A Look Outside the Tillerson's Secretary of State Confirmation Hearing

ABC News' Josh Haskell speaks gives us a look outside Rex Tillerson's Secretary of State confirmation hearing.
11:34 | 01/11/17

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Transcript for A Look Outside the Tillerson's Secretary of State Confirmation Hearing
BC's Josh Haskell right now Simon yeah it is a hearing program situation going on McDonald's yeah. To be secretary of state to oversee its day there are some breaking news that are waiting still to get in. It's you're going to be way to hold an affluent lines and we're not. We've also seen at certain times protesters after they bankrupted. Rex tumors in his remarks resources and read a piece of paper on the working at least one point one movies that happens Rex Tillerson I think. In my house and urgency he was he's reference to climate change that he's been beat up so far from professors agree. You're forced people generally feel it wrestlers. Climate denies. Quote unquote Iraq's Saddam sort something they believe is out of date with signs in that this country is moving another interest in the Russia says it can talk and so forth. From senators that are on the committee but Rex who's self. Discussing Russia acknowledging Russia's role that actually clean you public ministry were restless and call was a lack of leadership. For Russia. Ukraine other countries. Sentiment will stand up to Russia EP people don't trust. Headed the state state departments are right when he and some people that are in line between patience. Some of them for over an hour let's start with these activists with the green beans and capacity of behavior. Great seat capacity animal turns down here why you guys are trying to get inside it's your chance. For us. Anthony well me. I US diplomat we really questioned whether. We'll move on climate change and change. Here thinking when he was and he. Strapping man. Looked at some point oil. Current. And soon you guys are wearing your teachers and eyes it would go in there. This Arctic Circle listening cheerful stand up in which your opinions to your school to try to get a question. To mr. Tillerson. You heard earlier that there is testing escorted out. Had seen hurricanes and destroyed her home. So that somebody on the front lines of kindness she wants to confront one you know who is now. And here. That they. If you had the opportunity to ask Rex to ask questions today. Obviously you guys are not. When relations who's been. What would you want to ask him in regards to your. That he passed. This country and the world decades and smoke my teens highlights and Italy and share parents about the chance happy note that that is true we know. Reports are there generic current investigations by non six and its collapse of climate steam so I would want an analytic skills like. You have America's interests at heart in this nomination he's done nothing highlight three years. With Republican control of congress. It's lose. Well Pakistani. Go through. When you guys want you to raise awareness among senators. And on the hill this is not so. That you believe is the right. That's. Different now that apparently air crane somewhere here and there is apparent targets have been working my sentence went on line. Heating questions really letting them know what concerns fair members' actions. It's so Addis you know we have a room mate expected. May everything distributed in action on Monday where people are going to there's offices and air district says. I'm asking for candidates to reject this and it's really listened to act and not the interests that. You can show us your teacher through questionnaire. And you know player. Hold him accountable for its. Your senator being Cory Gardner left wing Josh Haskell. Delivered to you I'm not Cory Gardner but I think I know I followed Cory gardener and I take it that you written him letters and tried. Sort of being here showing your presence currently living crap I think one of the things that Republicans that this really. This beyond a partisan issue. It's still my reference on and I'm hoping to hear me that I'm extremely concerned about it. And it ain't. Game and it's a nominee and now we just because your mind about men and national security gains as cholera and really hope that. There are now represents in the air and actually asked right. We will we don't wanna hold you guys up fully involved. Looks although it's only three feet and no matter how the line is we show you right now it's not too long there are. People here that oppose Rex Tillerson and there are people here that support Rex Tillerson. Mr. Sanders correct yes Josh Haskell with ABC. I mean you were telling me didn't have a background in foreign affairs and yours because you wanted to see what Rex with an asset. Yes that's right she would have to say. Health news putting together that are national security. Policy. Here is supportive putting business. Have broad experience but we'll let us. Local and president orders from the department state. I think. Statement which performances and more effective. Rex Tillerson has spent his whole career ExxonMobil. He worked his way up as an engineer. That's what is his background has always been. That doesn't concern you would only. Lack of experience. Abroad is or is it government in the military. And on their own versions of the private sector infected I think I think it's good to have great respect. State Department should be able to tape. The department city and it will take some business experience and global business experience and that leads. All around the world really expensive. Homes corporation we've offices and most of the countries of the world. Mr. Phillips and sort of broad experience and park running. Effective way. And the part. Differed with him opus. The State Department tonight performance it's your show. Have you been able to watch what's going on inside it all this morning on your phone or. Read much about her at this point you're not even sure what's happening in there you just want to get an hour on the wrong side at all right now. But I have offense going. Protesters. Apparently decided to disrupt it your intention was escorted down. So scenes from the outside and I assume it's going. Oh. There are some big concerns from senators about restlessness ties should. His relationship with what your prudent. Of course in light. Our intelligence sneezing rushing here or election is that something that concerns you two. For a solution relationship. With Russia would keep. Tough on Russia because he has it. In the past pre button you wouldn't. Just. I think I think there's a New Year's Day. That's been forceful and effective representative and American people because it. Two men are being open and trying to make progress advance America's interest so can he do that. With. Would Russia with the Russian Federation meant more effectively than someone else probably so inside Rex Tillerson says. Can you blame the failure the Phillies to Russia on President Obama on what he called the lack of leadership which allowed Russia. And the actions they took corn that some that you believe I think. A the faster Weathers Middle East. Russia. What Israel and name in the country almost. One an object. So is these hearings go forward. It seems like you supportive vote. Truck administration and other ex Vietnam. Is there anyone. Specific questions or going forward court ordered Scott Hartnell and Ingraham I think that we do have some questions we want to make sure that actually found its broad. It all of and environment action. And if you want accurate and balanced broke brought him and environment news so active mr. Trump's nominees particularly. The director designate Phyllis Phillips. Secretary three men. Period end. Administrators. Took it. Scott Pruitt I think represent that reflection of new balance coming to your home. I really appreciate the time what you personally did David Sanders think you will what you move up a few feet. And hopefully you get that right side. The long wanted this done. Sure the line a little bit. First on news. It's. Okay. Joker tend. A pickle Oklahoma's. I know from. And this is the scene outside the hearing for. Rex Tillerson former CEO of ExxonMobil and talk with supporters we talk with people who. And there weren't some protesters. Powerful way to make it or outside. And also some important here. Yeah. We're. Installing an announcement at this point it's a freebie from. Yeah. You can happen. Hearing. Purpose it was now write his Rex Tillerson took to the microphone and started to speak. Following. It seems like people on us in actively participating. Show history I'll. Greenpeace and their shirts and testing.

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{"duration":"11:34","description":"ABC News' Josh Haskell speaks gives us a look outside Rex Tillerson's Secretary of State confirmation hearing.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"44709921","title":"A Look Outside the Tillerson's Secretary of State Confirmation Hearing ","url":"/Politics/video/tillersons-secretary-state-confirmation-hearing-44709921"}