Tensions among world leaders at NATO Summit

Several leaders appear to be caught on video criticizing President Trump. ABC News’ Karen Travers reports from London.
2:36 | 12/04/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tensions among world leaders at NATO Summit
Let's continue our team coverage with ABC's Karen Travers he's in London. For president trump is attending that NATO summit in carried in by president from standards all lot of news coming out of this of that. A lot of news Trevor and a lot of drama and today's gathering is actually quite sure the NATO leaders were only sit down together for about four hours and maybe that's a good thing because yesterday there were several tense moments between president trump and key US allies including one leader who appeared to be mocking him. President Tom Hudson social time in London last night. Teens with Prince Charles a reception at bucking ham palace hosted by Queen Elizabeth Annie gathering at ten Downing Street with British prime minister Boris Johnson. But the president kicked off his day with tough talk aimed at French president a man number crone. Very very nasty stated generally as a result in two. A lot of different. The president criticizing the crohn's recent comments questioning the strength of NATO and the crohn's diagnosis of NATO's quote brain death. But seated next to the French president leader president trump Barry down and talked about his good relationship with Lecrone. And we intend to make. There's no next. Hour maybe hour. But there are new trade tensions between the US and France the drug administration announced last night is considering placing terrorists on 2.4 billion dollars in French goods. Cheese wine and luxury handbag. A retaliatory action for the taxes France plays and US tech companies including Google and FaceBook. They want you to take advantage of the American it's gonna be us. It's not going to be France. And there was also this uncomfortable moment between trump and the crew when the issue of what to do with releases prisoners in Syria came up it mostly from Europe. Regular supplies and assistance. To give them he didn't get it that everyone who wore patent these days. For a fire coming from you. Opal and. And this morning Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau refusing to comment after this video surfaced overnight. Without mentioning the president by name Trudeau appears to criticize the link up comes news conference while talking with other world leaders. And president trumbull had several chances to respond to prime minister Trudeau today. They'll see each other at the NATO leaders meeting and the president will be taking more questions today Trevor and Marcy he's going to hold a press conference before flying back to Washington.

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{"duration":"2:36","description":"Several leaders appear to be caught on video criticizing President Trump. ABC News’ Karen Travers reports from London.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"67485475","title":"Tensions among world leaders at NATO Summit","url":"/Politics/video/tensions-world-leaders-nato-summit-67485475"}