Trump continues criticism of NFL

Trump doubles down on his comments about NFL players disrespecting the national anthem.
3:26 | 09/27/17

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Transcript for Trump continues criticism of NFL
OK let's move on to one last topic going into the iPhone before I let you go today this is something that continues to come back again and again before the president for the last several days. It's his take on the NFL players and their protests of racial equality by kneeling on the sidelines of the games. During the national income he was asked about this before leaving the White House earlier and here is what he had to say. Alex let me come to you first fund if the president continues to speak out about that even more forcefully continue to tweet about it. To people who White House I'm that this could be a distraction for some of their key policy agenda moving forward. I think that they see this is a winning issue I think it. They see what what president from his base feels about the country they see how patriotic they are they see. That that really that anger I think you can feel it if you don't have he's on mind circles. The people have when they see people dealing. During the National Anthem in filthy here today actually in the rally read we're he. The roads started to play the National Anthem in it was completely quiet you saw some members of the crowd looking around looking behind. But the press is if they thought that we might be kneeling or something. Com I just think that it's it's such be an issue that they think it will we'll they'll come out on top. That and it why backed down it's pretty much trumps. It's good it's his jokes you. Real strategy to win when he's basically if he feels like he has the political upper hand he will not back down. Mary Alice that's your take on this he talked to a lot of folks on the hill does anyone feeling this is something the president needs to move away from. There are plenty of Republicans that would like to focus right now on taxes they know that they have to get a legislative win at any distraction hurts them. You know I was struck yesterday by the attorney general Jeff Sessions giving that speech at Georgetown talking about the need. For free speech he was arguing that conservative voice and had been. Silenced under attack on college campus says and it led many of the professors and students there who really. Of shacks really let them dumbfounded. And I think that this administration runs the risk of looking like they care about the first amendment rights of some. That agree with them politically. And they just do not need that kind of political debate back kind of distraction if they want to move ahead with these big legislative items. It's funny one thing we can say for sure is that this coming not the last you've heard from the president. On that issue but Alex now on out there on the road in Indiana Mary Alice parks in our Washington. Thanks I'm. And thanks to all of you for watching as well we're everything Anytime for continuing coverage of all of these stories for download ABC news apt get all the breaking news and headlines right to your phone. For now I'm on an Abbas and I see you back here soon.

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{"duration":"3:26","description":"Trump doubles down on his comments about NFL players disrespecting the national anthem.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"50139187","title":"Trump continues criticism of NFL","url":"/Politics/video/trump-continues-criticism-nfl-50139187"}