Trump continues to clash with Democrats after Mueller report release

Donald Trump said he's opposed to current and former aides testifying before Congress. ABC News' Kenneth Moton reports.
2:20 | 04/24/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Trump continues to clash with Democrats after Mueller report release
We begin with a power struggle between president trump and democratic lawmakers escalating in the aftermath of the mulled a report. In a new interview the president is making it clear that he doesn't want White House aides past or present to be grilled by congress setting the stage for showdown in the courts. Overnight president tribe wrapped up dispute would democrats' and a new interview with the Washington Post the president says he's opposed to current and former aides testifying. Before congress. Following the release a special counsel robber most report. The president telling the post complying with further investigations was not necessary saying there's no reason to go any further especially in congress where it's very partisan. Obviously very partisan the House Judiciary Committee has subpoena former White House counsel dom again calling him a critical witness about whether trump obstructed justice. But the president said Democrats should be satisfied with what began and other officials already told Robert Mueller meanwhile the president's son in law and senior manager commissioner is downplaying Russia's meddling in between sixteen election. Suggesting investigations into what happened have been more damaging than anything done by the Russians. You look at it what Russia did you know boys from FaceBook ads trying to sow dissent and do it and it's a terrible thing but I think the investigations. And although the speculation has happened for the last two years had a much harsher impact on democracy and a couple FaceBook has. But the Muller report found Russia did a lot more than bison FaceBook ads the report called the meddling sweeping and systematic spreading disinformation on social media. Along with the hacking of the DNC and Hillary Clinton's team. But commissioner suggested the Russian effort didn't amount to much. If you look at the magnitude of what they did what they accomplished I think the ensuing investigations. Have been way more powerful tool used. Speaking at the same forum Hillary Clinton said Russia's actions. Or an attack on our democracy. And the president is also asking his staff to boycott something else this year's correspondents dinner. The White House says no staff will attend this weekend. Last year comedian Michelle wolf face backlash of critiquing jabs at Press Secretary sir Sanders. Like dad I think she's very resort spa. But Steve Burns fat and Lindsay isn't bad ants to create up big smoky act. In response of the White House staff not attending the correspondents dinner the organization's president says quote we're looking forward to an enjoyable evening. Celebrating the First Amendment.

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{"duration":"2:20","description":"Donald Trump said he's opposed to current and former aides testifying before Congress. ABC News' Kenneth Moton reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"62595837","title":"Trump continues to clash with Democrats after Mueller report release","url":"/Politics/video/trump-continues-clash-democrats-mueller-report-release-62595837"}