Trump says bump stocks are 'gone' even if Congress doesn't act

President Donald Trump said he will ban bump stocks himself if Congress doesn't take action in a meeting with governors at the White House today.
4:26 | 02/26/18

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Transcript for Trump says bump stocks are 'gone' even if Congress doesn't act
I'm grateful to governor Rick Scott is here and we thank him for his leadership in the aftermath of the terrible tragedy in Parkland flow aren't. Horrible. Our nation is heartbroken. We continue to mourn the loss of so many precious innocent young lives these are incredible people I visited. A lot of but will turn. Our grief into action we have to have action. We don't have any action it happens. Weakness. Let's keep talk Keenan of the week goes by we keep talking. Two months go by all of a sudden everybody's off. To the next objective when it happens again everybody's angry and let's start talking again we have this we get a staff. By the way Bob stocks were riding that out I'm writing that out myself I don't care if congress does or not I'm writing about myself. You put it into the machine gun category which is what it is it becomes essentially a machine gun and nobody is going to be able it's going to be very hard to get him so we're writing out bombs. But we have to take steps to Harden our schools. So that they are less vulnerable to attack. This includes allowing well trained and certified school personnel to carry concealed firearm and it's at some point you need volume. I don't know that the school's going to be able to hire a hundred security guards that are armed. Plus you know I got to watch some deputy sheriffs. Performing this weekend they weren't exactly yeah. Medal of auto winners. Write the way they performed lose. Frankly disgusting. It will listening to what was going on the one in particular he was then he was early that he had three others. That probably. A similar. Deal little bit later at a similar kind of a thing. You know I really believe you don't know until you tested but I think I really believe I'd run and they even have I didn't have a weapon. And I think most of the people in this room would have done that too is I know most of you. But the way they performed was was really a disgrace. Second we must confront the issue of mental health and and here is the best example. Of mental health as kids at 39 red flags. They shoot it down they did not they didn't do anything about. That was really. A bad time I have to tell you nobody bigger for law enforcement and I am. But between. The people that didn't go into that school and protect those lives and the fact that this should have been solved long before it happened. Pretty said so we have to confront the issue and we have to discuss mental health and we have to do something about it. You know the old days we had metal institutions. In a lot of and you could nab somebody like this because you know they did they knew he was so Upton was off. How to know that people calling all over the place. You used to be able to bring him into a mental institution and hopefully he gets help or whatever. But he's off the streets. You can't arrest of my guest is he hasn't done anything but you know he's like a boiler ready to explode right so he's. He just you have to do something you can't put him in jail I guess this hasn't done anything. But are they all they should put him into a mental institute H. And we had them in new York and our government started closing them because a cost. Who would have to start talking about mental institutions 'cause a lot of the folks in this room closed their mental institutions else so we have no half way. We have nothing between a prison. And leaving them and his house which we can't do anymore. So I think you folks have to start thinking about third we have to improve our early warning response system so that when friends family and neighbors. Do warned the authorities about a violent or dangerous individual action is taken quickly and decisively looking ahead though one mother. You remember in Connecticut so horrible that she was begging. Begging to take her son in and help him do something anything he's so dangerous and nobody really listened to it. And he adept killing her. And and the rest you know what happened. It was a heart but she was begging. To do something about her roan son.

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{"duration":"4:26","description":"President Donald Trump said he will ban bump stocks himself if Congress doesn't take action in a meeting with governors at the White House today.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"53367853","title":"Trump says bump stocks are 'gone' even if Congress doesn't act","url":"/Politics/video/trump-bump-stocks-congress-act-53367853"}