Top Lines: Gingrich Gets Paid, Cain Gets Camera-Shy

ABC's Rick Klein & Amy Walter sum up the morning's political must-knows.
5:19 | 11/16/11

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Transcript for Top Lines: Gingrich Gets Paid, Cain Gets Camera-Shy
-- -- I don't understand what it -- created so much -- controversy. Funny thing is I do understand why that pause created so much controversy frank it was really about the -- as much as -- what came after the -- -- -- make much sense in our right top line starts right now. Hello and welcome to ABC news top line I'm Rick Klein and I'm Amy Walter every day at noon eastern right here with the latest in politics. We try not to applause we can all avoided Twitter accounts that recline at -- comes -- Amy Walter Amy let's get right. Well IA and looking at this Freddie Mac daddy of well things are getting sticky for Newt Gingrich these days Bloomberg News reports now that. -- company got an excess of one point six million dollars from a mortgage company since leaving his house speaker now. He says he didn't lobby there -- no -- he was giving -- historical. Advice. And then what that a vice -- lament that business model is flawed because -- -- -- -- -- -- Freddie had a little bit of a role in that implosion. Of the housing market we don't really know exactly what it is. He says that he's going to release as many records as possible but who got paid and how they paid -- the sky was once the outsider now insider as saying. -- -- -- -- This is a lot of money for history lesson and particularly if the history lesson about how bad your business -- I think we're gonna hear more from the folks inside if Freddie talking about exactly what he did and in some cases it may contradict -- -- -- -- the Macy's that's problematic for the new -- outside his front runner gets answered me around. Except today is go big or go home the super committee getting some super sized advice from bipartisan members of congress today about -- More than a hundred of them are sending letters or anything just there was something do something big -- They're not saying what that something in the and we are knowing exactly where -- stands right now it is just what we thought it would be images that Republicans don't want -- don't wanna settle for anything that includes a tax increase Democrats. Very skeptical about entitlement programs and reforms unless there's tax increases. -- -- surprised -- -- I'm not so much actually the truth like and that really all right next up Australian invasion. Or maybe not quite bad but President Obama today announced a semi permanent US troop presence down under -- And this isn't because we're worried about his feelings going there Australia -- went Hawaiian Islands. It's a clear -- to China from the Obama White House and obviously the president there also to make the economic case. For the world -- Asia is going to play -- growing Asian market in. Any economic recovery that the US can help -- that's right in the Chinese -- Or viewing this says is pretty aggressive action they're pushing back at this at the idea that this isn't that many troops but it is an important signal about the foreign policy of the Obama administration to go out there and say. We're putting these troops in there and a semi permanent basis. Countering that threat not -- -- -- military threat of the economic threat of China finally today it is camera -- McCain were coming out of the New Hampshire union leader. That Herman Cain is specifically asking that the editorial -- acting -- go with that newspaper. Not beyond right now how he meets hard to imagine what I could be I I don't know why and you had mentioned this yesterday and it's a very good point to reiterate. Everybody just listen to this when you go into these editorial meetings -- always -- They're always stayed Mitt Romney had that -- New Hampshire -- -- that's right there's stuff caught on camera that you're gonna have to answer careful what you say careful what you tweet is well.

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{"duration":"5:19","description":"ABC's Rick Klein & Amy Walter sum up the morning's political must-knows.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"14965337","title":"Top Lines: Gingrich Gets Paid, Cain Gets Camera-Shy","url":"/Politics/video/top-linesgingrich-paid-cain-camera-shy-14965337"}