Trump addresses tax overhaul, health care amid spat with establishment Republicans

The president discussed his legislative agenda with former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger at the White House.
8:35 | 10/10/17

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Transcript for Trump addresses tax overhaul, health care amid spat with establishment Republicans
And there and just moments ago the president talking briefly with some reporters in the White House it was during a meeting with former secretary of state. Henry Kissinger you can see reporters there at the and trying to ask the president whether he still has confidence in his own secretary of state Rex tellers and the president said he did not mean to undercut. The secretary of state with recent comments. About. About Tillerson there's been a lot of rumors about ongoing tensions between the two men. The president also took taking lot of time to talk about. Upcoming health care legislation and proposals that he's planning to announce not a lot of specifics but he clearly still thinking about ways to move on health care. I'm Mary house parks and ABC's Washington here on how to bring in my colleague Catherine folders is there. At the White House Catherine you know the president supposed to have a lunch today with secretary of state tellers and and the secretary of defense. James mad as I mean these two men clearly talking around each other in the Pratt is is this going to be your rather awkward lunch. You know. I could imagine that it's going to be a rather opt or months now press. Were not allowed into that meeting there's not going to be a pool spray as you just saw with president before. Perhaps me before that well awkward awkward as that may happen there but what does what does a high Q comments it's it's pretty fascinating week. Think back to in you know we talked about the speed the more on comments that had been reported that. Secretary Tillerson reportedly caught the president a more on he. The president has dismissed that obviously adds them big news but what's fascinating that this IQ comment this morning and he says I think it's fake news. If he did that you know he's leading some room open for that saying you know I guess we'll have to. I compare IQ test bear announced he's almost asked that pretty much regularly at this point as you mentioned we've. Reported that there have been tensions between a Tillerson the president. And he's the most asked regularly at this point it is confidence and today's and yes. But Mary I mean I think you're right about that. About that lots that are going to be having today it's going to be fascinating to see what comes out of and if they are still on the same page. And one more feud that has been significantly more public and in really. Cattle that now at the level of absolute name calling the president and that's very senior Republican senator Bob Corker. You know people are talking reporters were asking the president about some of Parker's recent comments to. It covers the chair of the senate foreign relations Canadian so this week when he said he was worried. The president was leading the country. Toward world war three it really set off. Alarm bells here in Washington around the world 'cause we're talking about a senator who would be. Sort of in the note was talking to diplomats every single day in his position there anesthetic you've heard the president there pushing back against workers comments. Saying that he does not believe it obviously he's leading the country into world were three saying he thought that that. That the country was on the wrong path now but I was struck this morning and in the president. Again taking to Twitter again striking back against Parker. He has a new nickname for the senator. Hailed the he is and that new nickname is little Bob Corker and somebody else who make up a little as you know is Marco Rubio this is now on number two with sending name LI DD Elliott Valium. It's come about one. But he's I Internap that cash and little I don't all the little on gullible little hot. Little marker a little Bob Porter I mean you know we have a and all they ever air malice but is. Eight when he threw this morning I'm fascinated by the street when he said he referred to in the New York Times is unveiling New York Times he said they set Bob Corker up by reporting as conversation. I I know you but I'm clincher with the president has to. Gain from this week here because corker as you know has been publicly and come. And coming out against the president he knew the conversation was on the record I'm we know that the with a New York Times reporter said that one of uncork earth Angel is reporting. The phone call was recording the interview so. The press is essentially implying that you know if if Corcoran told that this was on the record which we know he did. And then he you know would've been more honest right so another very public feud here in the White House and you know. We're getting and in any indication from folks over here that the president you know let up fondness and in fact he probably. Still wants the fuel on the conversation and then mass coming you can speak to. A little bit here is that it corker is a significant vote especially on tax reform the president with ask. In that sprang. If he thinks that this use of this ongoing feud with corporate what it would affect actual form and he spent I don't think so but it remake of that. Adding I think I frankly think the president I think you're wrong here I mean we're talking about a very senior Republican senator. Who is set in the past that he is actually on willing to vote for any tax package that could increase the federal deficit. Mean this is someone that people on Capitol Hill. Believe respect he's very careful with his words so when he took to Twitter basically calling the president child over the weekend all of these comments about. About the fact that he believes that people close to the president are keeping the country. From devolved into absolute chaos mean he really struck a nerve at folks in Washington and it's been interesting to watch how many of his colleagues. Haven't haven't disagree it wasn't like Republicans an out and started. Dismissing senator Parker saying you know we don't listen to a great night. They've been very quiet and if anything they put out statements saying that it he's a friend and he's trusted colleague. Is so we're just seeing more and more. Apps salute division between this president and members of his own party very senior. Members of his own party on Capitol Hill. The idea that that would not in some way didn't get in the way of passing big Atlanta's lettuce add items passing. Tax or form I mean that's. That's just absurd I mean it is very very hard to do these big ticket projects without everyone working together. And that trading of what else is coming up today I mean it's a busy day for you guys there at the White House that the penguins' are also going to be at the White House and that's another big. Political topic that that this president has been weighing in two you know. Time and time again and again this morning tweeting about the NS now saying that maybe they should read. Look at how to and it now gets. Tax breaks because of this. Controversy with but players not standing for the National Anthem I'm stuck this morning how many people online. We're surprised the president was tweeting on that topic sports again. Athletes again but not for instance tweeting I'm deadly wire wildfires in California at not for instance tweeting on North Korea. Our what's the what's the topic but the mood there at the White House about big sports team coming our people expecting that the president is this as another opportunity exit. To talk about athletes and athletes was factored disrespect for the flak. Eighty you know I think he doesn't mean this the penguins visit political quite yet today. On he has been tweeting about the NFL earlier today. And tax breaks and frankly the man inside the White House right now suspect. He bit his eight kids want to continue talking about. The and it fell in the flat and National Anthem me you've seen he hasn't let up on that really in. In all of two weeks that you take this England's. The visit for example that you think about what the patriots also visited a few months back and in its players than it comes to that as well there was no mention of that in his public remarks. I would he eat at ten. To believe he went trying out some big this that political but. I don't out Heidi it's hard to imagine I think he'll still. He could possibly that's the question weighed in two. Wade into the and it felt abatement CNN when the penguins are here later today so I think it's that to be determined but I think it does open up that chance. For what I cannot announce something he frankly doesn't wanna stop talking about. As Phillies all of these conversations he's questions about his relationship. With senate Republicans his relationship with his own cabinet secretary of state Rex tellers and where the presidency this conversation going with sports in the NFL. I'm sure all those topics will come up today during a White House briefing in just a few hours and I think. Again at that event perhaps again at that event with the president and the penguins later this afternoon we'll be taking all of that life. Here on ABC news be sure to watch it will be breaking down the White House briefing like we do every time with the briefing around. Be sure to watch I'm Mary Alice park's right about my colleague captain fathers there at the White House thanks so much.

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{"id":50394094,"title":"Trump addresses tax overhaul, health care amid spat with establishment Republicans","duration":"8:35","description":"The president discussed his legislative agenda with former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger at the White House.","url":"/Politics/video/trump-addresses-tax-overhaul-health-care-amid-spat-50394094","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}