Ted Cruz Quotes Stars of 'Duck Dynasty' in 'Obamacare' Speech

GOP senator says he and his colleagues could grow long beards if his speech went on much longer.
4:00 | 09/25/13

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Transcript for Ted Cruz Quotes Stars of 'Duck Dynasty' in 'Obamacare' Speech
You look. Right now one of the most popular. Television shows in the United States. -- -- This is a show about a god fearing family. A successful -- for -- worse. Who loves guns who loved to hunt. And who believe in the American dream. It's something that. According to congress almost shouldn't exist. Yet a lot of wisdom millions of Americans tune -- -- dot -- so I wanna point out just a few. Words of wisdom from dot dynasty. But probably good for all of us to hear. Willie and deserved. You put five rednecks on a mower it's going to be epic. Phil said in a subdivision. You call 911. At home. And I am 911. -- said some people say I am a dreamer. Others say if -- fall asleep at work again -- ago. -- said redneck rule number one. Most things can be fixed with duct tape. Extension cords that's actually very true. -- -- I think our problem is a spiritual one. They'll also said. When you get older. And you start dating. I want you to be able to say one thing. I made a hook. Monday may be Carolina Catherine will be able to say that. They'll also said very simply happy happy happy. I'll say this to the junior senator from you -- When we needed funds obamacare. We're all going to be happy happy it. Miss -- said our marriage is living proof. That love and Stanley can get you through everything. So I said I live by my own rules. Reviewed revised and approved by my wife that still -- The upset think that faith. Paneling. And facial hair. Point out to the junior senator from -- toughly continue doing this long enough we may have facial hair on the floor of the senate. That's our. -- said. Are you kidding me on straight up Hunger Games -- -- -- -- said Ford F 150. Chevy Silverado Dodge Ram Toyota Tundra. As a married man. These are the only pick -- lines I'm allowed to use. Chase said where I come from your truck. Here's an exact reflection of your personality. So I said I make up people all the time. The united stuff. -- also said. Redneck walk in and -- bass pro shops. It's more excited than twelve year old girl going to -- Justin Bieber concert. Let me point out that that is Justin Bieber BA BER. Sciele also said your beard is so hairy. Even -- can explore. Sciele also said your beard so stupid. It takes two hours to watch sixty minutes. And finally sides said -- -- -- guy ever cooking. You bring me a piece of bread cabbage coconut mustard greens pigs feet -- -- And woodpecker. Make you good chicken pot --

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{"duration":"4:00","description":"GOP senator says he and his colleagues could grow long beards if his speech went on much longer.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"20371221","title":"Ted Cruz Quotes Stars of 'Duck Dynasty' in 'Obamacare' Speech","url":"/Politics/video/ted-cruz-obamacare-filibuster-senate-speech-2013-duck-20371221"}