TopLine: Live from Des Moines on Iowa Caucus Day 2

Yahoo! News' David Chalian says Mitt Romney will leave Iowa in good form.
0:32 | 01/03/12

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Transcript for TopLine: Live from Des Moines on Iowa Caucus Day 2
Joining us now let's talk about. To talk about fried pickles but I know you can talk about Iowa and what matters and why doesn't David telling -- just four years ago. Was sitting on the show in a different chair that's right yeah I'm capture may -- that -- atlas former political director of course here at ABC now with Yahoo! and news. David so there seems -- his conundrum right now going on so Mitt Romney has won regardless of what his places. Tonight. And a lot less money and he -- -- program that's right but he still -- line and less team. Because -- only win by small percentage of the -- can explain how that works. Listen I actually think that the Romney campaign the reason that they're feeling so good. Is not just because they think they really got shot potentially winning this thank. But because no matter how they leave here -- -- even better positioned I think and when they came in and I and and that was one of their big missions when. When this started -- a half ago and the Romney camp was just getting -- The biggest thing on their mind was how we deal with -- -- dual violent expectations and other at this moment. We're what you're saying I think -- pretty -- in terms of how it's interpreted it if it's important -- and that besting him and at least he's right -- -- close and he's not a distant third I don't think he's gonna suffer a ton of damage. I think you're exactly right David about that it was he loses very big he's gonna win tonight. All almost regardless let's talk to the other contenders we just talk to -- about Santorum will come back -- in a moment but Ron Paul. Maybe ten days ago or so David I think a lot of folks were saying Ron Paul is the odds on favorite to win the Iowa Caucuses. Not so much anymore what has changed on the ground and in your opinion. Yeah I'll tell you Rick that when I first got here on this trip and a week ago when the first of anti lynching was a rob Paul of that I was interviewing a lot of people there. There are a lot I was surprised how -- a lot of Obama supporters. Independence folks that didn't know where their caucus site was going to be. It was just it was just a crowd that did not feel like as committee is that what Ron Paul that's fascinated and loyal they weren't his message he didn't feel like they were your traditional caucus goers -- -- he's running. -- that problem. Yep and that -- -- let's let's talk about Rick Santorum that. We heard from -- about where should she thinks he goes from here. -- should he go from here because he's a winner heat shield like Romney is a winner no matter what can go from the bottom. To where he's gonna finish up in the top three that's a big victory for him but can he and should he -- New Hampshire should he just go straight to South Carolina. Kent Hampshire and execution and that I mean who might what to do you know. It makes I think it makes sense for him -- -- they keep saying what we have this built in New Hampshire. -- visited South Carolina more than -- -- candidate is solemn. Social conservative court in New Hampshire covering large -- department process if it. Huntsman and Romney in a fight over the independence and more moderate Republicans I -- some. I could be that that conservative alternative there and one example if he gets sort of rocket fuel out of here but. What more needs to do -- here has nothing to do with New Hampshire. And South Carolina and Florida although he needs to continue to develop there needs to -- to national organization. Have you been to the national headquarters of the -- Isn't it in his car. And cars there's no staff or strategy in place -- how you get from here to that convention in Tampa and and. It's something that is very hard to build on the fly. David let's talk about your finger for a moment because some rocket rocket fuel was certainly. Behind his rise the last couple weeks but then -- incredible fizzle out as those negative ads taken -- And now he's conceding that he's not gonna win Iowa and extraordinary admission the day before the caucus though he's backtracked on that. A little bit David what happens in Newt Gingrich and can he recover courtesy to do tonight and beyond he's signaling. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This totally -- if -- degrees below 48 hours. Deliberately on Sunday what you need to change but it didn't close the sale I was enough and everything's going great. Literally that the next stop he said I've got the start ticking it's been robbed me of me. That -- doesn't quite know he's doing it I think he's flailing around a little bit. But if you want to take an aggressive approach to Mitt Romney as he indicated Jon Karl that he's going to do eager to see how that plays out on our debate stage in New Hampshire senator and -- All right and finally last thirty seconds Rick Perry Bremer when he was the front runner here. Ridiculous. What happens now Amy -- tournament Perry Perry last night -- Iowa he was amazing athletic revival at night I totally forgotten. Bobby Jindal agent Sam Brownback that this was actually serious contender at one point and it's probably the most unfulfilled potential his own doing. But also the very wise strategic move from the Romney campaign. To try and destroy Perry as soon as he got in the race he compounded the problem himself of course. If he thinks is way down here I think he may end up being one of the first to leave although I don't know the -- can we afford this weekend. -- our guys always getting New Hampshire on the spot outside Amy give us your order of finish 123 tonight what you think. Writes I'm gonna go -- Santorum and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well I saw -- kind of boring after -- after we just hear that academia have the exact same. Top three I'm sorry to say I'll throw Newt Gingrich in at number four does the try to differentiate a little bit with David go ahead close us out. Okay joining us -- a town hall and how that's right. -- influenced by. Sure there are no I don't I don't know that but don't -- certainly what does it all over the map when he does his predictions OK Amy Walter David -- and thanks for being here you guys are the center of the action on your -- York city back -- -- -- -- act with evil but. It got complicated -- -- were all in all my tonight.

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{"id":15281483,"title":"TopLine: Live from Des Moines on Iowa Caucus Day 2","duration":"0:32","description":"Yahoo! News' David Chalian says Mitt Romney will leave Iowa in good form.","url":"/Politics/video/topline-live-des-moines-iowa-caucus-day-15281483","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}