Treasure secretary testifies on Trump's taxes

As Democrats' deadline approaches for Trump's tax returns, Treasury secretary grilled on Capitol Hill.
6:24 | 04/09/19

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Transcript for Treasure secretary testifies on Trump's taxes
Last week we are well aware that the chairman of ways and means under 6103. 6103. Of the tax cut requested the presence tax returns. And we get into the issue of what that answer should be but. At first I think it's more important we talk about who should make that decision and with respect whether. More than that unit secretary should be involved in that decision. We are aware. And long standing delegation order. That the secretary to smack in involvement taxpayers specific matters. And that the IRS commissioner has that responsibility quote the commissioner of internal revenue chablis responsible for the administration. And enforcement of the internal revenue laws. In addition. This is not. A delegation that's easily revoke global. Federal law provides that if you decide not to delegate such a Pollard that decision that determination. Shall not take effect until thirty days after EUS secretary. Notifies the tax writing and other specified committees. So it racist this is question is whether a decision. To decide Estes. By yourself is appropriate in legal so let me begin with that and get your reaction as to whether an. You should be the one making that sort of decisions are. I'll first first only comment that they do look forward to talking about our budget. We're we're gonna get theirs I'm not surprised. Odd on this questions about it we get this out I want a surprising that first question. Did you did surprise me and the first question. Let me just comment that. First of all one to acknowledge that. We did receive the request. And as I've said in the past. One we received the request it would be reviewed. By our legal department and it is our intent to follow the law and that is in the process of being repute. On our regards to your let me just an action at this and meaner Jack I apologize. What part they reviewing whether in or whether you're office should be the one that makes the ultimate decision and they are they. We you mean whether or not you should make that decision as well sir. It was to be premature for me to comment specifically what they are reviewing or what they're not reviewing on. But I I I would highlight. K. I think issue you know the law calls for your request to me. As you've said. There is a tradition of delegating certain responsibilities are we just comment that it is my responsibility. To supervise the commissioner. But again I think it would be premature at this point. To make any specific comments. Other than as I've been consistent before and sank it is being reviewed. By the legal departments. And we look forward to are responding to the latter. Well. In case they're curious we can reference the treasury order all 150 gash ten. And section 6103. Which talks about the disclosure of the committees of congress on these points. And we go back. That was April 22 1982. The previous order dates back to. Saint Patrick's Day 1955. So it would seem that. The matters of who makes the decision. He is pretty clear. My concern is that we're gonna get past that point in the decision. As to whether to pass these. Will have already been made. But what let me ask you in the meantime. The White House chief of staff made his thoughts on this pretty clear. And be spoken. To the White House chief of staff or the president about this decision. I have not spoken to the White House chief of staff where the president about this decision. Has anyone from the White House talk to you about this decision. To me personally or to other people within my only you personally first. And two other people say I have not had any conversations with anybody in the White House about this issue English communication. I personally have not had any communication. With anybody in the White House although I want to be specific that relates to me and not everybody treasury OK so to your knowledge. Has anybody in the administration communicate with anybody in your office about this decision our legal department has had conversations. Prior to receiving. The latter. With the White House General Counsel. And did they brief US to the contents of that communication. Are they have not brief me to the contents that communication I believe that was purely informational. When you believe what was purely I believe that the communication. Between our legal department. And did the White House General Counsel was pre was. Information all that we obviously it read in the press. That we were expecting us so they communicated just to say expect answered that they talked about their views in any way shape or forest usually get mr. chairman I want to be clear I personally wasn't involved in those conversations. It again I wanna be very clear and not be misleading I acknowledge that their work. Conversations I am I am not briefed on the full extent those conversations. And I would also just come and those have been prior to us receiving the notice. Because these saw the handwriting on the law. We're gonna I think as you know what was widely advertised in the press beforehand so this doesn't exactly a state secret that we thought we'd be getting. I think this committee would like to now. If in those communications the White House expressed their desire to you or anybody else. And it's treasury what their views or how he should act on this matter says he could pass that I answer we've greatly appreciated. A pass on the mr. graves now.

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{"duration":"6:24","description":"As Democrats' deadline approaches for Trump's tax returns, Treasury secretary grilled on Capitol Hill.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"62276980","title":"Treasure secretary testifies on Trump's taxes","url":"/Politics/video/treasure-secretary-testifies-trumps-taxes-62276980"}