Ted Cruz: Immigration Not Major Factor for Hispanic Voters

Texas Senate candidate says conservative values of Hispanic community more important than immigration laws.
3:00 | 08/29/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ted Cruz: Immigration Not Major Factor for Hispanic Voters
News taxes the taxes. It's not. We should mention it indeed while -- So much thanks for -- here. It's just -- question asking. -- -- And lots to get -- speech. It was look at never -- a podium if they get away -- market. And when I like to do is just try as much as possible to connect with the top and it's. It's it's invigorating and the EU draw excitement and energy from the -- and I mean this crowd the excitement years is now. What is at a mean -- talking a lot of folks. -- -- not -- -- that is running does that mean I think there is their enemy by beating President Obama -- issues that that are being brought up by Mitt Romney but I don't see a connection in the U. What I think is -- this crowd news he has a sense. That this nation is prices. And a love of liberty -- desired stand up like. Voters. And especially when you're talking -- Latino voters. -- -- Hired -- -- we need it and there's a disconnect between. And the -- -- how going to be that -- between the Republican Party. -- voters right now the Democrats. Outlook that that the use of the voters change in the views of Hispanic. I think the values of the Hispanic community are profoundly conservative it's been the values that resonate -- community. -- friendly patriotism. You know -- a lot of people don't know. -- Hispanics have a higher rate of military enlistment to any demographic. There is. Connects. Ago. An issue here immigration right pat. Patted its voters. Republican. National. Comments are issues. Don't think that's right I think that that Democrats very much hope immigration will be -- issues they're using it to try to scare the Hispanic community. But but I think that is the impediment. Most Hispanics -- not for open borders most Hispanics are not for blanket amnesty. I think it is the Democratic Party cynically. Trying to steer those in the Hispanic community and I agree Republicans need to do a better job. Communicating our values it wasn't too long ago that George W. Bush 2004. That 44% of the Hispanic vote. Nationwide. And and if we do a better job of communicating. It that the conservative values of the Republican Party are precisely the values that that the Hispanic community shares and believes I think that's that is that he. Two proving that Republicans do it -- -- so if and when you get to Washington he ought to see you you're you're quite favorite in Texas have you thought about. Mitch McConnell you to support him for majority leader you thought about who -- -- -- it -- to align yourself with -- in buildings in new coalition's well from the beginning of the campaign it consistently said that them not to make any commitments on potential leadership I think it be presumptuous for me to do that. I'll -- until -- elected to the center. My focus is we've got 68 days -- the election in November announced -- -- every day. Crisscrossing the state of Texas making the -- to the voters of Texas there's a fundamental choice and it's the same choice of the Texas senate race. That the nation faces the president's state -- choice between. Going down the road at the Obama Democrats -- more spending more and more debt more government control of the economy and our lives. Person getting back to our founding principles of limited government free markets individual response. Like -- proves the Republican senate candidate from Texas last -- -- we want to sign in on on on our site address everyone's into a little. -- -- virtual. And what this means -- -- your home state -- its deepest offensive. Guard and every time -- I'm sorry assistant biographical fact I think -- -- in his -- I think but we do rejuvenate at a breakneck schedule we appreciate you joining us here you know. Amy I think what we're gonna have to give some kind of a prize to the for the most creative if nothing else right -- -- -- Always stand for liberty they -- -- can't that it needs the statue of liberty. So. That's what -- -- not my four year old would really enjoyed. That's -- you get on -- Sectors thank you very moderately next thank you so much.

This transcript has been automatically generated and may not be 100% accurate.

{"id":17109763,"title":"Ted Cruz: Immigration Not Major Factor for Hispanic Voters","duration":"3:00","description":"Texas Senate candidate says conservative values of Hispanic community more important than immigration laws.","url":"/Politics/video/ted-cruz-immigration-major-factor-hispanic-voters-17109763","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}