Trump continues on tear against McConnell over health care

Trump responded to Sen. Mitch McConnell's comments about the president's "excessive expectations."
7:32 | 08/10/17

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Transcript for Trump continues on tear against McConnell over health care
In one of the feud that very few people thought we'd be seeing play out very publicly. Somehow the senate majority leader and the president are going at it look at let's check get a quick SoundBite now. From Mitch McConnell and and talk about on the back feared it. Now we're according and Islam over. Before. And expectations about how quickly things. And you know right rob. And so part of the reason people like her. I. Germany's are visual. Related to the reality complexities. An important. Arlington. He loved while Sunday. Guys excessive. Expectations. Now we've heard from McConnell spokesman that the two. They say they speak almost daily but mr. trump took to Twitter in response Rick I'll let you take it away from there. OK so I trump did. But to my mind I still in his basement or fair look what McConnell benefit. We'll look McConnell McConnell goes out and says he say he's a bad guy or he's wrong or he's reckless reasonable energy looser not that. He does it take its expectations he eat it is not a single policy is that ethical judgment any anything he says he did wrong he's ready as members cover he's got his defeat to vote. Majority during artery wants to make them feel like. The business community we're gonna keep them on board and trump comes out and says Stewart skewers them over over his leadership of the United States that to me is. A little out of a little further than you think now we also monitor how autism tweet back. Now that it's not really that's the way that Mitch McConnell plays that big picture here Mitch McConnell is probably not the person the president wants to be picking a fight. He is the man who holds the key to any legislative agenda that the president is hoping to push through. Well respected Republicans up on the hill is the man who really in many ways holds the president's agenda in his hands. For the president to be out there publicly skewering him saying that he you know helping not get healthcare done after seven years now it's are opened up this school health care bowling game. You're seeing play out you know through interviews on television your Twitter is everyone's weighing in at. Over the recess and there is some truth to this confident. Expectations setting expectations brought in here a lot of grumbling on Capitol Hill about these deadlines that Republicans put on themselves why did the dude is why did they set themselves up for these deadlines only to see them come crashing down over and over and over again but. As I used you don't it's hard to see how this blame game playing out this publicly this time finger point how it ends well. Frat party. So Catherine get in konduz now could that it's them very well crafted Washington DC shade that didn't go down and well with the president how does this move forward from here. Oh look and I don't Simonsen that the two of them I was having a source earlier actually spoke on the phone after. Mitch McConnell made these statements the president. Expresses disappointment Mitch McConnell over the phone in his comments he said he was gonna move forward on repeal our placement and I'm also took to Twitter to attack an hour after they had a conversation I have to tell you just thirteen minutes ago. The president we didn't know about Mitch McConnell and I'll read it to you it says in the midst get back to work and repeal and replace. Tax reform and cuts in a great infrastructure bill on my desk for signing you can't do it explanation why if that's so. Still on his mind and him in this I think he's you know just following a lunch with vice president Mike Hanson's up here for the day so. You can imagine what they're talking about I'm shore this came up I'm sure they're discussing. Tax cuts regular place infrastructure. So we still on his mind of course as this North Korea differently as you. Walks into his security Britney but I have to say we have back. It's it's really gotten under his skin as Rick notes it wasn't that it's a bottles is a loser what ever he just. Really late expectations on the table and the president to take it throughout and it you know it's on his mind so maybe. We'll hear from him on that today again I like the ancient tongue there right like you can do it now. So you can do it exclamation point and. Remember that there is believed to go around and we site in this morning some pretty. Republicans coming out in thing you know the president bear some responsibility here too when it comes to that failure. Republican votes to repeal and replace obamacare and get back to work I mean I park are well. Like arts are comfortable Connolly now they're not certain that we believe. That phone call came while on the golf course not making out trump talk about get back to work and in to get to the point of work I suppose and it is what. He gets the concept of war with senate Republicans are focused on all where they could default on national witty need to keep the government open. Right now North Korea after stock nuclear showed up about work you. Think the president would things to do but that while Mitch McConnell about these the and by the way. I don't know anyone including president trump who knows how it would've gotten extra vote on it went up abruptly. These were lost that vote you had your. Your your your cabinet secretary threatening a lasting with retribution. John McCain was of course the critical vote never apologized saying he's not here. So I think that this confirms a sense on Capitol Hill president trump. Doesn't have this image and in mind and honestly could become relevant there they're going to you mr. Connell. You've been seeing that that subtle shift over the last few weeks of Republicans you know no longer shying away from they're putting their foot down when it comes to certain things that the president has been saying and doing and you mentioned. That want to do it and to keep that light solid in the next few weeks after breeze that debt limit and they want to turn to tax reform. Health care I mean they're still working on but it is very much on the back are the president wanted to be aiding and abetting here he would be tweeting about tax reform our air encouraging people to do a clean. Raising of the debt ceiling not yet a scolding Republican leaders for not doing enough on health care. I think that. Congress it is in the interest six months into president can. And there in the same party acting like that he. Is Donald Trump a manifestation. Of the third party within the United States I think I needed something to that I think it use to me a lot of Republicans this thing. If that was never a Republican. Party. And he isn't the future of the Republican Party he's running against the Republicans now. I think they all understand using these guys foil plant design and right it's congress totally totally understood what this is the this is his party whether elects not and they had control of Washington and they don't swim together they think again. You know the better course they need to get accomplished what they. Aren't the same goals but you mentioned start. You know. Frustrating Republicans on capitol they certainly can let through some legislation that Nina fever. What is he getting any become quite ugly and get clobbered Republican. And named the yeah her earlier.

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{"id":49138724,"title":"Trump continues on tear against McConnell over health care","duration":"7:32","description":"Trump responded to Sen. Mitch McConnell's comments about the president's \"excessive expectations.\"","url":"/Politics/video/trump-continues-tear-mcconnell-health-care-49138724","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}