Teen Starts Political Party to End Partisanship

Connor Brantley, 13, says young people don't realize how politics affects them.
3:00 | 10/14/11

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Transcript for Teen Starts Political Party to End Partisanship
-- you doing when you're thirteen years old Adam -- and now really our next -- problem in our political system and wanted to be summoned to fix it. Curious curious speaking at 1018 talks earlier this year take a look. Think about that you want someone else are rolling in the -- -- if you're going in different directions. Where we can -- Nowhere. This is the problem -- assault with our political system. Our elected officials are on the boat -- in different directions. All right we'll joining us now is the star of that Connor. Brantley who is thirteen going -- almost fourteen on -- thanks for joining us. -- ratting me. All right well here's my first question to you. Supposed to be in school you're at -- watching this right now. Yeah well armed. -- everybody in my school and really supporter of what I'd do my friends right injured right Aaron. So. Adding I realized -- that out there support. -- really grateful. We'll tell us -- -- Trying to engage -- as we we've heard for a long time certainly as long back since I was thirteen -- out of business next generation coming up is going to be the one that gets. Engaged typically obviously He can't vote for a couple years what can you do that to get people your age young girl and older may need to get involved in an interest in politics. Well young people are the citizens of tomorrow. -- and airplane entered or roll our political system. I think that we need -- use new technology and. And other -- to engage young people is I think the biggest problem right -- they just don't understand. How politics. It's affecting them and one -- impact it can make anything bearing Orton that we engage young people. Will. You know -- it's interesting is -- -- somebody running for president at a few years back Barack Obama is saying that He was gonna be post partisan president He was gonna stop the gridlock in Washington a lot of young people that inspired by his message. What I think happened in do you think that folks a little older than you know who can actually don't vote are still going to be inspired by -- passage. I'm really knifing -- young people are sorry. To design. And make it their want to think they can pick any candidate and -- I'm sure President Obama lesson very inspiring -- with inspiring a lot of young able. Not like S senate again and make it there are nine and I think that like -- that young people don't realize. How politics. Affects and I think that's the biggest problem hanging out. Leaning views -- like FaceBook Twitter -- form young people and second inning game. One of the things you -- to talk about is moving beyond party labels is just so ingrained in our system -- as you well now it's not that easy to say we're gonna move beyond this voters seem to reward the kind of partisan behavior that we're talking about when He kick out incumbents who compromise had a really breakthrough. That. Why I think. I think that people just aren't in Florida and that's the main thing people don't realize what our politicians. Are doing behind those closed -- People too often listen to me and let the negative that -- -- -- I think that. Politicians focused -- scoring political points and certainly -- and no one thinks that's the right direction Tea Party Republican and Democrat whatever. That's just not the right direction for this country and it's kind of attitude about it. But He admitted to the point is that they put up those points the try to win the next election and they seem to get rewarded for how do you change the behaviors. That getting into that cycle is not really the question. Right -- think -- lot of back and that one Nina Nina. With -- warning people. Think that. People. Just don't. Goal and they vote -- the candidate who makes all. Whose name some often appear in news so I think that wine is that. And that's united now tries to do in -- look you can make it airline -- tell you to vote for. But you should know that back. And their I think more going to make war on and wanted to. -- Conner -- quickly in the last thirty seconds we have here. -- see you run not just in the future but. Are -- turning -- first any school office are you -- counsel anything like that it -- kind of get your message out there. Oh we definitely have -- student government our school and I. When lot of -- part of that and in the future and it's really I think it's a good -- for its wire. About government and how things work -- -- excellent. All right. -- -- joining us I'm sure that the folks at Fort Worth independent school district or whatever his. -- -- are are watching very closely all the things that I think we'll get even excused absence don't want -- late Friday. Thanks so much Pacific -- that -- -- flesh eating all the numbers weekend it's easily year's numbers start coming in for editing and hasn't.

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{"id":14739231,"title":"Teen Starts Political Party to End Partisanship","duration":"3:00","description":"Connor Brantley, 13, says young people don't realize how politics affects them.","url":"/Politics/video/teen-starts-political-party-end-partisanship-14739231","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}