Tim Kaine compares student walkout to Civil Rights marches

Sen. Kaine joined student activists to protest inaction on gun reform, comparing the walkout to marches in Birmingham, Alabama, during the Civil Rights movement.
2:58 | 03/14/18

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Transcript for Tim Kaine compares student walkout to Civil Rights marches
I'm here is senator Tim Kaine of Virginia. Senator king your meeting with these are students in Virginia right now what's the message. Well that these students are asking adults to step up to aren't all responsibilities and protect them from gun violence. And they're also. Directing a really pointy challenge to elected officials saying you know what matters. Forty you you're troll turner political contributions from gun manufactures in the NRA. And this is what we need to hear and the activism of these students made date may well be that thing. That changes the dynamic and gets congress to do we should've done a long time. I get the sense that being up here every day. There seems to be a shift there is more energy around this issue these students are out here we haven't seen this before what's the sense that you get in terms of momentum on gun if she. I get that I get the same sense we've been scarred badly in Virginia the Virginia Tech shooting other horrible crime cities where the violence rate is too high but there's been a sense of despair because it's our citizens a vast. Elected officials to take meaningful steps. I in the aftermath of Virginia Tech in the aftermath in Newtown after Paul's after Vegas. We haven't taken these steps but these students are sort of changing the equation there energetic. Acted as might just tell them it's a little bit like the high schoolers who helped to Doctor King. A desegregate Birmingham in May of 196355. Years ago it was the participation of the high school students that finally change the equation in Birmingham and some view that is. Really the pivotal moment in the entire civil rights movement in this country and its students saying adult cyst. Except adult responsibilities in the and don't hide from them. And that's powerful when you hear from high schoolers. Yet there well we have a set of meetings with students probably some of art Virginia students but also at least some were connected to Parkland. And I'm I'm very much looking forward to hearing what they have to say. But mostly when I'm going to be doing a spanking them thanking them for their efficacy because what they have done is inspired all of these students from all over the country to also. Step ballot. I know. We're gonna see this today we're gonna see it on March 24 as students and their families from around the country are marching in Washington and elsewhere and if the students keep up this pressure and demand that. Congress acts I think it could be the ingredient that could finally lead is to get background checks to take weapons of war off the street. To allow research you know simple things like allowing research into causes. And jurors of gun violence congress won't allow these things without a push with these students may help provide the push that we need to for a long time I. Thank you senator Tim Kaine he's one of several lawmakers act candidate talking about gun issues we are surrounded by students from the Virginia area. Wit an area I'll lots of energy out here back to you. Lots of energy across the country Alley thank you for being part of this. I all of our correspondents and of course to those students who had. Organize its grassroots effort to make their voices heard across the country more than 3100 schools taking part in this national walkout day.

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{"duration":"2:58","description":"Sen. Kaine joined student activists to protest inaction on gun reform, comparing the walkout to marches in Birmingham, Alabama, during the Civil Rights movement.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"53748467","title":"Tim Kaine compares student walkout to Civil Rights marches","url":"/Politics/video/tim-kaine-compares-student-walkout-civil-rights-marches-53748467"}