Need more time: Sec. Pompeo says Saudis need a few more days

ABC's Molly Hunter and Luis Martinez break down the latest on the investigation into the disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi, and the high diplomatic stakes.
9:58 | 10/18/18

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Transcript for Need more time: Sec. Pompeo says Saudis need a few more days
Today we're talking foreign policy we're talking about the big story. Of the disappearance and jamarcus show he. That Saudi journalist American resident also a columnist for the Washington Post who stirred up. Quite an international firestorm the secretary of state Mike Pompeo just back from Saudi Arabia visits Turkey as well he briefed president trump this morning. On the investigation. Here's what he had to say just after talking to the president. We've made clear to them that we take this matter with the Specter of mr. should be very seriously. They made clear to me that they too understand the serious nature. The disappearance of mystic show you. They also assured me that they will conduct a complete thorough. Investigation. All of the facts surrounding mr. to show you that they will disown a timely fashion I told president trouble this morning that we ought to give them a few more days. To complete that so. So the secretary of state they're asking for a little bit more time for this for Saudi to get this report together the vice president. Just moments ago Mike Pence also weighing in on this taking a slightly different line take a listen to his reaction to working Stan. If what has been alleged occurred. If and an innocent person. Lost their life for the hands of violence that's to be condemned if they journalists in particular. Lost their life. At the hands of violence that's an affront to a free and independent press around the world and there will be consequences. Art a tougher line from my pants this investigation under way what will the consequences be what facts will come out. Let's bring in our foreign correspondent mob Molly hunter who's over in Turkey. Reporting in the latest of this story Molly great to have you with us what do we know about this investigation. So far that's been undertaken by the saudis. In his that your view that AQ that it could be a credible investigation. DeVon and Hagan accident and basically all we know about that Saudi investigation is what we just heard from secretary of state Mike Pompeo so we're outside here. You can't keep that you could start but we're outside the consulate residents. In Istanbul and essentially as I Anderson their two investigations. That is the Turkish investigation. We've seen forensic experts going here we stopped police stern go over and weeping getting of course all of those leaks and Turkish press we even heard from the Turkish prosecutor today. Who said the investigation is credible and well within law. But as far as the Saudi investigation I know nothing I haven't seen any. As Saudi investigators on the ground know when it has matter friends it's it's going into the consulate or the consular residents. And everything that we've heard we've heard from secretary of state Pompeo that it's gonna be timely and thorough and of course from president Tran who said that and the F personally promised him. This investigation what happened as far as credibility. The saudis haven't had anything you guys last two weeks except that he walked out the door to mount a show he walked out the door on his own after entering the consulate on October 2. And I think everyone is pretty sure at this point that's not for him. Yet does seem like according to some reporting just in from the New York Times the saudis may be willing. They may be getting ready to walk back that statement that he did in fact. End up getting killed inside the consulates who were I know you're closely tracking that Molly but. Let's talk a little more and more about. Evidence yeah. Yeah I just that they on not report it like for a second left actually came out right so. If there is a fall guy right if they find weathered the road kill Aaron or if they identify someone to take the head. Right so this is all speculation that someone takes the hit for the Saudi arabians. And the F gets off fairly Scot free that means the Turks maintain all of this leverage so somewhere in the back rooms whether it's here in a sample are and car at. That means the Turks are going to do pretty well from both the US. And this Saudi is possibly investment investment they need badly here and they all three go back to kind of business as usual. The US Saudi arms still stays in play it's. And in all of that we've lost a journalist but I think that's one of the scenario is that we're all grappling with here on the ground and. Ya it certainly is Molly and it does seem that the president's comments president Trump's comments are any indication they are preparing. Talk about some sort of a role group killing here is sort of an off ramp. But let's bring in Louis Martinez. Four perhaps what different angle on this story which is making it particularly complicated for the trump administration and the saudis to come to some sort of resolution we. Thanks for joining us it give us a sense of what's at stake here for the relationship between the United States and Saudi Arabia. We. Had continually heard about how important is how consequential and is. And that this. This matter sort of is putting all of that potentially at risk. Now you're right then this isn't really complicating factor can states because Saudi Arabia is arguably one of the biggest partners for United States in the region in the Middle East. On it comes at a time when the United States is working hard to contain Iran. We always talk here at the Pentagon about how Iran had a run has its maligned behavior what does that mean they're influencing Hezbollah other influencing potential. Terrorist groups throughout the region their that are sponsoring them with peace in Yemen. I'm in the United States have been wanting to counter that for years and -- administration has this initiative in place. And of the biggest proponent of conjuring Iran in the region has been Saudi Arabia. So how do you do it when you have a situation where you have because she'll be situation. It's complicating what you heard Pompeo stay outside of the White House to college this long strategic partnership. I didn't say it wants you said it multiple times actually outside the White House. Com and that's part of this because this is a really deep relationship the United States has a Siberia. And this is something has been very complicated because how does the United States move forward. Because you hear you hear this conflicting language from vice president Hanson from others talking that something must be done if in fact the saudis were responsible. But at the same time how do you balance that with America's national security interest. And quickly Lou what could they do the president has ruled out. Ending V big arms deal with Saudi Arabia weapons sales over a hundred billion dollars. But is there anything on the table that you seen or heard that they could do is something to as a penalty here to Saudi. You know it's very clear exactly what it is the president can view some people have mentioned sanctions but what does that really mean when it comes a Saudi Arabia because. They've already said that if something does happen appeal kind of retaliate. Well we know how they can retaliate they are they're controllable back and so they oil flow to the United States in the president has. A very businesslike and economic mind right and so. When I think it is the saudis play up to that as response retaliation that's I'm another complicating factor here isn't going in a moment. So I think the president's options are kinda limited. He may file a demarche you know that could be that's. It's a department language for international diplomatic complaint with the saudis they could do. Degrees. The voices as we've already seen some of the European countries have gotten together to criticize Saudi Arabia's behavior where in this incident. Meaning he could join that on the could present the united international front in critiquing. Saudi Arabia but in terms of what he could actually do it sounds to me like it's very limited considering how much he often plays up. This business deal this deal for hotter in ten billion dollars worth of arms over the next decade of the United States and Saudi Arabia. Aren't there Martinez at the Pentagon thanks so much Louie and Molly hunter in Turkey before we let you go. Maybe we've also been hearing ABC news has also been hearing from some friends family close to call shall be there is a human. At the center of this tragedy who apparently very apparently lost his life what what are we hearing from from those close to him. Seven that's very and that's dump right that we remind people at every turn I know the investigation is fascinating all of the diplomatic kind of ties in balancing act in the region are super fasting but it's so important somebody just reminded everyone. That at the center of this. As a man a journalist who believe in free press and who looks like it likely loss of life but we did hear from a guy named turned Kellen. He at was one of to show he's dearest friends and when can show he went into the consulate on October 2 he gave his fiancee. Two numbers and turn with one of them and our Ian panel spoke with him last night and I just want to read a little bit of what he said so he talked. About how as soon as he got the call. That it can show he was missing he made some calls he caught officials. And he asked what was going on and he was told that he was dead and they said we have audio on this you know all the he was killed in a barbaric way and we have other various evidence on this. Now he told the and that he walks apparently to mockery said he walked into the conflict he was told to sign a document he refused. And then he was killed but this squares with all of these really gruesome really grizzly. I'm Molly hunt turned Turkey thank you so much Molly for your reporting in for joining us very repaired Turkey thanks so much and I'm Mary Alice it to bring you into this conversation you Lou we've been talking with the human side of the story as well and. Fascinating to see today in the Washington Post a final op Ed column by Jamal could show he himself. It was the powerful to read his editors and sent that they had waited hoping that they can review it with him but they're now be coming to terms of the pack that's likely not going to be the case. And it reminds everyone what this meant dedicated his life tale dedicated his life to the freedom of press. And riding their and a spinal column that he's worried the Arab world is continuing to crack down on journalists continuing to crack down. On and he value of the freedom of the press. So really with his final words challenging the US government to continue to be an example in the world to continue to push for Preston of American values. American values and have always. Value the freedom of the press but honestly raising a lot of questions this week about whether or not the US government is going to guard tonight on the plan. Certainly we will stay on top of it here in check out to mocha Shoney's. Final column ma at Washington Post dot com.

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{"duration":"9:58","description":"ABC's Molly Hunter and Luis Martinez break down the latest on the investigation into the disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi, and the high diplomatic stakes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"58594443","title":"Need more time: Sec. Pompeo says Saudis need a few more days","url":"/Politics/video/time-sec-pompeo-saudis-days-58594443"}