Texas, Georgia voters weigh in on 2020 race

ABC News’ Martha Raddatz road trips across the South speaking with voters on their views of President Donald Trump and Joe Biden as they battle for the White House.
8:29 | 09/18/20

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Transcript for Texas, Georgia voters weigh in on 2020 race
As we don't know America is of complex patchwork of varying viewpoints and perspectives a can differ from state to state or sometimes on the very same side of the street. Two weeks ago our Martha Raddatz set out on a trip across the country get a sense of what's on the minds of voters with election. Less than seven weeks away tonight the final leg of Martha's journey of view from the south and two traditionally red states. We set out on a cross country drive to talk to voters stopping in Pennsylvania and Ohio Missouri and Colorado. Moving from the endless fields of the midwest on to the red rocks of the cell plants. With a massive Navajo Nation battles to overcome barriers to voting. If we can't git. To the county CT will not be accepted. From Arizona we headed back to east through Texas and Georgia two traditionally Republican strongholds. Where Democrats hope to compete in 20/20 yeah. Texas hasn't voted for a Democrat since Jimmy Carter Donald Trump won here in Twitty sixteen by nine points. But its demographics are changing and the president and Joseph Biden. Are in this statistical. Tie in the latest polls actually to carry Texas the former vice president will need voters like Joanna contreras had 22 year old college student in the Dallas suburbs she was fired up to vote for Hillary Clinton. And wouldn't Clinton lost. Actually are members like not going to school the next day can I was like it was late almost the word heartbreak I think they're twelve you've been supporting Biden this time yet. Who disappeared and enthusiastic. Supporter of Biden I wouldn't say that I know I think we have a lot of similarities. I ideological but I think. I'm probably a bit more progressive. Motivating voters like Joanna has worried some in Biden's camp. But there's another factor that may drive Democrats to the polls. He's he's not from that so. So would you say in your vote is more for a vote against Donald Trump rather than for Joseph Biden. Yeah I would they found. The caller a month. Parrish is a die hard Republican. And Morley does not endorse every seeing Donald Trump does or says he is sticking with him. Did not always policy can pretty and we don't necessarily understand he says are twice as some of the things he says but. He's doing his job he's doing said is gonna do. Perished does not follow every twist and turn of Washington politics he says he's an issues voter. Anti abortion and pro Second Amendment. Getty trust trump with the economy. He stands for what I believe is right. Things that are important to me in my family. So important there are some of those issues that trump supports. Jonathan gasped Bard not only changed his mind about trump first he is wholly on board not. I would never say was never trapper but I was and definitely not on the trump trying. And I was very very critical of Helm gas card as small business owner and Dallas active in local Republican. Politics. Voted for independent. Evan McMullen in 2016. Skeptical of Trump's conservative credentials stand or that he would get anything done. You've changed your mind. About done yes. Yes. Because track record. Rhetoric aside you put Twitter account to cite you put actual record what has he done for the economy. Per what's important to me like a pro life thing. He's won me and I'm want four more years of that and you read about the numbers of lies that are on the record or you've seen the Twitter account where you've seen. How he. Calls people names get lunch and not a fan does that not matter anymore. No it matters I wish she would say things differently. But he X accuse the position in a way that I'm I'm like I would prefer over Joseph Biden 100%. And even on the corona virus voters like guests toured are giving trump high marks. I have no problem with as a response to Tobin. And I actually. I am I take and take exception to some of the criticism. His handling of it. Guests pardon may have been won over by the president but not Carl wild. If he hadn't taken a more aggressive stance on Kobe like he was told to do instead a downplaying the seriousness of it. We might not be looking you know so many Americans had died of the disease at this point. Here Carl wild is in US army veterans who braved intense combat in Iraq. He and his wife now run their small businesses east of Dallas didn't honey grove Texas a town that seems a throwback to the fifties. Once in Arden trump stand. I thought he was the change that Americans truly need that point but thought he was going to be our savior. And as it turned out I can amend. Further promise. Wild says he can't look past the president's behavior. He's just not a leader. He's not a leader he doesn't act like a leader needs to act. You can't respect that man. His mind was made out even before the Atlantic magazine report alleging that trump called fallen veterans suckers and losers. Wild says even if you can't say for certain those quotes are accurate. He certainly believes they could be. The fact of the matter is you can believe that he made those comments and you should never have a president that you could believe. Would talk down about his own military in about military veterans and gentleman who died fighting for their country. But while does not want either trump or Biden he doesn't know how he will cast his vote. From Texas we continued our journey to Georgia where does not just who to vote for but how that vote will be cast and counted. Charges of voter suppression were ringing out loudly here in Georgia in 2018. After a very close governor's race and in 22 point eight. Those charges are ringing out at Dan. Well trump won Georgia by five points in 2016. The race is considered competitive this fall making voter turnout she. And the primaries here in June a warning sign an election marred by long lines and problems with voting machines. All my guy she was a nightmare I ring Camara is a retiree in the Atlanta suburbs fearful of the corona virus. A lot of people died in vain. Then I can fit I'm afraid to to come out of my house but she was determined to vote. But her mail in ballot for the democratic primary didn't show up at her nearby polling place was shut down she drove to once further away. I got to the polling place at 9 o'clock in the morning. Got two to voting door at 4 PM. What's conducted a door I had to wait because stable at two people in at a time. It was a nightmare. You you know there been charges of voter suppression do you think that's the case exactly. Exactly Brian camp stole that election from Stacey Abrams do you think African Americans are targeted. 100%. In downtown Atlanta money am Mitchell faced many of the same issues with voting in the primaries. Big it was despicable that it was discussing this is 20/20 we're supposed to be the greatest country on the planet and yet this is what. Some of our American citizens have to go through I'd like to think we're in on this country in an honest nation. But I'm not ignorant that they are under current set of other motives going on. Mitchell wouldn't say who she's voting for in the fall instead wanting to stress the importance of exercising the right to vote and the difference it can make. Nearly 40%. Of Americans stayed home in the last two presidential elections. Including a seven point drop among black voters between 2012. And 2060. You think you're not counted in you think it doesn't matter it doesn't matter get up and go and vote. After 5700. Miles and dozens of voter interviews. That's a message every American should take to heart reporting from across America by Martha Raddatz for ABC news line. Aren't part thanks to mark fell on the road for us.

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{"duration":"8:29","description":" ABC News’ Martha Raddatz road trips across the South speaking with voters on their views of President Donald Trump and Joe Biden as they battle for the White House.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"73083740","title":"Texas, Georgia voters weigh in on 2020 race","url":"/Politics/video/texas-georgia-voters-weigh-2020-race-73083740"}