Trump Campaign Gears Up for a Big Night

ABC News' Candace Smith is inside Trump Tower previewing what promises to be a big night for the GOP frontrunner.
5:10 | 04/27/16

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Transcript for Trump Campaign Gears Up for a Big Night
We mentioned already a huge night for Donald Trump the GOP front of three of those five states voting tonight have already on its way aren't it is at. Has been here in New York City outside of trump tower talking to supporters keeping an eye on the candidate and south Candace. It's gotta be celebratory and that there are no more war. Hi guys yes you're right inside out front to our children where we are right now thousands expected to speak your close after 9 PM. Eyewitness orders are actually on downstairs so they aren't interacting with the victory party like we aren't right now it's mostly breast. Boxing his visit Mack brown and we just heard the returns we gladly loan you directly subordinate until later today when they came up and immediately the celebration would put him. Okay if he were outside talking to some folks to I guess they were tried to catch a glimpse of the candidate or he left I'm 100 gallon while people out there calling you know. Can't exactly there are few fronts and rumors flying down already they try and Disney's net and tried to catch a glimpse of them right importantly the time when venturing gala at. Base outside one young man told me pretty exactly what he was solid for dogs from the committee voted formulas from Brooklyn you know that Donald Trump this representing his interests not the inmate suicides at the front person and injuring that the bomb. You ladies and I'm requisite pro Israel interests of the anti excited to be there hoping that he had a chance to meet when he's been with the items. Again I CD it's -- hear or see the gold plated to I would pure nickel plated escalators behind you inside the lobby at trump tower back. Guess it's working to spin the camera around a little bit and show us what what the scene is like there. Yeah a lot around a little bit so great and I very lives on the hour. That he's nothing alarming here you can keep his gold plated acting leader is of course that was the escalator where he made it very main entrance. A few months ago. Right there at that podium that's where Donald Trump is gonna stand in just a few minutes. Likely sitting at the time 100 in the right now he took a break from the campaign trail rarity most candidates don't do that. On this that high where he's being honored tonight actually but camping source tells us that this in an out. There's podium right behind as you see this American flag that will be in the shot all of tonight in did he looked behind me right here. You can see all of the price that are gathered. Suggesting here Donald Trump he probably won't take any questions. Will be here Jesse case against. Candidate and he can maybe not experiment and it needn't tell op and show us a little bit of the building because spreading and it hasn't been in nighttime hour. Nothing really speaks of the stylistic references that this man. Like the interior design of this building we think about. Like you said it's luxurious we're gonna get off of me for a second if you could just look at those elevators right there. Everything is gold plated this is in fact is you know it's they have anonymous tower named after Donald Trump. Even if you can't around you can see that escalator right there may miss escalator that he first came down. This famous waterfall. In big you might not be able to see if the right downstairs through that glass is where all of Donald Trump supporters are gathered right now. They'll come up a little bit later as we get closer to when Democrats actually delivers his remarks they'll link him on both sides. I'm earlier we saw Chris Christie come inside so you can placed a bet that he can also be linked to the candidate on the -- come up just excited for Donald Trump. And I'm sure he will be tonight having swept this three big states big victories tonight. Cicadas you've been embedded with this campaign now for for many weeks and seen it it is evident flow changed dynamic in the past couple weeks. I'd give us a sense of of what sort of changes you've seen just cents from one New York what kind of trouble we see tonight. In terms of tone style message. Well you hit the nail on the head back just a week elope the right here after winning the New York primary. Everyone said it was the Donald Trump that seems more presidential. Instead of lions take cruises and forget Hillary's reverts to his rivals as senator differences governor John Kasich an Everett the whole narrative that this is a new dollars up. In in the very next day we are right back to hearing all the bombast all the rhetoric that we've come to expect. But tonight I think you'll hear that song that we've been used as he makes no indication that he's been changing. I'm at his campaign say get out I'll be seen new members come in he's got in the campaign she called me in a court. He's Cummings Brian a lot of other super split them among them Chris Christie's former campaign manager Rick McKay we have Rick Wylie and Scott Walker's and campaign manager. It that you're seeing a campaign overall right now but what doesn't seem to be happening is that the candidate himself is actually changing the he's been dark from morning shows we're few weeks. But it seems like that's all changing tomorrow he's going to be a Good Morning America right an early 7 AM opinion be doing a couple of other cable shows as well. Also appearing at a town hall slightly tonight bring any of the same old Donald Trump. That brought used him. Taking advantage of the free media and less time spent so much money on ads the past couple weeks and I mean as well thank you can't it's so much.

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{"duration":"5:10","description":"ABC News' Candace Smith is inside Trump Tower previewing what promises to be a big night for the GOP frontrunner.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"38691036","title":"Trump Campaign Gears Up for a Big Night","url":"/Politics/video/trump-campaign-gears-big-night-38691036"}