Top Lines: Cain Train, Bill Daley, and Axing the Millionaire's Tax

ABC's Jonathan Karl & Amy Walter sum up the morning's political must-knows.
3:00 | 10/28/11

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Transcript for Top Lines: Cain Train, Bill Daley, and Axing the Millionaire's Tax
It's kind of joke on the campaign trail especially -- -- reporters now that try to find me if they go outside of a hotel during a break -- -- there with my iPhone. And a cup of coffee in the cigarette so it's 6 o'clock PM block just let we let Herman -- Herman. Yeah on its core it's like Apple's seeing Apple's or just being out -- you don't want my -- here is we're gonna let EDT today. Top line begins right now. Hello and welcome to ABC news -- Klein and Amy Walter and I'm Jonathan -- every -- at noon eastern right here we let John be John undated -- UBU you can follow us on Twitter -- Amy Walter act. Jon Karl. -- lets the public today I'm still sting Kenny trend Pena well it's actually a plot turn and he's. On the campaign trail again -- came in Boston where it hasn't hit guests wait Florida where he's an island today no dragon Hampshire now try to -- Carolina. -- yeah. Which holds its primary ethnic and on March anyway. Unconventional campaign but that's what it is it is Herman Cain he -- visited eighteen states so far this month. And -- only three of those visits were to Iowa New Hampshire or south and yet he is some on top of the polls and all those at least tied. -- stood -- in the world all right next. -- daily on defense. In a sit down with Politico the White House chief of staff bill -- starts in addition. -- a lot of folks -- on his. His predecessor Ron Emmanuel when he says look at a different stage in life here I'm not gonna -- the -- in sheen's. Yes. -- very well known for making phone calls to reporters. And he says you know and also has a coupled digs on congress. And then there will be -- -- -- -- doesn't it was during the Clinton administration -- says it's not like during the Clinton impeachment stuff that was really embattled. That was 83 can drag out knock out every day -- and bing bing -- That's not there are now being -- -- don't like human being -- -- on the white nose really just that Caitlin and I don't know this looks back. I'd seen clips spray paint pretty apparent that stuff like -- more big bank bombing got hammered popularity seats and nine that's right and right next old. -- the governor Andrew Cuomo has come out against. The millionaire's tax these New York's version is was -- -- that was instituted in 2009. I'm so called -- tax on households making more than 250000. Dollars a year. It expires it was a three year temporary tax he's fighting Democrats in the legislature activists out on the street saying it. New York should not extend the tax because -- -- -- -- to monkey sounds to right. Where's occupying Albany. What happened and -- maybe matter upon one's going to be doing an embankment. The very good point right. And finally in the department a bad timing of and RCC thought. Let's have a fund raiser N'sync little to bring the house speaker -- tonight. Little problem here -- it's game seven of the World Series remember that that says that come back flying -- that's the World Series game in history of course I was asleep for a what -- donor to do. Not a deciding between the World Series. And help an -- being how about launching. Citizens -- Rangers and the cardinals -- concerns -- -- assurance analysts don't care how.

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{"id":14835490,"title":"Top Lines: Cain Train, Bill Daley, and Axing the Millionaire's Tax","duration":"3:00","description":"ABC's Jonathan Karl & Amy Walter sum up the morning's political must-knows.","url":"/Politics/video/top-lines-cain-train-bill-daley-game-14835490","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}