Tilt'n Diner Wants to See Biden In The Race

This New Hampshire diner is a must stop on the campaign trail.
24:41 | 10/20/15

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Transcript for Tilt'n Diner Wants to See Biden In The Race
Am on the Nevada's in New York for those of you just joining us on this adventure were on today. You really miss out ABC's Brad Mills he has been making his way across New Hampshire. I think setting some kind of new record in political reporting. Five diners. One day we join him now as he's about to enter his very last stop of the day Brad he this Wednesday. From me and everyone here in the control room low ball clap for you my friend well done. One more to go where are you now thank you. So thank you ought to thank you thank you everyone thank you I right now I'm in Tilton New Hampshire which is just about half an hour outside of Manchester and I'm here at the Tilton. Diner you get it until until yeah it's it's pretty clever name and as you can tell. It just like classic about let's get right see you wish we were deciding a little bit more classic woods at a diner or this'll do I suppose. Brad what you guys are blessed to have really gone he had made friends with all the regulars. You had gotten to the hearts really of the political discussion in these foods. And you've tried the so early and that they expect the same thing here Amazon. Well that's I am pretty sure that these guys a let me sample and let me sample of plates and this is an interesting place and it. It is classic as it looks it's only been on the map. For about fifteen years or so it's one of the younger New Kids On The Block. But it short time here it is again. A big player in the political scene a lot of candidates coming this way especially on the way to what public would have a sock is not too far away. So as these candidates go to meet. There you know high monied donors up in the lakes region as its famous for a lot of stuff right here and meet some of those people so. I'm joined right now actually buying. This is mark world here part of your position with the dying actually I'm the operations manager for all three diners with the common man. That's right and so the tilt diners when it. Three diners that these guys own. Another one funnily enough is at the airport diner which is right near the Manchester airport like here's that Rick Bruno brown avenue had a little business there from candidates is wider view lately we've been filming WM URR local affiliate channel nine. Meet candidates. Pick and doing one hour segments where candidate. And we're. Most people that command. Gives them a chance to talk to the candidates questions about policies. And so once again on the you have this place that really serves as its gathering ground for local people that candidates get to come into. Shake some hands get some great photos but more importantly connect. With these New Hampshire voters they have to choose between so many candidates and hopefully make a big impression that short amount of time. Clinton diner scene and I can't. Even and the passing get a defendant who have been through. Mean who could leave home. Well it's a great question you know maybe event held assets and mark so who. We've seen in this in this election year so far point of view of this year already John Casey Jeb Bush. Chris Christie. Do you have anything get me photos of his guys I do right over here or not so let's look. Coming here that this is the the main dining area of the Tilton diner. Classic counter top areas. The Booth very similar to the ones we've been seeing today classic New Hampshire and who we have here but if you this year let's hold on Mike let me turn the camera around for you on them. Daily now we do different from the last. Primary season Jeb Bush has been to our airport diner. Just recently that was a nice visit. Nick Gingrich stopped them for all eat properly and between democracy and aren't quite real nice. John Sununu with Mitt Romney John Sununu of course former senator whose views. Deal to speak family and union absolutely endorsement of Mitt Romney's. My favorite. The vice president of Stockton. President yeah. Joseph Biden stopped in as soon as. It appears it wasn't in this campaign things correct because he was just he wanted to come by have a meal yeah. I've got a picture of him with her then governor John Lynch. And our founder Alex right. They came in to have apple but it was a it was a very nice visit here he looks like he's enjoying himself yes. Got a mouthful. Rick Santorum pride in the third executive Jeff well. Gonna do a little kid out of Tekzilla's right now we've got are this is the executive injured huge. The public and it was on the menu today what do you like. I'm gonna recommend that you have to guard against and drive. Armed I'd be honest if he did you call ahead and ask him to give me the heaviest thing. The chicken fried steak I doing. I am offended. That you wouldn't even think that I knew that but I if you think it in his roots he didn't finish the entire thing go. She probably get done. All right so. I guess it would be rude if I turned him down your life so I doubt we'll get a little to one chicken fried steak please. I can't excellent how while longer than easily take you guys you're sort of it. Six minutes Steve six minutes that was between now and will have. Nice to anybody now and what ends up Brad and also noted that more has which we had backing. The Mahoney diner actually it was built in 1953. Alex rare founder moved it to Google's location isn't. 1991. We opened for business in June of 92 and it is history ever since. The fact that they built an outlet right on the street. This is last year we served just over 300000 us so. They start coming was right when you guys open. Pretty much. But the 92 cycle the election. They started really coming in hot and heavy eight to two years ago. It's sort of this is that you gateway to the lakes region. If they want to get headed north in the northern country you know a lot of the candidates that Manchester. Nationalists and it's a lot heavier populated. But quite frankly the north country is where a lot of the grassroots efforts it's. Yeah that's actually interesting point that out of mark brings up because that. Is smaller the seat is New Hampshire is. Yet these tiny little pockets right that have a big influence me talk but a state that only has just over a million people you're looking to reach every possible voter that you can. That means going up into a town twenty or forty people in the north country that's exactly what they'll do. In fact the most famous the mall fixed they'll notched not even towns must assess. Tiny little group of a couple houses and hotels. That is staffed by people and those nine people vote every four years right at me night. The first vote we see. The first person that first people close their polls because it is only nine of them. And so that north country and mark is talking about a really large effect we on impersonation extremely seriously and Africa. Saw someone else we have here. In the diner car. His day is the main building we she'd about a 100 morning. We're right in between our lunches or dinners and not a whole lot of people are main kitchen line. Honest and as a catalyst that saved them so we get some potato chips we cry over potato chips from. Plus a pickle spears. That would spend ten real voter. All we'll do our thing look at that. Probably a. Modern. We take our are they thieves. All of our items on the menu of this. Every day. Very creating. Because we know what it's getting. Kohler. And maybe now I'll turn to our advantage because this is this is body so. Body when did you until. Well on Martin road development for about fifteen years they started back here in 93 is there's monster and slowly worked my way. Through all. Departments of my good days. Two Ingraham. Two kitchen manager of Kabul where diner restaurants and now on the exact mission Fall River. It's sort of like being in one of these diners that sort of seems under the microscope. Of these presidential candidates right you got besides these big deal people coming it was. This is pretty confident it's great and lot of incidents every week but for the common cold hard work and didn't let partners. I enjoy breaking the home home made meals like below. Chicken fried steak and I had faith. The presidential candidates you know they gravitate to Madonna. Brad he had as a music or right now but it. What would you recommend and went and asked them when they get hits upon an. That Bobby. Armed in New York is asking if Canada was coming from the door right now. What do you recommend it to that can't be giving them the chicken fried steak. And give them on every. And an on the day we have been described as we might recommend a suspect in residence that was once finally we are murders are very. And it looks better we have the chicken fried steak like diamonds before we Gaza. Bob. Thus the diners. That's definitely it's everybody's figured I'd like to suggest any of these things I'm not good but you can write statements involve them right now. Bobby forget food for a second what would you. Candidates they walk in the door wouldn't you as a voter as a New Hampshire right want to know when these guys come through what he's looking for. It's and that's that's a pretty tough question. And what they yell I think LSU mark then. What do you think it's a good reception when they come here I'm sure that's a big difference there is the thing. And a lot of other things people look for it's ninety whether they've got to school they're looking. Situation to be lowered in the state universities. Marriage equality is a big issue. In New Hampshire. Each candidate has differing views. It's usually fishing days and you think they're looking for and then they have a specific things they want to hear about it. I believe so I believe so. Also something in this comes as something in this environment just getting this in these guys have sort of how they operate with a crowd of people right have you noticed any particular. Guys that we're able to soar with this group of people maybe there was still a little more flat I think that was the lost them. And I think it is people who are used to do. Does not mean in the trenches. Joseph Biden's surprise it's. Just friendly. Feel little girls ought to grab. Me. Just just Brill Bradley downer. He's the vice president of the United States. He comes and it's just like you're next on him back to you wanna see Biden and what's interesting about. Don't give. We're talking about Joseph Biden yes the vice president United's if you want to see him get into this race and possibly be president. The United States are wonderful and I'd I'd like to see him Joseph you're listening I'd like to see you get in the race if for nothing else. Just to make it a lot more into. There's different views the candidates. You come from a local background that his unique. Such an Hillary Clinton does also. I think it would be a much. Or did you see racism here. There you have it accidentally directly for the man for his life now public that got him. Bratton went up it would ultimately be around the. I'm sure he's surfing attention. Well. Double take a look at a at a few more things and one other thing I wanted to mention it was obscene about Mitt Romney. Is this should be his part of the country right now if that might have surprised some people because. The bombings actually have a home probably would have a sudden it's not too. Far away so his. He has been a constant presence in these parts throughout the years and still today he'll have people could see him around New Hampshire and in Maine. And so it's interesting when you hear people say that he came behind he should be enjoying himself perhaps a little step. Mark is there anything else you think he should. In the dying here is this about and this of uncovered that if you like to talk with the league maybe. I have to say that's a good idea yes that this might be the part of the program where we see who we can talk to here I see some. She's seriously guys place where we can check out these officers are you don't. There has been here and people. Goodwin which and is a regular book man and he what do you do but these are on the we. Q the police chief until I'll get this straight we'll. So what is it about the stunning. When you get what do you. It just feels like so small town's only diner. Everybody. Or they come here because. And I think you're probably reminds us of it's great that there really isn't good sauce. No humidity is presidential candidates say come through here I believe most tried to come here. What's that like for him as the police chief when these guys come through he kind of gets today off. Really biggest Secret Service definitely the office at a later load right now I think you know I think any time they go into. Most of them take the time it probably means he wouldn't bomb. So it's always interesting to meet him and in have a minute is yeah. What are some of the problems that New Hampshire. In this area six. You know I think he would like to see you know lower unemployment honestly. The biggest. Please leave. Bring up the phone calls it. You know we've seen videos and they tell me what they're doing in their states and some of the ideas and I like this while I view this season the living up. And you'll thanks us. Hey Brad that I have a settlement ever had the chicken Bryant today. It's a good question you know I should ask either you guys. Have you had chicken fried steak beef. I think an example that what you that he expects. Good home cooking good a lot of good look at him. I'm kind of you're so going to be standing at the end of it. Yeah we heard this this there's double doors here but I don't know that didn't give me much good either got to know one other. Guests here they see sitting at the ballpark. Let's see and parents. And to counter excise act we're dissident. We'll this is the count. And what you're. And I don't believe you about once a week police scores relentless. Work with the local company break down the street. Gloria eighty people. Super employees come here one time or another in the course of weeks. Great place feet that's great and civil did you use either with the big hullabaloo that surrounds Boeing's candidates and incumbents. I do occasionally. Not very often but this is on Tuesday. A sales team. Marketplace. But occasionally we'll stumble on you have the big crowd as we come into the corner of the room. Extremely it was a down again you see earth do you want to see. Probably the only people are looking to see here. People who. Have no problem thank chicken their records. Really now a lot industry and what they yeah. They say it is. Just trying to win me over here is there anyone that you think isn't particularly sort of genuine that you like you know that's a guy again that's a then Carson. Tonight you know you are. Somebody who really wants to write country. Marco Rubio is another hard working individual who wants to see incorporated a wholly you know the new growth in this country. Invented news same thing. Get some good ideas. Little leery of politics behind it that democratic Guinness candidates. Just a whole lot of what you want to hear. Honestly is there. In the market. All right well and we've been seeing you know Donald Trump and Ben Carson like in a lot of the country pulling right near the right there near the top. A lot of people here in New Hampshire as well as the rest of the country saying we don't necessarily want traditional political candidate other than you have senators rubio and senators Ted Cruz. We just heard about and of course. Here in Washington but. Really embracing that outsider role and we'll see what happens in the course this campaign. We have routed after you think he would appoint your day everyone needs talking given a real good burns fat and you about everyone's got really really strongly about a democratic candidate. All the way people feel very strongly about Republicans at this stage. Really does capture that bipartisan spirit you talk about where it really could go either way. It's a very purple state and it's a very independent state people here don't necessarily live in counties where everyone believes in the same thing. You see people here at diners just like this. Talking to each other about the release of its fear generally very respectful conversation between people even if they're on different sides of the aisle so to speak. And so really unique place a place that I don't know if there's a whole lot of similar places in the country at least as far as a whole state. Not that incredible to hear the insight from some of those higher than that and you know like. That they get this one on one interaction really easy thing to lobby Washington it was way to go. I'm wouldn't I think that invited they might be ready I don't want you to think we forgot. Biggio at any point down. Let's hear it get to mark what's what's the Mexican fight stay. Let's get together chicken prices already Korea oh my gosh it's right over here they put it right over here Foreman. A look at this then out lets you know mark would you do me the honor of holding the camera here and turnarounds. And see there and we'll. Oh outlook. Live. Get a nice close Ulysses look at this we get the grieving in the peas and carrots. Absolutely traditional unbelievable. With ingredients no what's what's this right here with butternut squash all butternut squash unreal. Thing. And well try to get us. Exactly Vietnam and so. Exactly between the gravy and potatoes in the squash and Vick but we have some greenery and it has also approved. Make coverage on that play big and bad they'll be held within my. I was going to be happening at this point by the way Davis you cat. He started off with egg Betty I think at the Bernstein and second and you had been an. Stuffed French secondly it's a good sign yeah. Reminding both of the things. That's right bananas that process. We've got some Americans. Chops you eat at red arrow and of course this father's famous. Chicken fingers at puritan but this chicken fried steak I've not had some news this for ski on the outside and juicy on the inside. In the wild in any advance in the gravy. Unbelievable. Rather than you have your worst on the outgoing we have also it is really look at that will be any of that food honestly you realize that you're going to be out of Iraq got a couple things. I'm glad you say this. Most definitely. I thank you so much and yet but when what is going on here I'm not. I'm glad that you saved for last because we don't always want people under the so diner for their first experience. Pointless in the last thing that you come to credits at the liberty of telling mice that that was your birthday today. And that's a little bit about what are we do here until. No yeah. He games. I. We meet with the common man so this is I think that is home made it here at the comet had fallen in restaurants and hear that Tilton diner. I guess all. Again. I applied us but let me let's just look at these. Oh no it looks like action is now we're back with you exactly grad. Back when he and the Sunday the end. It's all right well. Let's just try to keep this clean hair. What a good way to end the day in my right up. Brad I I know this goes down as your best birthday ever five. Diner feel across that it is and Jeff Miller Sunday you have to make unprecedented all of that all my friends. Yet it's only had not allowed to leave until I finish it so I guess I'll be here for the rest the night thankfully it's. It's my fifth diner of the day into the five that is you need to win. If you want to win New Hampshire. ABC brag about you live for us pulling up big credit obese five diner is. In one day five incredible meals and the Sunday that topic all. Folks I don't know where you can see anything like that check back with us here for more on campaign sweet sixteen and also to meet -- milky. In the Latin well after the data he's thanks for being with us.

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