Town Hall Debate Tips for Candidates: 'Don't Look Like You're Bored'

Yahoo! News' Jeff Greenfield offers no-nonsense advice for Obama, Romney.
3:00 | 10/16/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Town Hall Debate Tips for Candidates: 'Don't Look Like You're Bored'
Jeff Greenfield standing by currently -- columnist with Yahoo! News guess you wrote an excellent column on Yahoo! today. Admitting that you use to -- candidates for debates. And that you wouldn't actually know how to advise the president going into this debate why is that. -- -- -- 151000 people are already advising Obama on Twitter and FaceBook so why have 151001 but the more serious point is. So much of the -- of the focus on a fumble was on atmospherics. That it's very dangerous. To try to coach somebody particularly somebody like the president who's not. Thinks this is how superficial thinks it's trivial and tried -- have him practice. No. Maintain eye contact what kind of smiled what is your body language like that's the atmospheric -- that I would find it really difficult to try to figure out because. They're going to be thousands of people Tweeter twittering and FaceBook in whatever. Looking literally by the way and I don't -- to Joseph Biden literally I mean literally at every gesture he makes and that's got to be a little bit off but. The harder problem for Obama is that you revert to my free pure condition is a political operative many decades ago. It's really all about who commands the room. Debates are always one by the person who basically drives the narrative. Who can link one question -- -- no other. Who can get the audience to understand whether it's in the hall or more importantly on TV and -- I understand what not just what the last question was about. But what the campaign is about. And that's extremely difficult to do and a town hall meeting when you get all of these disparate questions. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- An answer that is Chris much less confrontational. So -- -- funded -- very difficult task. The try to quote tell Obama what he must do. We'll just don't a lot of people say just be yourself. Yeah how you do it you don't beat yourself in front of fifty million people number -- and then in a very awkward stage sending my best. Yet it is the stupidest advise anybody -- And it -- usually follows twelve very specific things hold your head up and don't drink too much water. Don't look like you're bored don't look at your watch. -- empathetic -- try not to -- the candidate but but get to the camp Aaliyah and be yourself. The more tricky thing -- the other burden I think is. So many people talked about Obama's bad performance. That I think they tended to under rate -- -- good performance. And to the extent that Romney in that one debate in and the previous questions you -- to Sam are really on point I'd never -- a debate that had the impact. That this -- it is a race so much of of what people had a problem with about wrong. That trying to remind people what they didn't like about -- if that's what the Obama campaign wants to do. Is there is very difficult particularly in this setting. So which -- which you drive the president to try to do is to frame the argument in a way that reminds people not that. Mitt Romney was awkward or left -- But that basically he is a candidate who doesn't understand how America lives that was the opportunity Obama -- in the first debate. But if -- if he's going to do anything. To get that back it's on a substantive basis it's not about. Tactics and trying to get his singer it's to frame an argument that says look -- may have. -- first debate but -- the person representing most of you that he's the person doesn't understand what you're going through temporary tough stuff. -- you're the perfect person -- popular as we head into this debate team minus two minutes thank you sir for your time we really appreciate it.

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{"id":17494436,"title":"Town Hall Debate Tips for Candidates: 'Don't Look Like You're Bored'","duration":"3:00","description":"Yahoo! News' Jeff Greenfield offers no-nonsense advice for Obama, Romney.","url":"/Politics/video/town-hall-debate-tips-candidates-dont-bored-17494436","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}