Talking Politics at 'The Gathering Place' Diner in Florida

ABC's Lana Zak is in Southwest Florida talking politics over pie at The Gathering Place, a former nurses station turned diner. Will this be the state that decides the presidency?
7:27 | 07/27/16

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Transcript for Talking Politics at 'The Gathering Place' Diner in Florida
Hi there again Viewers I'm Lana is that we're here at the gathering place ads and selfless Florida the state could very well could decide if this next election. And we're just isn't high talking politics that have been good friends I don't know on and that a lot of Carol yeah the only thing it. You're here for the food but I. Undecided at the boat carrying an ambulance. Yes the telling your name and tell me why you're struggling in the then. The outspoken. And some recent months that exit personality midnight Phelan them. They're not they don't feel presidential. Or it don't trust me or what. Mind. Now we definitely not a yeah. Me. I about them. We haven't doesn't that one of the things that we're hearing from people here that they are. Turned off by both of the candidates and as such haven't been able to figure out. Who it is that they want to vote or if they won't even vote in the election even if they turned out in elections past I'm now joined by the owner this. Tony. Anything Hillary's corner but and they're not every. Well I am however are in a roundabout way that doses of lesser than it was my opinions on. And I go that route and for you most important issue is my gay rights. And I just don't feel that trump and his vice president care about me personally so therefore it is not. Shortly and that's happening right here at Florida. Both candidates. Even in Trump's. Trump's speech at the convention when he accepted the nomination you know that you brought to stand up or LTT right. Vote he can promise only wants but one has vice president elect is so dead set against LP GT writes it's kinda hard to believe what it's like. I'm and his vice president is for diversity there penis against us it and Mary. Yes everything else that we want east dead set against every single thing and thought aren't yet. So when you can say here for my rights over here other have to use and isn't running mate is so against it. I'm regularly. So there there that Hillary's. And right here a different guy he's trunks of barter that excited him before the thing that even our most important to have. Jobs illegal immigration you might makes of the properly vetted before coming to this country. Guns we were having a very interesting conversation and he's that you would be for. India. No flight by legislation. That was originally proposed by a Republican. Represented king from New York then was bagged on by the Republicans. And the Democrats are took up that that you say even used were trumped that you would be in favor of that it is the common sense. And now when you love when you hear things from Donald Trump. Does that sound like a president to you does that sound like ex president. A lot of the things that trump says and waiting Sosa I think he could as a superb little little bit. I don't think he presents himself in this manner but at the same time I went. Far. Agreed ahead of him as a president and Hillary. Because my feelings I'm Hillary is she's. Corrupt and she's a liar. And I don't think she cares about anybody other than herself. Earlier plus. I heard that from a lot of equally as chants lock her up that we heard. Not only at the RNC but a little bit at the DNC. When it started which is remarkable considering that this is her. Coronation as the democratic nominee. I see you nodding your hat. I still. Will you please just say what use that to me before about the two candidates in the struggle that your app. So. Making the camera is rejecting this covers. Oh okay. That was that's craziness. Because she initially that she is a little bit afraid but she did not apparently she's part of this conversation. And and so we tried to get a little comment from her. He readies talk down. I think in. Now melding house on the out there that did there. Doug is Doug than a quarter. Outnumber. And and now Halen announce a little doubt about. Oh. Q what Kimberly and lean towards Clinton you know I'm get burns. I don't believe either one of them I think they're just saying things to get in office. No I don't trust them. Unless you are you are definitely think I am going to vote counts and you know your vote is super important being a floor and Iraq are angry. They are native vermonter I L grant. What are you hoping one of them we'll say then. You know I don't know that's why he's an problem you know what what can one on the safe and I'll leave what others say an open. And this is part of what we've seen over and over again with. With the polling showing that these two candidates have the highest unfavorable rating anybody in the district currently. That in. There has that. Now that people just don't feel connected to. Candidate but ultimately one of them is going to hear resident through. And you have a hand in hand picking her right salary has worked. It's in the government's own possibly that Weytman. The point of well you don't dump trucks that when he he becomes president he runs for president is gonna know Republicans. This article cannot say you know not vote for him but apparently there are much. Where would to me was a slalom and you are you all republic and haven't. But you're not a 100% on work for Hillary and now. So hesitant to now yeah why I think educate Monica Lewinsky's testimony before. And this and I'm not against having a president. I just not as. The network so it really goes back to the old line needs issues in those are all coming out for you yeah. She changed her mind lines you know makes you wonder what's gonna happen. Is that what we're hearing from people here at the gathering place. The ultimate spot for high and politics and hurled it could. Is that people here in N up Florida are. I think there's seriously the fact that they. Have been super sized. Supersize responsibility almost in choosing the next president but that they are having such difficulty figuring out who it is that they really support. Or ABC news I'm Lana that cannot thank you very much for tuning in and night they can't.

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{"duration":"7:27","description":"ABC's Lana Zak is in Southwest Florida talking politics over pie at The Gathering Place, a former nurses station turned diner. Will this be the state that decides the presidency?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40928952","title":"Talking Politics at 'The Gathering Place' Diner in Florida","url":"/Politics/video/talking-politics-gathering-place-diner-florida-40928952"}