Take a Tour of Republican Debate Hall

ABC's Josh Haskell and Shushannah Walshe show you the inside of New Hampshire debate hall before candidates took the stage.
9:03 | 02/07/16

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Transcript for Take a Tour of Republican Debate Hall
Hey we're check back with our call the I think fast Haskell is still with us is that ranked. There he would got Haskell widgets on the wild hey guys older actor born ABC news guys what's going on in the debate hall. Hey on the indefinitely and accompanied by sure she's been I. She's been a big part of this whole process for ABC news planning. The questions and you know so much goes into a night like this. It's people are starting to arrive behind us and VIPs sum up very well know in Republicans here in the state of New Hampshire. Guess who else is starting to arrive some of the candidates so I thought I'd ash just what's going on in their dressing rooms. Which are sort of in the dungeon area of colonial try and show you guys gotten a little bit but. Just what is happening in the minds of the. Candidates right now but this isn't really fifteen times Josh we're past the point of cracks right I mean they're good about it. Steeped in such arguments I've been quite count candidates in their and there are some. Get ready I think it's even cast sheets I mean that's hockey. Sound but you know how and warning tonight. Every single on stage we know it's afterwards I tonight on Tuesday in New Hampshire primary mistakes can be higher. And on the earlier you were talking about undecideds and on that you were dying on that one Asch just how important of a night is this for some of the candidates that. He's sick and Jeb Bush a Christie that really kinda need those undecideds left in New Hampshire. Critical you know New Hampshire that theory difference it's. It's not just for receipt of an attempt primary. Voters when it was present at New Hampshire voters. Decide. Who decided that day they're good to vote in the Republican primary and so they're getting vote Republican or Democrat and so. Good morning to night. So how to Middleton. Got you guys on the deveny that I. Your question I have absolutely you know this is gonna be the smallest candidate few weeks United States seven candidates. Of course Huckabee sent former at all all dropped out after Iowa. This is also won the first debates in a lot of we won't have Carly you read up on stage so I want to know from shows what sort of difference that's going to be tonight with smaller field. And obviously the only Republican woman candidate race won't be there while. Yet should step and wondering about those seven podiums it's the smallest that we've seen no Carly Fiorina what dynamic will that bring. Of the seven candidates up there was less people. For the Republicans. Well I think it really shows just how you read and of this primary process in the park and these kids by far the most in morning. Seats on the ice seeking units out there for them I might consider all of them did is. Your blood on the floor by the and it's not because they have nothing to. Tonight and then choosy pro life candidates Dino. Coming to the fact we have added New Hampshire DD. And so they don't we. Anything on important. You heard about it you guys sort of right here live on the floor that for fifth loss I definitely. The practice could get nasty tonight blood on the war when he Rama. Hey that's not my getting a look around the debate I'm like this checking out what's going on in the final moment renowned as a little over an hour away. It started my network coverage look people it's starting with bill in the heat there but what else going on behind you. Yeah let's give a little tour if you wanna stick around shows an issue you institutional and engineering. Soon we're kind of in the cheap seats against you can sing. In his new. Macedonia I'll. Ladies and make sure they are lessons on Lindsay excited yes are. And ideals and even some democratic debates in. In his view boots and Steve will be seems. It didn't on the areas. He eyed peas and relief appearance didn't take photographs and training camp. We think can you didn't know him. Incident. Podiums with cancer when it beat. Yeah. Is dead center there we have trunk and then to his right you. That is this. Stages we continue to pay and guys would be looking out right now. So close to game time and sitting next morning. David Muir on their in their seats right there and we can CEO Martin reading often and getting prepared and it's become show you were a few weeks. Sort of a social. It's sort of a social scene right now. People in the crowd and I couldn't get tickets back to come and watch the debate in the room other then that family members and season. Yeah moving more it is. Surrounded by right now let's a maneuvering sure Cheney she's gonna. Okay. Huge what I bring you in an interview. Want to bring someone in right here show. I'm know we're gonna talk to some of these folks just want to hold this dog and it stands now. Exactly three and 100 evenly if you think good recap of what she said. About who live in that room it was a little hard to hear what makes everyone got that. Yet guy sure she was talking about us some of the Republican operatives some of the VIPs a lot of the family members of candidates we're gonna sit right in front of me. Right there here in the front row. And I want to bring in shoshone gentleman that she's been talking to to talk a who is here. I actually think. We've been doing this. He's amazing. I noticed. It's very exciting time. We didn't he added we don't work because so long you know it's like Christmas and now you wait wait wait. This really isn't. Every night and he. Union us. And chaotic. And he ends remarking. My meetings that. And there well first time. Save a lot of fun. That's what this would happen. Shearson are gonna walk back to our original location it should she's two some of our viewers. Walt woods just telling us how long been errors. Hearings. Also saying that. Stevens. And Clark have been working at the sting ended. And so we are ethnic science. Captain like eating. A great opportunity for the. When a senate backed armed and DeVon is beginning got a little bit of a two run right at this stage back when we started here. Where the debate's going to be taking place guys. All right that's Castro with our deputy political director of shop lost think people.

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{"duration":"9:03","description":"ABC's Josh Haskell and Shushannah Walshe show you the inside of New Hampshire debate hall before candidates took the stage. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"36775058","title":"Take a Tour of Republican Debate Hall","url":"/Politics/video/tour-republican-debate-hall-36775058"}