Ted Cruz and John Kasich Combine Forces

The panel discuss whether Cruz and Kasich's new plan to stop Donald Trump is "too little, too late."
3:14 | 04/25/16

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Transcript for Ted Cruz and John Kasich Combine Forces
I have been to report that there is some harmony finally on the Republican side right now Ted crews are Jon K second grid coordinate a the last. It's Everett says. And Donald Trump. Over can't get did not think. Not on so lay. So yeah. It was not Aaron isn't just adult. It's it's not a joke but it on the I have to say no but Ted Cruz isn't Indiana and he's telling bit. The case sick people to go out west lake actually colluding and working together but I do have some breaking news Donald Trump. Has a nickname for John Casey can't I didn't he treated. Lions and cranes and one for 38 K sick. That's good thing where they are unable to beat me on their own so they have to team up in it to land line. One for 38 case ethnic not going and a half up half they've got a perfect fit yeah. Not you can't use. You know one the building is already burning again. Act and UConn and Watson and then in Owens kind of dostum up an instance Connor I'm not that's where we aren't apt is already barn and missed decay second mystic not yell at you should've thought in this ages and now. As sending out talent which is why today. So you know now you just comment you gotta let the cards fall where they may minding. They band together is my question because if Israel offering up not afraid that's a greater Illinois don't think he's sickened crews even though they don't agree with each other on all political fronts. If they're really trying to stop and go together what keys six is I think and third. The vice president and cruise or whatever the figure was a point because so outspent one of them gives up could go to trump and that's what they tribal boy I'd probably think that they wouldn't at a time I think that people who were voting for Cruz Ortiz think our overtime. They're like the old conservative Tea Party movement. My opinion is could be trapped people the cruise people could be trying to do over. Oh man I start now men. I didn't think that's contrary to urban Republican I they got knocked at the big. I'm me out I gotta admit lineup that's you know conspiracy is like they you know who killed JFK ready it's ridiculous it's Godwin cannot. And saying you know if you don't get the nomination you got a goal way. In the nobody's gonna see you wouldn't have had said yeah I don't stop just get you did you get it if you don't you didn't. That simple act how everybody just act. I said that if he doesn't get it he's gonna go play golf. Now you know if Bernie doesn't get it Bernie is going to help the Democratic Party I do believe that I think he sort of implied it over the weekend at some of the chosen McDonald's is like how American is he that he's just gonna say well. My people can too bad about them I'm just gonna go play golf you know they should think about them to stay away we can we're not going to be that lucky if he doesn't win. We are gonna still seeing him he's gonna have other water he would not undated have you is this giant I'm just saying his in this constituency is relying on him to some extent. To involve himself in the Republican Party to make his points clear all of now not that started up you get us all riled up about you know we're gonna build this wall in heaven or hell he's planning. And then he just abandon and that's what I'm.

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{"duration":"3:14","description":"The panel discuss whether Cruz and Kasich's new plan to stop Donald Trump is \"too little, too late.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"38659361","title":"Ted Cruz and John Kasich Combine Forces","url":"/Politics/video/ted-cruz-john-kasich-combine-forces-38659361"}