Therapy Dogs Help Stressed Voters

ABC News' T.J. Holmes tells us how dogs from Good Dog Foundation are helping voters.
5:59 | 11/08/16

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Transcript for Therapy Dogs Help Stressed Voters
You get outside on very cool that right in the middle at Times Square with some very special guest. Let's check in they wouldn't do now. Pearson actor the head of the foundation hello to you tell me who we have here Percival you have Moby here and you have end. And now a Tim until about bins had. IRS that should tell you about a gave her the tele about that. We have a great job locker and found that he was gonna be on ABC news and and loaned it to us south. This is this special ABC attire is what to tell me here but you've brought them out they're gonna be here with us in Times Square a little bit. These dogs normally they're job is what. Not. Their dog is to visit and hospitals support to dissidents who is helping the children that have learning issues art children have been abused. Children on a on the autism spectrum. And we worked at hospitals. We did cancer research at mount Sinai Beth Israel where we have the dogs there last year and it have cancer patients with their stress and anxiety. Do do you do you think the dogs get help us tonight. Yes they can't you and let have you noticed. The really come. We talk about straight and it's a money in a hospital if somebody goes coming back from traumatic injury or something like that is one type of stress. Is that. It seems strange that we we would need stress reliever that these dogs get help us as well during an election saga should have been stressful. Well this has been a very stressful election and that the dogs at the Goodell foundation have been helping people for months in the stressing. Patients and also. Today he stressed people at home and I have my dogs very close to me and I have for the past three or four months under my stress. How can they help someone Modesto a regular person of the saw this young lady down here the entities. So just the stress of fees fighting with friends on FaceBook he's fighting with family members and is scenic constantly on TV the bickering in the back and forth. How could a dog like this help us that is is it just a matter of we just filled. That it when the dogs around you feel better and it lowers your blood pressure it decreases anxiety it's research has shown this. It also. It's a mid elevator. An ox that tell ocean levels are. Increased when you have a down around. Now they're just written in this. Now have you use these other I think you might have gotten hit on this a little bit what have you use these dogs specifically. For election. Stress relief for people. Yes they've been used in hospitals and people have been you know our visits to Hoss bid battles people have been talking about. How stress they aren't family members and also in skills the teachers. Have used the dogs while there there working let children. And how many dogs yet again about the foundation you'll been around almost twenty years now people don't know you base here in new York and you've got. A thousand dogs to yes we have a thousand trained teams. Where around 300 facilities and sources say house. Got to use its new York New Jersey Connecticut it. Dot do do do we need this stress relief right now do you say get hit like isn't that had this really taken accountable told almost. It has I mean everybody users reported that so many people feel distressed because of the uncertainty and that in the reality is our brains are stressed. Art constantly deciding and MySpace are not saying it always like even answers standing here so it really is about understanding what stress isn't stress is. A nonspecific any nonspecific to me and made on the body. And so not knowing about the election not knowing about employment not knowing if your candidates gonna win causes evil lot of distress. Any more stress in this one the then we've seen in previous presidential elections it absolutely is and that's because of the negativity. And and also some social media at this spent twenty forward Sabbath. And so if if people don't have the discipline to turn off the TV or turn off the radio which a lot of us don't have that it says constant. Bombardment of just the negativity and what I make an idea of what's gonna happen to Mason yes this is one of the NASA is I can remember them doc what do we do tomorrow morning. We'll tomorrow morning if your candidate won you celebrate. And hopefully. You also continue to support them but below us thing and like you know the spirit of a good loser. You lick your wounds. You continue to focus on an issue you continue to focus on what's closest to you being nice to your family getting support from your family finding dogs that do relieve the stress you have. And giving and volunteering and understanding that. It's a competition. Like as human beings. We are meant to compete but were also meant to cooperate so just because your losses it means you lost doesn't mean that you don't continue to help out. What this country needs all of us more than ever. Now we have talked about a that we have the dogs there and this is grade and no even talking about how nasty the campaign its mandate that it's been nonstop yes. But listening to you now. Analysts say we're dismissive of it because all it's just politics and either too polarizing candidates. But listening to you this is serious and we need to take you seriously about the level of stress we might be under. Accidentally because let's stress and increase any chronic in worse than any chronic medical condition you have high blood pressure Saudi ambassador isn't an election can do this to us. It absolutely can't because again your brain is it's not it's not specific demand that your brain sticking it and that's why you need ballots that's why we exercise as we hopefully get a good night's sleep. And that's why even the dogs peoples and why don't they relax and you meet that you need to in Iraq for chronic stress. And so whatever it takes to do that in a healthy way. I that a thorough TJ Holmes out there in the middle of Times Square can be a little bit of a break from this election cycle with us therapy got experience numbers you a leader who keeps.

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{"id":43398895,"title":"Therapy Dogs Help Stressed Voters","duration":"5:59","description":"ABC News' T.J. Holmes tells us how dogs from Good Dog Foundation are helping voters.","url":"/Politics/video/therapy-dogs-stressed-voters-43398895","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}