Kaine, Pence Discuss Their Qualifications to Be VP

The Democratic and Republican vice presidential nominees kick off the first VP debate.
4:52 | 10/05/16

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Transcript for Kaine, Pence Discuss Their Qualifications to Be VP
I'd like to start with a topic of presidential leadership. 28 years ago tomorrow night Lloyd Bentsen said the vice presidential debate was not about the qualifications. For the vice presidency. But about how if tragedy shouldn't care. The vice president has to step in without any margin for error without time for preparation to take over the responsibility for the biggest job in the world. What about your qualities your skills and your temperament equip you to step into that role at a moment's notice Senator McCain. Elaine thank you for being here tonight governor pets welcome and so great to be back at longwood university in farm bill Virginia. This is a very special place in 65 years ago a young courageous woman Barbara Johns. Let day out walk out over high school Mon high school she made history by protesting school segregate easy she believed our nation was stronger together. And that walkout led to the brown vs board of education decision that moved us down the path toward equality. I am so proud to be running with another strong history making woman Hillary Clinton to be present United States. I'm proud because her vision of stronger together building an economy that works for all not just those at the top. Being safe in the world not only what the strong military but also strong alliances. To battle terrorism and climate change. And also to build a community of respect just like Barbara Johns tried to do 65 years ago. That's why I'm so proud to be running mate Hillary taught her why she asked me to be her running mate she said the task of a Clinton administration will not be the signing of a bill. Are the passage of a bill. It'll be whether we can make somebody's life better whether we could make a classroom better learning environment for school kids or teachers whether we can make. A safer it's going to be about results and she said to me you've been a missionary and a civil rights lawyer. Even a city councilman and mayor you've been a lieutenant governor and governor and now I US senator I think you will help me figure out how to govern this nation. So that we always keep in mind. That the success of the administration is a difference we make in people's lives and that's what I bring to the ticket that experience having served at all levels of government. My primary were all this to be. Hillary Clinton's right hand person and strong supporter as she puts together the most historic administration possible and I relish that role. I'm so proud of her I'll just say this. We trust Hillary Clinton my wife and I we trust her with the most important thing in our life. We have a son deployed overseas in the Marine Corps right now we trust Hillary Clinton as president and commander in chief. But the thought of Donald Trump. As commander in chief scares us to death. Governor passed. Well first off thank you Elaine thank you that. Thank you Howard university for their wonderful hospitality and Commission on Presidential Debates is deeply humbling for me to be here. He's surrounded Myanmar my wonderful found when senator Cain it's. It's an honor to be here with you as well. I just. Also want to say I'm gonna say thanks everyone is looking in tonight. Who understands what an enormously important time this is in the life of our nation. For the last seven and a half years we've seen America's place in the world weakened. We seen an economy stifled by more taxes more regulation. A war on coal and and a failing Health Care Reform come to be known as Obama care and the American people know that we need to make a change in song wanna thank all of you for being being with us tonight. I also want to thank Donald Trump. For making that call and inviting us to be a part of this ticket I have to tell you I'm up. I'm a small town boy from place not too different from farm bill. A group with a cornfield my backyard my my grandfather immigrated to this country when he was about my son's age. My mom and dad you know build everything that matters in a small town. In southern Indiana they build a family man and a good name and a business and and they raised a family. I dream someday ever present in my hometown in Washington DC nine honestly Illini never match. Ever imagine not have the opportunity to be governor of the state that I love let alone be sitting at a table like six. In this kind of the position so that answer your question not I would say I'm. I've. I would hope that. If if the responsibility. Ever felt to me in this role. That I would needed with the way that I'm gonna meet the responsibilities should I be elected vice president of the United States. And that's to bring out a lifetime of experience. A lifetime growing up in a small town on lifetime were served in the congress of the United States were. Wherever let a state that works in the great state of Indiana. And whatever other responsibilities might follow from this type. I would hope and frankly I would pray and to be able to meet that moment with that. But lifetime of experience.

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{"duration":"4:52","description":"The Democratic and Republican vice presidential nominees kick off the first VP debate. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"42572742","title":"Kaine, Pence Discuss Their Qualifications to Be VP","url":"/Politics/video/tim-kaine-mike-pence-discuss-qualifications-vice-president-42572742"}