Did Trump do enough to beat Biden?

ABC News contributor Chris Christie: “It was a good night for the president. He did what he needed to do tonight.”
8:02 | 10/23/20

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Transcript for Did Trump do enough to beat Biden?
And we are back after the final debate. Let's go to our roundtable. Chris Christie, let me begin with you. Same question I asked Jon Karl, did president trump do what he needed to do? I think he did, George. In terms of his demeanor tonight, I think he ran a debate that was very strong. His demeanor was good. I think he was talking to the American people. And I think the other thing that I knew he needed to do tonight, which I think he did, was to show the contrast between the policies of his administration and what would be a Biden administration. So, for people out there who are listening who want to know what the choice is, I think they got a much better opportunity to hear that choice tonight. I think it was a good night for the president. I think he did what he needed to do tonight and what's possible to do in a 90-minute debate and I think the president did quite well tonight. Rahm Emanuel? I think Joe Biden was most passionate about the concerns and the squeeze on middle class families who are sitting at the kitchen table trying to figure out how to pay bills. And that passion of understanding, that intensity of pressure on families in a very intimate and personal way, really came through and you can also understand, he said, let's have a character debate and that's what's on the ballot. I think he understood, I'm going to be a president for all America. Trump for 40 minutes, he played to the script and the mask came off and the old trump was there. And I would also say that while the microphone was off, the camera was on and when Joe Biden was speaking, trump looked like a petulant child. And the whole time that split screen did not work for Donald Trump. And so, the mic may have been down, but the camera was on and was hot and his facial gestures did not work for him. At the end of the day, I also think this. The American people have made a decision about this election. It's about Donald Trump. The dynamics of that for the election, the architecture is set, clear and they're going to go making a decision about trump and whether Biden is an acceptable alternative. Let's take that question to Sara Fagen. Did president trump make it a choice election tonight? He did a much better job in this debate than the first one of making it a choice. And I agree with Chris. I think the president did quite well. But what the president needed tonight to ultimately change the trajectory of this race, was for Biden to make a big mistake and I did not see that. I thought the vice president answered himself quite well. He was forward leaning and at times addressed the American people directly, which I thought were strong moments. So, I don't think this race changes much. Perhaps we'll see a slight tightening of the polls. And I think that will help trump, I think the narrative shifts, it's helpful as the race closes for him, but he didn't get what he needed out of Biden tonight. Yvette Simpson? You know, I think Biden had his best night. He continues to get better and better in these debates. And the fact that he actually had time to clarify, to be empathetic, to even acknowledge some of his mistakes, I think is going to speak to a lot of people that might be on the fence about him. The real challenge is, the bar is so low for trump that the fact that he didn't have a fit and roll around on the floor means he had a good debate is ridiculous. I just want to call one thing out that I thought was really, really problematic. He said, I am the least racist person in this room, with an African-American female moderator. How divorced reality do you have to be to say something like that in the midst of a debate. So, Biden won overwhelmingly. I think trump was better than last time, but he just sounds ridiculous to most people who are looking for a real leader right now. Yvette, thank you. Matthew dowd, what changed? Nothing changed. I mean, it's funny that we're saying that Donald Trump did last time, we described him as a bull in a China shop, so, he wasn't a bull in the China shop. I think when this is all said and done, Joe Biden won this debate, because he raised his performance. Donald Trump raised his a bit. It wasn't as much of a foot fight and free for all and so that means that's to Joe Biden's benefit, when he's going into this ten points up with 50 million people who have already voted. Donald Trump did nothing to lower Joe Biden's favorability, so, this is is a net win for Joe Biden. Let's get some fact checks right now, as well. I want to bring in Cecilia Vega. There was debate over that whole family separation policy over the trump administration, those children who are now separated from their parents, over 500 children. President trump trying to continue to push it back on the Obama administration and their immigration policy. Yeah, that's been a go-to move on his front, but these 545 children, the reality is, are still, today separated from their parents. Despite repeated efforts to locate their parents. And the reality is, this is a direct result of what many believe to be that failed policy by the trump administration to separate families at the border. This is a -- nothing short of a travesty. These families cannot be located right now. The president was asked, what is your plan to locate and reunite these families. He started talking about the smugglers who we believes are bringing the children to the border. He said he will have a plan. I don't know how you go about reuniting these families when for a long time they've been running ads in places like Mexico and Central America, trying to locate people to no success. And the issue is that there are a record 32 million registered Latinos to vote and this issue could tilt the tables in favor of one candidate or the other in some swing states like Arizona and Florida. Cecilia Vega, thank you so much. Dan Abrams, we heard charges from the president, I think for a lot of people, they wouldn't no what he was talking about, the Biden personal corruption, hunter Biden. Most of those charges, unverified. Several misleading or untrue. Right. So, you've got the billion dollars plus from China, you got the $3.5 million from Russia. The key question there is, what's the link to Joe Biden? Right? You're talking about hunter Biden's business in China. Yes, hunter Biden was involved in a fund that raised a lot of money. That did invest in Chinese companies. Hunter Biden says he resigned from the company, says he didn't make a penny. Regardless, there's no evidence that Joe Biden got any of that money. Also, on Russia, that came from the senate Intel report, right? This idea that $3.5 million came from the ex-wife of the mayor of Moscow, et cetera. Again, the sourcing on that is a little tricky, because hunter Biden's lawyer suggests they've confused one company with another and hunter Biden wasn't actually involved in that company -- regardless, again, no evidence that Joe Biden was getting any of that. And because Joe Biden has released his tax returns, you can look and you can see whether he would have had any income coming from places like that. The one thing Joe Biden attacked president trump on, the Chinese bank account, of course, president trump says he just opened it to explore opportunities there. And the tax returns, as well. Martha Raddatz, you're in Pennsylvania today, you talked to undecided voters. Think this changes any minds? I don't think it did, George. And there's so few undecided voters. I talked to trump supporters, I said, what is it about president trump, they said they like his strength, they like it when he tells it like it is. Now when he tells it like it is, it actually, all the time, isn't like it is, but I think those trump voters saw the man they want and those supporting Biden and several of the trump voters I spoke to from 2016, have flipped to Biden and they said it's all about character. So, they saw the man they wanted. George? And they have already been voting in Pennsylvania for about a week or more. The lack of control over my business

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{"duration":"8:02","description":"ABC News contributor Chris Christie: “It was a good night for the president. He did what he needed to do tonight.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"73774752","title":"Did Trump do enough to beat Biden?","url":"/Politics/video/trump-beat-biden-73774752"}