Trump continues to push for country to return to 'normal' life

The president remained committed to restarting "normal" life around the country, though notably he said it would only be "sections" during a White House briefing.
14:09 | 03/25/20

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Transcript for Trump continues to push for country to return to 'normal' life
America continues to gain ground in the war against the virus. I want to thank the American people for answering the call following our guidelines and making these sacrifices required to overcome. This terrible threat. More aggressively we commit to. Social distancing. So important social distancing such an important phrase. And we do it right now. The more lives we can save and the sooner we can eventually get people back to work. Back to school and back to normal. Had there are large sections of our country probably can go back much sooner than other sections. And we're obviously looking at that Olson. People are asking is that an alternative say absolutely it is an alternative. I have now approve major disaster declarations for New York. California Washington Iowa Louisiana Texas and Florida. That has great significance as you know and legal significance. We're in a constant. Grouping and night I can say this we have a large grouping of people that does nothing but communicate with. And the various officials including. That we've been spending a lot of time with New York officials because that really is by far the hottest spot. There's got. Number very tough weeks ahead of them. The governor's doing a very good job I spoke to the governor Governor Cuomo last night and destroy. And he mentioned that. In his remarks that he's. Using the that we are using them I think he feels dizzy understands negotiation. He thinks we using very appropriately the defense production act. And we are we're using it where needed. It's a great point of leverage it's a great negotiating tool. But I've really I will tell you this tremendous spirit from people and tremendous period. With respect to. These companies. And I don't have to use it very much at all. They want to do it as you know General Motors is involved forwards involved three m.'s involved others are involved in their role. Working very hard to produce products different all different drugs. Now we had. Very little product will we came we built it up and we've we give it away as fast as we can to the different states. Who also is you know building numerous hospitals and medical centers. Through. Certain areas in New York it's at the convention center in the javits convention center. Doing four hospitals and we doing throughout the state for medical centers there somewhat different. I want you to know that I am I doing everything in my power to help the city pull through this challenge are looking very heart of New York it's really by far. Our biggest problem may be it will be may be won't be. But there's a lot of good capable people working on it with us in our teams are working very well with the state representatives. We're also doing. Some very. Large testing throughout the country. I told you yesterday that. And South Korea and this is not in knock in anyway because. I just spoke with. President moon lit a very good conversation about numerous other things. But. They've generally good job but testing but we now are doing more testing than anybody by far. We do more in eight days and they do an eight weeks and we go up when a daily basis exponentially. So it's really good to have by the way while I'm on it I'd also spoke with prime minister obvious. Japan last night and I congratulated him when a wise choice it's going to be fantastic Olympics when he when he won. I think it's going to be a fantastic Olympics it was the absolute right decision to delay it for a full year and now have a full beautiful Olympics it's going to be. Very important because it's probably the first time. Maybe ever certainly in along time that it was owned. Yes odd year. It's always an even year they tell me. But he's gonna have a fantastic success and now that I've even more time he didn't need any more time everything was perfectly ready what a job they've done. But you pay and I want to congratulate you and the IOC. And their prime minister Robbie on a great decision I think it's going to be fantastic. Olympics I tell them I'll be there will be there. As we fight to protect American lives we are also protecting American livelihoods. Democrats and Republicans in the senator very close to passing. An emergency relief bill. For American workers families and businesses this legislation in addition to the two bills. I signed this month that includes. You know sick leave. We have all sorts of things and for the workers her family's. But we have the tremendous. Paid sick leave provision. For workers at no cost at all to the employers. And it's a big thing no cost of the employers who I get everybody back working. Together this 2.2 trillion dollar. Legislative package is bigger than anything. I believe ever passed. In congress. Perhaps relatively speaking in. If you go back look during the FDR's new deal days there was something. That if you time value and you could say it was bigger I don't know that this is certainly in terms of dollars by far away the biggest. Ever. Ever done and it's a tremendous. Thing because a lot of this money goes to jobs jobs jobs and families. Families families. The senate bill as you know includes 350 billion dollars in job retention loans for small businesses. With loan forgiveness available. For businesses that continue paying their workers they continue paying their workers as well we what we want them to keep their workers and pay their workers. This while businesses keep workers in the payroll little our economy to quickly accelerating as soon as we defeat the virus. 300 billion dollars in direct cash payments. We'll be available for every American citizen earning less than 99000. Dollars per year. That would be 3400. Dollars very quickly for the typical family of four. Nothing like that's ever been done and our country. Up to 250 million dollars in expanded unemployment benefits the average worker. Who has lost his or her job will receive 100%. Of their salary. For up to four full months. I'd like normal unemployment benefits independent contractors and the self employed will be eligible so you have independent contractors. And self employed people. Will be eligible for this. Over 100 billion dollars to support the thorough work of our doctors nurses and hospitals have been incredible. 45 billion dollars for disaster relief fund so we are setting up a fund up 45 billion. Dollars for disaster relief. That's more than doubling the amount available to support my national emergency and disaster declarations. It's a doubling up. 27 billion dollars to build up these strategic national stockpile. With critical supplies including masks respirators. Pharmaceuticals. And everything you can imagine. Because it was simply depleted collect our military was depleted now we have a brand new military. Nevada military like this we have. Cook indeed they're coming or it's. Already come for the most artists already Kumble we have a lot of things that we'll soon be coming planes. Missiles rockets lots of things. But the end stockpile was very depleted. Like everything else. This will also include significant funding for the development of vaccines on top of the eight billion dollars we. Approved several weeks ago. Over 500 billion dollars in support for the hardest hit industries. With a band on corporate stock buybacks which is something I insisted on an. Frank glad to the Republicans. One of that and the Democrats won a who wanted to use the money for the companies in the plains so whatever they may be helping to you know this. Rough patch. And I don't think this can end up being such a rough patch I think it's gonna when we opened specially we can open the sooner the better. It's gonna open up like a rocket ship I think it's gonna go very good or very quickly. And you're gonna have some tough new limits on executive compensation are also. They need the money. They gonna have to sort of just make things work. Because we're interest in the workers to jobs. And we're just in the company's because that's really what what feels the workers in this Greenwich hopes. We also sixteen billion dollars in funding for the purchase a personal. Protective equipment. You know about that such as masks and respirators through the strategic. National stockpile. I encourage the house to pass this vital legislation. And send the bill to my desk floor. Signature without delay I was signed and immediately we will have a signing and it'll be a great signing and a great day for the American. Worker and Fluor American families. And frankly for American companies some of which were. Having the best years they've ever had. His last few years and then. Little bit. Less than a month ago. They went into a position that they haven't seen because of the hidden enemy that matters. Earlier today I spoke to leaders of many of America's amazing nonprofit organizations I thank them for there. And waving and unwavering diversion to American. People American families. To our nation. And did they have been fantastic they've been collecting supplies distributing food supporting health care workers caring for. Vulnerable workers. And families I encourage them to continue to do it but OK the nonprofits have been fantastic have been great they're great people actually. I know a lot of them finally I want to provide a brief update on the critical supplies. Through FEMA the federal government is delivered overs in the process of shipping nine point 4000000 and 95 respirators. Think of that nine point four million. Twenty million surgical masks and we have others. That we think are going to be delivered pretty quickly the whole world you know it's not just us it's not just. The states the whole world is trying to get these things will come in competition with. Many many countries. I believe today you broke 250 mark for the virus we have a 150 countries over a 150 countries we have this. Virus. And nobody would ever believe that they like that's possible nobody could have ever. Seen something like this coming but now we know what we know it can happen and happen again and David does. Somebody going to be very well prepared because of what we've learned and how we've done it's been incredible we've done. Remember this more tests than anybody by four. And the news the reporters the media it was like to bring South Korea they called me and they tell me it's amazing you're testing procedures are amazing. Plus we have a test sets of ground level test. It's a test that's very accurate. Three point one million face shields two point six million surgical gowns fourteen point six million gloves and almost 6000. Men to lenders. Which go to the areas of greatest needs we sent. Over the last day 4000 ventilate is to New York. And I spoke with. Governor about that he was happy I spoke with the mayor also. About that matter to blah Zia whose very happy. It's hard not to be happy with the job would do it that I content throughout this national emergency. Every day heroes continue to step forward and demonstrate the extraordinary character of our nation including the people behind me by the way. These people are amazing. They are amazing people and they become. I don't know maven she just speak for myself to believe they've become friends maybe they'll likely maybe you know maybe they do I don't know I can tell you is it. This talented people they work very hard. And Merrill and a seven year old boy used his own birthday money to buy meals for dozens of senior citizens. In Nevada. State college student recruited an idea of our friends to help deliver groceries and supplies. To the most vulnerable does happening all over the country thousands and thousands of instances I could stand up here all day and tell you about other things in Minnesota. Hundreds of medical students have volunteered to provide child care for hospital workers helping to keep our doctors and nurses on the front lines. Fighting to save lives. He's inspiring Americans remind us that. We all have a role to play and winning this great national battle and it's really a worldwide battle we're dealing with other nations. All the time that the people here are I am a little bit. They take calls don't lot of people they're in trouble lot of countries are in big trouble.

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{"duration":"14:09","description":"The president remained committed to restarting \"normal\" life around the country, though notably he said it would only be \"sections\" during a White House briefing.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"69803114","title":"Trump continues to push for country to return to 'normal' life","url":"/Politics/video/trump-continues-push-country-return-normal-life-69803114"}