Top Lines: Touching, Fruit Salad, and Cry Babies of the GOP Debate

ABC's Rick Klein & Jonathan Karl sum up the morning's political must-knows.
3:00 | 10/19/11

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Transcript for Top Lines: Touching, Fruit Salad, and Cry Babies of the GOP Debate
Allowing some of the -- field. And if you want to become. It was hard for anyone to get a word -- it flies at last night's debate inspiring especially when you put it together like that top line begins. Right now. Hello and welcome to ABC news hotline I'm Rick -- and I'm Jonathan Karl every day and noon eastern right here with the latest politics is linked with. Absolutely man. We're not -- that Jon Karl Jon Karl Jon Karl talking it's important how much would rename it should come first on these things our way it's supposed to be -- maybe you'll be president someday when you know pilots thought it's good way to go heavy on the debate here first up touchy. Watching this debate. We had not just talk of bumping jobs -- would take a look at this. And what actually reaches out and touches. -- For a while there is about -- I've watched a lot of these debates I've never seen something like that others -- our network remembers Hillary Clinton lost a lot of you people keep. Or walking do you know George Bush but actual physical physical contact that in the past looked -- -- person and that. If you get people to the freeze frames Rick Perry in the mosque kill. Actually -- right on the -- this inherently political know what we're seeing is that I really look forward to seeing them lose or give that convention speech about how great winter is it's going to be fun always turn our backs up today fruit salad. McCain went all apples and oranges and trying to explain nine nine against attacks from all sides. -- artists were used ot sell part -- take a look at that this last night. -- -- and that the state sales tax will also go away no bad example OK we replace -- once appliances. So. Pears grapes what -- want to add to this big problems right when you talk about 999 you're adding. The apple to the orange it is all in -- big fruit basket. But I don't hundreds government has come problems to -- -- brought all the way to explain over. Please please by all means seriously also played for -- you know that state sales taxes and out. Let me ask -- -- I'll put seriously look I mean yes and and and and came looked a little silly -- -- which apples oranges -- -- the debate when they're talking about 999. The look that state sales -- -- regardless of whether or not the other federal tax is income tax is. Capital gains as corporate is is sales tax so we look it is an apple went yeah isn't happening and you aren't a palm. Right you're taking away the pair. Okay here's your lower in the other federal -- -- OK -- it all makes sense trust me you've got to trust me on this next up cry babies. Another take away from this debate Rick is apparently. What you really need to do is complain about the rules complain about the moderator completely just don't have enough time to make your point take a listen. -- -- -- -- -- Community there you get thirty seconds time for the liberals work here is that I get 62 public demand and Anthony added thirty seconds to respond -- and they want and here we have to end its time I'm. I'm sorry. I don't know analysts and banners ads -- campaigns I'm -- Anderson indeed if you wanted to fire him and go ahead. I don't know how well Anderson I mean really these -- Look -- outside they look ridiculous. OK it's rarely in my experience and a winning strategy to use your time today to plan not in time it's good for rich people plot line is that maybe unsolved later -- But you guys are out there this is the only moment you haven't for a lot we sent you candidates Rick Santoro beat -- -- obvious there. The chance that it takes it to say something substitute -- breakthrough like Gary Johnson did. -- in his moment around the -- -- that we were all well yes but even that is more productive I think and complain about enacting anti by the way I keep track on the show. And I'm a little concerned about time -- you issued a lot of time right there -- don't we get the last couple that's that's all right finally at a time early today downgrade. President Obama famously told Oprah the end of his first -- -- office that -- -- -- are looking for us. Great. Now with the and in year three He told ABC's Jake Tapper that he's giving himself an incomplete so. By my math that is two more years somehow he's finished less schoolwork at that time I think someone's gonna keep scorer -- And of course will the Republicans have had at helpfully put out both grades. And they're calling this the latest downgrade. Another Obama downgrade -- -- -- break didn't that the terms -- -- got an incomplete you know. First quarter grade second quarter greater works that's fine.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"ABC's Rick Klein & Jonathan Karl sum up the morning's political must-knows.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"14770224","title":"Top Lines: Touching, Fruit Salad, and Cry Babies of the GOP Debate","url":"/Politics/video/top-lines-touching-fruit-salad-gop-race-14770224"}