Tim O'Brien on Joseph O'Dell

ABC's Good Morning America - 18 March 1997
3:00 | 08/23/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tim O'Brien on Joseph O'Dell
With -- -- web site on the Internet Joseph -- appeal has been high tech and high profile. Even the Pope got on board urging Virginia and not to executed. So that the real sister -- information on known to millions through the movie Dead Man Walking. Support -- after DNA tests show that blood found on O'Dell's shirt did not match the victims as prosecutors said this. Beyond my car -- how do you want. Consult someone. On the flimsy evidence they're there was no connection between the end of it whatsoever. But bloodstains found on O'Dell's jacket did match that of the victim. Leading fourteen lower court judges to agree unanimously there was -- of evidence to convict him. In various points they used the word mountain the used the word overwhelming and they used the word vast. If there's a glitch in the State's case that that prosecutors focused on -- danger to the community. Without ever telling the jury he would be forever ineligible for parole if sentenced to life. The Supreme Court just recently ruled that jurors must be told when death penalty defendants are ineligible for parole. But it was unclear whether that ruling should apply retroactively. To older cases like -- Which is why the Supreme Court agree to hear his case. If the justices later find his rights were violated he would be entitled to a new sentencing hearing and after more than a decade on death row O'Dell's -- once again. Placed on hold. Tim O'Brien ABC news Virginia Beach, Virginia.

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{"id":17067653,"title":"Tim O'Brien on Joseph O'Dell","duration":"3:00","description":"ABC's Good Morning America - 18 March 1997","url":"/Politics/video/tim-obrien-joseph-odell-17067653","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}