Top Lines: Gingrich, Chu, & We Forgot the Third One ...

ABC's Rick Klein & Amy Walter sum up the morning's political must-knows.
3:00 | 11/17/11

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Transcript for Top Lines: Gingrich, Chu, & We Forgot the Third One ...
Better. Former speaker Gingrich made 300000. Dollars or -- -- need two million dollars. The point is is that he took money to also influence senior Republicans. To be favorable toward Fannie and Freddie. Michelle Bachmann coming out swinging at Newt Gingrich when -- front runner it feels like it sometimes and I it's two words crony and capitalism might think that she had not brought those up earlier against somebody else. Top line starts right now. Hello and welcome to ABC news top line up reply and I mean well every day -- -- -- right here. With the latest in politics were cronies we Harris of not know whether casts its else for Internet outlets -- slash -- Walter Amy what do you think it today all right well I'm thinking about new tenant specifically new C. -- Completes that's right. -- Gingrich yesterday on the trail asked -- reporters over and over again his relationship with Freddie Mac it since it was revealed the other day by Bloomberg. That he indeed got more than 300000 dollars and more like two million dollars. Now he says well I was I was there to tell them to the -- analysis -- what what happened in the housing market. Although it seems as if he may be -- give them insights to what was going to happen which was. The bubble that's right. Was the waiting to see any evidence that -- -- from the what he said he did -- -- -- had a flawed business model also his campaign yesterday initially promised that he do a full accounting of his time there. Now not so much were waiting to have more answers that it's gonna follow along today next up today. Shoot it over it is -- happy Solyndra day on Capitol Hill. It's energy secretary Steven she was in for a grilling as we speak about he failed and what the -- to the failed energy giant 500 million dollars in taxpayer money almost certainly -- according to the energy secretary don't you all on his -- today says that. Everything related to cylinder was his call his responsibility. But he says he has nothing to apologize for. Amy this is not good for the energy secretary takes full responsibility what everyone acknowledges was an absolute -- -- That's right and -- of course send tries to take the focus off of the president -- the president. Focus on what he's doing right now which course try to talk about the economy are right next up 99. Not so nice swelled -- Herman Cain campaign learning again what it means to be the front runner. It means you have to deal with things like security. Oh and trying to find a venue would doing advance on that venue it's getting very dangerous for reporters out there. At one of our ABC reporters almost crushed in a big mad dash to get him on camera -- and other reporters literally manhandled thrown into cars. Fight in some cases these are undercover off duty police officers he it's getting ugly out there and I don't -- it's gonna get any better until the -- campaign starts at. -- the stuff in. That's right another sign of growing pains and this isn't just a media story it says something about a campaign if you're not able to handle the crush of people out there you've got security folks out there were mistreating people who attend your -- -- -- it has -- trickle down effect on the campaign finally today. Maybe it's the cowboys vs the princess this is the new strategy from Rick Perry he's been very aggressive out there on the trail recently. And now -- is challenging the house democratic leader Nancy Pelosi to a debate -- he's going to be in Washington on Monday. -- ready to meet -- OK corral of of debating and actually Nancy Pelosi responded to it. Just awhile just a little while ago take a look at that what she had to say about the challenge of the debate from Rick Perry. What he did ask if I could debate here in Washington. On Monday it is my understanding. Monday am going to be in -- in the morning I'm going to be visiting some of our -- And California and the afternoon that's to -- can't remember what the third maintenance company. And -- that -- haven't. -- Nancy Pelosi there wow that's us all right to -- dream debate at least that in the foreseeable future.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"ABC's Rick Klein & Amy Walter sum up the morning's political must-knows.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"14974243","title":"Top Lines: Gingrich, Chu, & We Forgot the Third One ...","url":"/Politics/video/top-linesgingrich-chu-forgot-14974243"}