Chris Miller: Some Things 'Are Worth Paying For'

House candidate & veteran likens politics in Washington to combat in Iraq.
1:40 | 11/22/11

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Transcript for Chris Miller: Some Things 'Are Worth Paying For'
-- -- we -- today's discussion with -- democratic candidate for congress interesting one at that Chris Miller from Carbondale Illinois running for -- V can see. In -- southern Illinois joins us now Chris is also in Iraq War veteran and I want -- use that is that the jumping off point Chris. -- we've seen a lot of wrangling this week over pentagon cuts in effect that's on the table right now is someone who served over -- one -- purple heart. How comfortable are you with seeing some 50600 million dollars being sliced out of and this defense spending next year. Well I. We have to take care a look at and making any cuts especially due to the military and he that we we learned enough the two wars you had a -- ten years I think it's it's Santa. Get to be smarter -- how we spend their money but -- -- -- -- We shouldn't street. Period and -- at the cost of making hard decisions elsewhere I think seriously need to look at I don't -- of the world as it is. We become secretly through pleased that we -- Worried about the defendant. It's because we're having budgetary issues the problem that we have not -- simply go away. And we nieces who think about that in things in that context. There's things that are working for and I believe that the national security is want them. All right so the president has come -- and said he'd actually Vito. Any bill that that went after cutting this funding so do you think do you agree with the president they're releasing that was was misguided for the president. To put out a veto threat. I don't think it is resonance guided I mean we certainly -- to look at what's being cut there's certainly something that we need to to look. There's there's always. Please that you can treatment arm problems you're doing reasonably but you know taken a few months -- get our partner and national security. You know. Ten years after an Atlanta tonight I don't think in some. Doing so I don't regret it we need to keep this country's outline about that whatsoever. Our Chris taught us about disease obviously Lester isn't a big year for Republicans are out there is a Democrat making the case how hard is -- in this environment. To break through to make the case that that we should be -- -- Democrats ecology in recent a lot of pushed back in your campaigning out their door to door. Well. I bet it won't bother to talk about going there to talk about Bill Clinton Democrat or Republican. -- and -- top. Used jobs jobs and jobs and that's what you want to talk about it you very much in costume and explain to how you're gonna do it. That's what people on here that's that is the that is not talk and and -- focus on and a you know that best if we're talking about it he'll -- members of Olympian to debate the country wander away from anything but jobs it's. Well I think that point in fact Republicans are the ones wanted to bring it back -- jobs they make a point to the economy hasn't -- nearly as fast as President Obama. Had promised they say the Democrats are in control of those first two years of the Obama presidency we weren't digging out of a whole lot -- pushed back against that. Back to -- and I think admits that. Because nobody right now who could have done basically what that whether Republicans -- -- and we can run a national campaign blatantly based upon blame. I'm not going to be doing that you're here is saying as President Obama with the Democrats in congress -- with the Republicans it was Rush Limbaugh it was you know. Fidel Castro. I'm not -- -- campaign they complain are running the campaign. Solutions I want to bring solutions are problems the biggest problem we have been in southern Illinois getting nationwide is jobs in in this district. Unemployment ranges from around the national average of about 9% as high as 20% and then among people like me veterans who moved returned from the war and he wanted to continue. Incidentally in life unemployment is is the highest point 5%. The Atlanta but the problem we have to confront I have friends and come back in the Iraq War and they have a troubled -- -- -- -- repeat and I'm gonna go to -- going to be a tough -- for jobs and I don't care what what Republicans are saying -- claiming to be. Job -- or you know I think it -- terms the misnomer I think it's -- principal suspects he's behind the anybody who spend a dime in this country. Is -- job creator. What we need is leadership that can three instill confidence in our markets and our leaders have been lost single important that we need to sit down the people who work through these things that -- -- -- -- people like me I'd always booths. You know it when you're in the military you put aside your personal and issues in the what's -- you might have you sit down and he get the job done and -- -- it's gonna take that sort of an attitude to to think the problem. That we have in this country right now and how it went with a with a budget. Super committee it didn't work very well everybody knew that. But that. You know going forward it's gonna take strong leaders it. Well when you look at this so what do you really really want to come here when you watch what just happens with the super committee do you think that. Anybody can get this -- how are you not. Totally disillusioned. -- -- -- -- There's plenty of Barack I thought to myself you know that's not exactly a nice place to be it's not exactly to -- positive atmosphere but you know you thought there and you do -- to you because you believe in the country and you know I for -- gonna let and this country -- because -- sort of a millionaire's club in Washington with 46% of our congressmen and senators being. Qualified -- millionaires -- -- you seem to -- longer so upset at one another they can't even sit down you know -- -- -- in their position on these -- six months after dead. But the same time they want to play the partisan partisan games and I think that music that's insight into an entity. Music -- And you know as they that the dog -- it's a daunting task in this country and daunting task and it that we just argued that the answer -- it's going to be hard. It would we have had a revolution begins England really you know have a -- we -- stood -- -- that slavery for the civil war we have you know plus the Germans in World War II we gonna descendants you know someone else's problem but. -- face daunting tasks in this country before. And we've come through it with strong leadership and -- you know we elect the right people and congress are gonna put aside kinda slowly get the job done. I think that our you know that we need to didn't. Chris our last question is visual especially for all the candidates we have on their -- wanna get a sense of the the national pulse. If you're elected to congress Nancy Pelosi is -- -- democratic leader. Well the speaker Nancy -- the I don't know our you know. To see who else want to do Clinton -- The candidates are actually go there was gonna consider lion as a candidate and will take the boat and get to -- All right Chris Miller democratic candidate for congress in Illinois goes salukis out there -- Carbondale thanks so much. -- always able to get very nice able to get in the reference to -- -- the mascot. For that school what is it what is the Saluki visit H Egyptian hunting dog -- for Steve his flat.

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{"duration":"1:40","description":"House candidate & veteran likens politics in Washington to combat in Iraq. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"15007987","title":"Chris Miller: Some Things 'Are Worth Paying For'","url":"/Politics/video/tl-chris-miller-15007987"}