Top Line: Lackluster Candidates, Cash, and Colbert

ABC's Rick Klein, Amy Walter & Yahoo's David Chalian on what's hot in politics.
3:00 | 01/17/12

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Transcript for Top Line: Lackluster Candidates, Cash, and Colbert
Welcome -- top I -- ABC's Rick I'm gonna jump right into it with the hottest political headlines of the week Amy Walter what is your top line. Well we all about the -- The Kathy Griffin show where she talks about the fact that he's not a celebrity should just like to be around celebrities. But I think right now we have in this Republican primary is the -- -- weeks. Treating the candidates here like they should be. A Major League player -- we wonder why they don't react in debates we wonder why they don't engage each other what kind of strategy. Are they -- why go after Bain Capital why go after some musicians and going against -- obvious weaknesses and that Ronnie and the answer is in the they're not in the same legally keep pretending that they're playing at NFL level there really JV players that were asking hit that was. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A different kind of operation going on in the rest of these candidates it's just that there's no chance to an African that. -- we have the governor. The second largest state in the nation we have we had two members of congress of former -- real people. If they're not running real campaign and that's the difference I would that they -- not real people it's that their operations and set up at a presidential -- and they're not letting those operations the senate at that scale. I brought up on this week is cash for bash that is the Obama campaign hall and so fourth quarter numbers this week. -- combined with the DNC and the Obama campaign for all of when he 244 million dollars. Not I'm sort of -- billion dollar campaign Republicans tried to scare. But that -- -- their collective is going to be all about bashing likely Mitt Romney but whoever the Republican nominees. They are so eager to get going on this day. Do not have the kind of money flowing to their pro Obama super pac so some of this money is actually have to be used to define Mitt Romney and I would imagine before too long while but that's really the question right these super -- It was great for some of these Republicans and it's because they have insulated them from the charge that they're running negative campaign president -- -- -- -- those things like that -- just in separate groups. So does the president really want to have. His campaign fingerprints. On really heart attack -- before we can get the summer this opens we knew all about her husband from from last. Having the audacity to hope. This is about building the country -- You're right it's going to be that -- ended -- -- their opponent early and often and however they do it I would say. -- -- they're not gonna mind having their name attached to it it's gonna be comparison ads and he just fine without money politics might top line is col Baer reports. Possible candidacy for the president of the united states of South Carolina. And this is a big development in a lot of different ways and it has nothing all seem to bear will not be the 45 present United States. That the president of the South Carolina the United States or whatever he wants the -- he won't even get a single registered vote because no one can actually vote for him in the South Carolina primary but -- shining a light. On the absurdities and our process right you people out there were a little bit about this predictable. Right now we're extensively independent groups are dominating the airwaves I think when his -- Receivable. Independent groups that we're talking about single millionaires or billionaires right that that then can give money -- this quote unquote independent group. -- -- watching like three or four moguls. Figure out how they can extend his nomination race in the snow the cold there is part of -- this isn't just people who have their own vendetta for whatever reason. They know exactly who they want to support and this is the way that they can get around a silly campaign laws to make that happen and Chris of people running these super pacs. Know exactly. What to do because -- They worked for the candidate in my path that's right exactly surprised how much strategy and go back. Exactly right Michael -- gives us a laugh and a lesson. We can all be happy for that -- right that does it for this edition of top white check us out online it's And You can check us out also on Twitter recline at Amy Walter. Active Italian. Watch -- next time.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"ABC's Rick Klein, Amy Walter & Yahoo's David Chalian on what's hot in politics.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"15380322","title":"Top Line: Lackluster Candidates, Cash, and Colbert","url":"/Politics/video/top-line-lackluster-2012-candidates-cash-stephen-colbert-15380322"}