Ted Cruz: 'Trump Is Expected to Have a Good Night'

The Republican candidate tells supporters in Indiana that Donald Trump has the same policy plans as Hillary Clinton.
20:37 | 04/27/16

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Transcript for Ted Cruz: 'Trump Is Expected to Have a Good Night'
Thank you for everyone commonly get. On a terrific evening here at hooters. In out tonight. Donald Trump is expected to have a good night. Way to win some states. And the media. Is gonna have heart palpitations the C. They're going to be. Oh so very excited. And Donald Trump's victories. And the media's got us today the race. Is over. It. The mediators. Is the Republican. And I. And yourself wondering. Why the media is so eager to have Donald as the Republican nominee. You don't have to look any further. Then today needs. USA today front page. 40%. Of GOK. Downstate vote for truck. For any sense. Now I want to thank for a second. The network executives are they Democrats or are they Republicans. Every one of them. Are ready for Hillary. This is the one man on earth Hillary Clinton didn't need. In a general election. And some other media has told us the candidates in this ranks. The Republican and Democrat they're both. Going to be New York liberals. But I got good news for you tonight this campaign moves back to more favorable to ring. Okay. I don't think well. Or am. I. Want to say everything is the side. And the question ends. Can't misstated. The media us shows that Republicans can back. A. We're here on the victory basketball horn. 6008 runs I want. Measure would get. Have blown. Is that basketball rim. Tim Payne. Basketball right. Here at Indiana it's the same time it is it is a New York City and every other place in this. And there is. That hoosiers cannot do. And I. Okay. Media speculation. Lately. About vice presidential that. Any major announces. Hillary Clinton. On her vice presidential nominee. Next Donald Trump. No Hillary had a at a very careful vetting process that went into this. G1 as someone who shared her vision of the federal government. Ron did recently a town hall he was asked named the top functions of the federal god. He said security. And many said health care education. And house. Hillary she say the same thing if gas burning burning feel like wow that's aggressive. Socialized medicine. You also want to clear the federal government in charge of all education education. Common Cold War. Yeah responsibility. Of the federal government housing. How many people are ready for the federal government taking over the housing market. You know. Donald Hilary they're flip sides of the same quote. And as many millions of dollars selling power and influence in Washington. And Donald Trump as they. Dollars buying politicians. Like Hillary Clinton. But some of the Canadian might say oh come on back. They are not it's not reasonable to suggest that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Could ever runs today. I'm going to walk you through thirteen policy issues. Where Donald Hilary have the very same news. Let's start with the area jobs my number one priority is jobs bringing back jobs. Okay. Really needed is actually yeah. Or. It is for the harm. Just think Donald Trump bonds. Donald and Hillary both agree. That our taxes should be increased. It went on. Say yes we should increase job Atlantic great idea in increase taxes that's a great idea that you want to kill jobs. If I'm president we're gonna contacts us. A friend Larry I'm. Donald and Hillary supporter be allowed to meter individual mandate. Jobs you know little loud and here is the biggest job killer in America and its president. I will repeal everywhere. A third area where I. Wrong on jobs is immigration both. Hillary believe that he illegal immigrants who are here should be able to become US citizens. Things that we should fly back to their home country first but Allen left and right. Megan US citizens. I tell you what I'm gonna. Gonna do as president we're gonna stop amnesty secure the borders and Sanctuary Cities. And I. But let's talk about freedom the fundamental freedoms of the village Bryant's. Act. Hillary Clinton. Both support taxpayer funding for planned. Donald Trump Hillary Clinton both just bride Planned Parenthood ask grant. I will instruct the department did justice to open an investigation. Into black. Okay. And. Donald Trump. And Hillary Clinton. Both supported. Still ban on any of the most important firearms in America. I will just fanned the strong. And Hillary Clinton. Both believe we should negotiate. With Harry reed and silver the Democrats. On spring. I'd give my word of the people of Indian. The people of America that every justice point to the core will be a principled constitutional lists. Okay. Hillary I will not compromise away your religious liberty. Act. It I I. Donald Trump and both agree that rule of man should be allowed to use the little girl's dress. Let me saying it is just common sense this is an. Matter of Ryan Atlanta you're Democrat or Republican this is basic common sense that grown adult now. Strangers. Should not be alone in a bathroom with a little girl. Okay. Hillary care more about the BC police than they do not speak at. The true on basic common sense. Let's talk about sick here. The faith. Policy. Where Donald. And Hillary's views are identical is Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. We both believe the US government should be neutral between Israel and the Palestinians. I will not. Be neutral weevils and and they agree is Donald profit. But Hillary Clinton have both said a witness he. This catastrophic you're really. You're dealing plants. I will read this brands. Theriot but right. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Bolt leave. Hillary Clinton was one of the greatest secretaries of state of all time. That's what Donald's say why do you think he didn't treat me to work why do you think Donald Trump. Let's talk more broadly. About Washington corruption. Donald Trump loves to style himself. And outside. And listen when it comes to human decency when it comes to politeness when it comes to respect these rights and elmo's. NRA's that you don't yell and scream and curse and insulted everyone using. Okay. I'm proud. It is campaigns are both. Run by Washington lines. Washington lobbyists run their entire campaigns for both the then. Trump and Hillary Clinton both supported. Obama's failed stimulus plan. And Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton both supported Obama's car. Bailout of Wall Street. You know it's striking just this past week. Donald's. Lobbyists campaign manager was talking to the top officials of the Republican Party. And he said Donald is just plain and he's just playing a part. I don't mean any of this you don't believe any of this these good. The change in pivot away from everything he's saying. Now when that was first reported drop campaign immediately tried tonight. But the problem was they not trumps lobbyist campaign manager team. So they had months. Say and Donald just plain wrong. And it is completely different person as Donald put it he can be the most politically correct person on. We've had. All of having the most politically correct person and are. Okay. Donald. Is telling us. He's lines. Donald is telling us he is lying to us he says. Person tomorrow any. We'll let me tell you what. The same person today. The federal government. Out of control taxes and regulations are killing jobs all across this time. The working men and women in this country the men and women palaces on your hands are paying the price for Washington. C tell us that is captive to the Washington lobbyists like the drunk. And Clinton campaigns. Unger a theoretical and distant threat this is a real threat that's. That's come home. You know in the great movie hoosiers. There is a wonderful quote. From them. Look mr. They're still down. He gets naked runs out snow in parts of the blue. And the guy does the same thing illiterate. First one don't matter. Second one the count forced the let me tell you right now. This out of control federal government these regulators and bureaucrats that are destroyed coal jobs all across Indiana that are destroying its. This is all across it. Yeah. And I. Real real simple. Donald Trump. And Hillary's. Clinton are both big government liberals think both sake the April Donovan is the answer to every problem I agree with Ronald Reagan of the scariest words in the English language are I'm from the gut. Not here to help you. It. The people of Indiana. Because you're gonna happen now the opportunity the eyes of the nation gazing upon the eyes of the nation. Are looking at this staying at the crossroads there. To make a decision for our country. Do we want to support a campaign is based on yelling and screaming and cursing and insults. Or do we want you unite behind a positive I. Optimistic forward looking concern. Easy. A. Others it's about freedom. Security. Act. A strong supporter. It disrupts. But what it does is he wants this free media outlet does rob thank you thank you disarm. Seawater. Is the first event. Many gives everyone the right to speak. To disrupt. Everywhere keep your hands off of him. Clean. Sierens tries to screaming yelling insults. Barry Bonds following the drop. Is president. Much desired. To be everyone's friends. They're tired of a if I'm just tired of the yeah we're. Powerful signal to the law. Washington that Jose. Big money in the lobbyists. They're not gonna decide the Republican now. Me.

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{"duration":"20:37","description":"The Republican candidate tells supporters in Indiana that Donald Trump has the same policy plans as Hillary Clinton.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"38690994","title":"Ted Cruz: 'Trump Is Expected to Have a Good Night'","url":"/Politics/video/ted-cruz-speech-trump-expected-good-night-38690994"}