus speech to prevent bullying or harassment. ABC's Devin Dwyer has a reaction from the snap chatting former cheerleader on her free speech victory. She Souter school over free speech and today she won big at the Supreme Court. I would've later and it said breaking new and I read it Ole Ole guy. I started I. Former high school cheerleader brandy Levy was suspended former team in 2017. After school officials learned of a vulgar social media message she posted off campus on a weekend. I was angry at. And I mean a post signs that I said it was at school at cheered at softball a fabric thing. The year long punishment for brandy was struck down by lower courts into dig in an 821 decision the Supreme Court agreed. Justice Stephen Breyer writing the school's disciplinary action violated the First Amendment. Isn't the most significant. Decision for young people's free speech rights and past fifty years. And the court recognized that young people you have free speech rates and that. They have to be protected. The Supreme Court in a landmark 1969. Decision. Made clear students retain free speech rights on campus so long as they don't disrupt the learning environment or infringe the rights of others but the court did not address off campus situations. Teachers principals and parents nationwide have closely watch the brandy Levy case. Worried the court could severely limit schools' ability to protect students from harassment and abuse. You went out and traders parents. You would go to the school in say. Yet you. Captures and that's in you each punish my child is this not happen. On you're on your best in your school. One in three American middle or high school students see they've been victims of cyber bullying. And research shows the threat of punishment by schools is a key deterrent. Today the Supreme Court acknowledged those facts Justice Breyer writing several types of off campus behavior may call for school regulations. Such as bullying threats online cheating in cyber hacks. It makes clear. That school districts have the power authority and it's not restricted by the First Amendment cheap control certain con ducked outside of school. And we. That's exact what we were arguing every call us when. Well I'm not sure that I would call at a win now we hadn't and it is cleared the supreme. That the school district. One that the important issues. Being a bullet in the appropriate circumstance she is to control student art expression. I don't Wear it like it each the standards such cream court articulated. Justice Clarence Thomas the only dissent in the case ready schools historically core discipline students in circumstances like those presented here. And that the majority failed to explain why we should not apply this historical rule to this case. I hope school sees it is that you know they aren't the parents on weekends they aren't the parents in the summer. You know that if they're in had our punishment for them that they would. Sit down and think about what they're doing and all avenues and aspects up or they make our decision like and his situation. Are our people are celebrating here is somebody who ordered. We're total total for school district and want. Yelling that I most of the message is just like people congratulating me like I stuck up her. Lead lap and the trust of cable just I got a text message early. Forty minutes ago sort of touching his anchor congrats and bloodied by Lou made a school like a joke. Now eighteen inning college Brandi tells us she regrets sending nab over snapped chat but has no apologies for speaking her mind. As for would be cyber bully is looking to capitalize on the court's decision. School loans should be able to late. Control. Eight there's always going to be those people. And sometimes it it it people's I'm Brian. I don't I I'm guy and bullied so many times before it happens. And sun times people don't realize that I was had dealings. And sometimes they get them a lot bird and a gets to most people. Larry ready you're ready to celebrate and I probably sleep because our phones don't operating and we thought about any text messages. Sierra I I don't know me. We're gonna we're gonna had a party. It is relaxation party I can assure. A well earned celebratory slice of pizza Devin Dwyer joins us up DeVon according handed down several other decisions including one adult a major blow to labor unions in this country tell us about that. Yet Lindsay in California for 45 years at state regulators have required farmers. To allow union organizers to access their private property and to meet with these migrant workers for part of the year during their breaks. The unions have said those means are critical to educating workers on their rights to farmers however have been pushing back as is this as an infringement. Of their property rights and today. The conservative Supreme Court majority six to three ruled in favor of the property owners Lindsey the Chief Justice. Seen farmers have a fundamental right to exclude people from their property. And top union officials told me this will now make it much harder for them to organize it critical workforce in our country take a listen. Farm workers are the hardest working. People and certainly essential workers and the decision denies them the basic right to. Communicate about their rights on their own free time not on the employers' high among their own free time. I have knee against unions. Elected valued at eight the ability for anybody. To whether you're a homeowner or business. And to decide who cannot and we are not one he is fundamental. So Lindsay a big win today for big agribusiness at the court at a time when union membership in this country. Is on the decline and as at times Lindsay at the right to organize is under a lot of pressure nationwide when. And DeVon as we continue to report here on the power police officers in this country in the rights of the accused today in another big case the court set out some limits an elaborate on that. Yet it did it in another unanimous decision the court held today that police officers can not enter our home without a warrant. Simply because they're pursuing somebody. Accused of a misdemeanor this was also a case I California involved a gentleman who was driving down the highway playing loud music honking his horn the cops followed him. Trailed him into his garage. I confronted him arrested him today justice Elena Kagan Lindsay said the Fourth Amendment does allow warrantless. Property searches and arrests in some circumstances thread of life from property. But it in the pursuit of a suspect over misdemeanor crime is not one of those circumstances and in this case. The cops aired system limits on police as to when they can come onto your property without a warrant. Devin Dwyer our thanks to you. Things that the.

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{"duration":"7:54","description":"ABC News’ Devin Dwyer reports on the ruling that a Pennsylvania school district violated a former cheerleader’s First Amendment rights by suspending her from the team for a vulgar Snapchat post.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"78454895","title":"Supreme Court sides with student in Snapchat free speech battle","url":"/Politics/video/supreme-court-sides-student-snapchat-free-speech-battle-78454895"}