Take a tour of a Bedford, New Hampshire Polling Location on Election Day

ABC's Charli James shows what the process is like for NH voters in both parties.
11:40 | 02/09/16

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Transcript for Take a tour of a Bedford, New Hampshire Polling Location on Election Day
I'm Trey chains or here in Bedford New Hampshire if he did it is primary day couples. Open this morning and we're here the only polling location in that earn the high school and calling him. Outside here because this is the last chance for. I'm candidate supporters BC at trump supported their credit waving his signed this is the last chance for them to try to make an impact and I get. Get voters to swayed towards their candidate they are not allowed. To go after these doors though they haven't areas. Democrats. Hillary Clinton bring times. You know inside the polling station now New Hampshire. Here they have a high high numbers around 40% number of people who are London cleared voters are independent voters. If they can vote in it. Either the democratic foreign. You and on either democratic or Republican Alan. Those people answering. You're already rent. Haven't registered yeah. I'll later you can register on the day up. Oh inside and so it's still think it's him. But apparently he's. Voting Republican who's going democratic at least. Updating. As of 12 o'clock. Our. 24%. More votes cast for Republicans here and I talk to voters outside and that didn't. Haven't done. Stuart Little more Republicans. Than either the number of ballot. Absentee ballots be counted at 1 o'clock. The number here the moderating you're expecting. 12100. Not look at the system here. They're already registered in New Hampshire. That's where you would come into your name is one of these table. If you are registered as a Democrat you automatically get the democratic ballot if you're registered user of public opinion automatically. Alan. Comes into play you wanna be on declared that voters in New Hampshire and so you have to declare yourself out when. Here we're hearing everything you say that you want the Republican ballot for the democratic ballot and that automatically switch. He directs a Republican or registered stemming. And once. Yeah. And cast your balance. We're Adelson changed my affiliation. This seems to get out they can get up floating. Number twelve. Voters here are going through. Registration and voting that's very easy strength and then you can walk right down. Coaching the return on declared tape this is where. You again. Switch your affiliation again if you took the Republican or democratic ballot you are automatically switch to and he came. Please list that there. What the results of this is that. Mountain of AM a lot of voters in New Hampshire that consider themselves independent and better able to vote in either the Republican for the about it. On either democratic or Republican ballot. Interesting and unique rock yeah. There aren't very many stations that allowed. PlayStation network we're gonna take. Walk around me. I'm trying to talk to kind of moderated isn't all about yeah. I. Yeah filled my. One and he didn't moderator yeah. Well I explained to our viewers a little unique here in contempt. Until cleared. He turnouts. Today. In the beginning. This inspector. It's held off. However. Please regardless. Let me see your New Hampshire and that they are expecting a record turnout. Its primary if not record turnout in Iowa Caucuses. There is well a lot of excitement. I'm grounded. That's primary. So I also you guys are keeping track of the ballot meaning yeah. Look like the percentage. A Republican values. Generally more public. Area that produces a. Historically as a. And that's my number around them. Candidate have stopped by today actually when he showed up doctor but personally scared me I think anything other. Then we had done Jeb Bush was. Mark rubio. Okay. We're can't parties got up here. It seems like it's a real hotbed of action today on primary day. And could very well easy. Then again it sounds like that there are kind of up and down times and people coming in we'll work. I'm coming in at lunch from coming in again in larger numbers. At the end of the day the earth. Sleep but the parking lot isn't all it's been steady stream of people coming in and out here and that is. The larger pool. It is not effective. One didn't Saugus it's. Like wow. The very very small. Here this. He's yelling visited day. Polling location Manchester loans very small small round home. Definitely if this high school. It largely. Through its let's go to get a little more. Yeah I'm here. People right here actually in ending this. And New Hampshire indefinitely Notre Dame. How many. Here. And one of the things that he would do if they don't have an eighteen on my. We'll take a picture of you Constance Larry Klein and David that you aren't you say you aren't. And they didn't piece of paper it was her picture on news that it's not like the one time use. He's that they keep them included in your tiles that he's. Question about it. Voter Ronnie Brewer were not sending him. They have that picture some interesting. Yeah. There is the way on Election Day don't come on yeah. Temporary ones you. I cannot yeah. Lots of media here at the media. Mostly lined up along that strip here in the back. But it's anything that is not broken off by his client's home. So I didn't enter public space so. They are non. And he wrote that he. I think area food clothing and and we're also not allowed to speak to voters here and that they don't want people being pumped in. Same reason that. Canada and work outside they're not allowed to. The media not to speak with letters. Here we don't want people to feel pressured. There going into voting on. What I'm. Lying here and back. This line here this is. Are not registered and can register on the day. But you cannot change your party affiliation on the day out deadline he asks that you aren't registered. Republicans coming into here and you look up the ballot that you're going to yeah. And it works unregistered comment. Today. Register to vote and either stay here. Public and more on declaring its she's on the glared at and it's really you can't. Changed. He's back to. That's a little look at how the voting in the primary here. We're a little bit of EB trough that's. At this polling station but a nice little Mike Cox what's going on across the state today polls are open until 8 o'clock. Should be. Returns in yeah. I'm ABC news digital scene team he lives were starting. PM eastern tonight at CNN.

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{"duration":"11:40","description":"ABC's Charli James shows what the process is like for NH voters in both parties.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"36812288","title":"Take a tour of a Bedford, New Hampshire Polling Location on Election Day","url":"/Politics/video/tour-bedford-hampshire-polling-location-election-day-36812288"}