Traveling This Holiday? TSA's Travel Tips

Head of TSA John Pistole: Kids can keep shoes on; don't bring wrapped gifts.
3:00 | 11/15/11

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Transcript for Traveling This Holiday? TSA's Travel Tips
-- they were expecting a large number of people traveling over the holiday season. Thanksgiving coming up we're expecting perhaps -- -- 3% more people traveling than last year. And what people may see this year is different at the TSA security checkpoints -- are really two things. What -- the travel with the family and children twelve and under. You'll see a different type of expedited screening for the children under so for example to real people true -- and then have. Multiple passes going through security. In order to resolve any hot issues and the parents or guardians will be closely involved with them to do that. The other thing travelers may see is the privacy filters built in well over half of our advancing technology -- the scanners. And airports and so this is where they're simply generic outline of a person's. Traveler passing churning -- the -- right there after that you -- And then we just acquired 300 more of those machines. To have his privacy filters -- I was looking on. On Twitter over the past few days to see what people are saying that TSA from the number one thing I -- gone by this morning was TSA says don't bring your wrapped packages. Jeff's -- different screening technology and X -- -- and wrapped wrapped present gifts for grandma and the -- -- of course people can't do that but if there is this something an anomaly that has to be resolved. Then there's not too many ways the result none of them opening the package our recommendation is simply that if you can wait to get to destination to -- it. Then you won't have any issues. With the security checkpoints.

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{"id":14959830,"title":"Traveling This Holiday? TSA's Travel Tips","duration":"3:00","description":"Head of TSA John Pistole: Kids can keep shoes on; don't bring wrapped gifts.","url":"/Politics/video/travelling-holiday-tsas-travel-tips-14959830","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}