Trump Claims He Won Both Popular Vote and Electoral Vote

Green Party's Jill Stein is requesting a recount of presidential election that is supported by Hillary Clinton.
4:00 | 11/28/16

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Transcript for Trump Claims He Won Both Popular Vote and Electoral Vote
Clinton Campaign announces one that Joel Stein's election recount effort and parent is child's not happy about that he went on until Linux not rain on Sunday night claiming Hillary already considered the Alexis that he would. What I want to pop the ball and many hits me it's. Then body illegally. There is no evidence anywhere anywhere. That anyone who voted illegally not. This but it does make the question come up. You said then the whole thing was rigged and so why not. Why not. Mexico that is not. What why you so upset about I was right and he still claiming all this mean imagine if you walk us what we'd be in the middle recap how do you get a lot of the. He was clay he's now claiming that he would have also won the popular vote but for these three million. A legal vote and what Maria FaceBook says let's assume that millions voted illegally how does he prove that those votes only went to Hillary millions of illegal votes could have gone to him. Definitely haven't they don't have a good thing about this says seven. Divisions are now stating that it's a lie. Right now they're saying with no evidence it's not true X which is what they should have been doing born here when he was lying in blue the fact that saved his life. And that's important surprise Clinton is jumping in the camp is jumping in on this I'm. I was surprised I get the wrong move for her. I am not saying it's they're not saying Indians gonna come of it nobody right what a weak stuff like white do it. Why don't I being dot kind of an American tradition is in and I mean. People vote and let's just make sure it was. A fat. This is the first time that I think we have. Actual proof that Russians hacked the Russian government hacked into the DNC hacked into emails were trying to be persuasive in our politics in this election and so close to say. That I'm not a conspiracy peers but who's to say there wasn't some sort of hacking going on there wasn't some third at. Pressing problems. I don't know why he doesn't just say you know why do whatever you want recounted if you want yeah I think and maybe he's frightened that they gonna find something and he really didn't win. I think he's I think keep track. Yeah he wants the votes recounted. Like people who support Hillary Clinton want the votes recounted the normal way and that nobody eating and getting to see nobody was freaking out we everybody accepted what she said when she comes in it was not right but someone else said you know I'm not one except there's debris body so we're not gonna accept and just so well if you look at them look let me tell why they haven't found I had to -- that the green pardon don't I don't know blow anybody right now want to make sure any candidate he's got what a stingy but yeah. She's. I think it Bob Powell. Candidate. Can't requests. Can requested that the recap this to this in Pennsylvania chop only led by 70638. Votes. In Michigan ten found that and I can't imagine him for a vote. It's hot and 22177. Votes. Until those races were very very close eye and that is your skin problem and she went on and on before saying that if trump. You know contested the election nor saw that you know didn't didn't agree that she you know what she wanted had one he's he's both idiotic that he should could and. She did Casey English he would not looking slipped she wasn't she could go looking for the acts. This got handed to her somebody you know what kind of sat on out of and I know I did I went. Don't you want to know what I care trump I would say do. I not say they're not. Never mind what the town just numbers or will it actually investigate these these act millions of Logan's. Now we only got till January to buyback now.

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{"id":43826011,"title":"Trump Claims He Won Both Popular Vote and Electoral Vote","duration":"4:00","description":"Green Party's Jill Stein is requesting a recount of presidential election that is supported by Hillary Clinton.","url":"/Politics/video/trump-claims-won-popular-vote-electoral-vote-43826011","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}