Terry Moran Talks With Delegates on the Convention Floor

ABC News' Terry Moran talks with delegates before the opening gavel of day two of the RNC
7:04 | 07/19/16

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Transcript for Terry Moran Talks With Delegates on the Convention Floor
Cary Grant joins us live. Down on the convention floor where all the action is happening inside the heat right now Harry yeah. Well this is the accident happening Republicans rocking out. The LLC visit huge Oreo fan and now there's another I have Roland. I know it as their minds comic con. And this is now they get them going look every convention is people who. In Alexander hit 2500 people who have all over the country. They are here to nominate a resident to get their spirits up ahead in the battle as they would think about it against the Democrat. And every convention tell him don't story through no matter how scripted it is. That standard. The one you're listening to what they're doing. Writing their own story it's coming together. One. I love you today you story lines are emerging on the roll call. The night where they will call the role of the state Donald Trump will be the Republican. And through that controversy down there about the lining up front page last night where she apparently lifted almost word for word about it. I'm Michelle Obama gave. I think the appellate don't roll call it's going to be a little but it has been because. There aren't 800 delegates. Call tonight we're not going to vote. Truck and we are standing right here where there are forty of them were not going to vote for down from. You tall and you might about it that you taught went. Animates me we're ten Croat and forty delegates here I'd like to optimum a bit about what it's like to be on a little. Inside and can they rallied to Donald job. And I have one person in mind she's a troublemaker out. And I body for a second. Mono we met a little bit earlier you have. And Sarah. Number I wanted to show your tag there she is an official. Trouble. That'd be good dog we fell one. Language I think lacks a more Ramirez. Why do it troubled me. Actually. Utah is gonna go all the forty delegates for jet crews. Tonight I. Right now. Your car your checker. They want. I know you're gonna lose. OK I think one of the reasons people are interested in your dog. We're added that Republicans. And yet. Fit Donald Trump his brash New York. I don't mean spirited sometimes campaigning. Utah they're good night people right I mean is that what happened we're very. The libertarians. But why why did Donald Trump you don't badly and continued talk and there are some polls that show. You talk might even. Is that Donald Trump might not. We and you. We don't. Well thank you don't make too much trouble tonight. NN. They're united. I wanna go back to the dancers here I think they're from Washington today. At least I think that's why they have to train. Don't live there live at 300 that's what. Calls as well. You think about. Story today it's come out about Milan Vietnam and the speech she gave him that some of the line she had last night. Vita come from Michelle Obama what do you make of that. Here's. And it. And I can you. Talk about the veracity. The things. Connect. Mitchell. So it. So. Are you are trump doesn't get you cruiser know we're well I mean where we're at there's a bifurcation of the process and you know. That these caucuses to elect delegates and which. That's the and so we worked hard we're Przybilla. We got elected through the system actually have forty of 41. Of our elected delegate from Washington State report. So that was after news of the cruise dropped out of public so we had a very tight organization. So tonight when they call the roll could be a cruise statement. Well. You know his advice and because. I guess. You know what does the word. Don't mean pretty mean well. And that's what a dictionary what is the dictionary where the vote meaning in the government dictionary says the chores. So it seemed like. OK and box one more question what do I get one of the tree hats. It. Looks so especially because of its swim suits the tactics code. There's an image we'll go back to you guys the presenting the colors.

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{"duration":"7:04","description":"ABC News' Terry Moran talks with delegates before the opening gavel of day two of the RNC","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40712536","title":"Terry Moran Talks With Delegates on the Convention Floor","url":"/Politics/video/terry-moran-talks-delegates-convention-floor-40712536"}