Trump doubles down on attacks against Democratic congresswomen

Trump stands by his comments he made about "The Squad" while distancing himself from his supporters who chanted "send her back."
31:43 | 07/19/19

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Transcript for Trump doubles down on attacks against Democratic congresswomen
Happy Friday welcome to the briefing room coming to you from the Washington bureau BBC news I'm John San Tucci a busy week. We have had here in Washington still reeling from the comments president trump made sweeting it over the weekend then repeating it at his rally earlier this week we're gonna dive right in there and that's what we're gonna start. Where does this go now moving ahead to the twenty funny election with the president said about four members of congress that they should go back to where they came from. We know the president is now distancing himself. From those remarks in part but kind of going back towards them again. In a morning tweet let's bring in ABC's Meredith McGraw she's over at the White House has been following us following that story with still Meredith. Catch us up because this feels a little bit like a week of ping pot we know that he's started on Sunday continued at the rally when. The president's supporters chimed in chanting wind ham. Where are we at the moment because now from his tweet this morning I'm confused I think some of our viewers are tale. That's a fair comment to make John this feud between presidents from been used for a democratic congress woman of color has con content as you sad for. Now almost a week the president course tried to distance himself from. His own comments that then this morning heats pleaded again and targeted specifically congress when an ill Heine Omar and he's sad day. I say in most recently over in the Oval Office that she should be quote Lackey to be in this country of course she's a naturalized. I US sit ins and even criticized her homecoming in wit her supporters and Minnesota at. And meanwhile chorus of people including most recently German ally. On glamour called I have sad that these comments just don't reflect American values but they'll the president he likes the fight and he seems to have found. A oil and congressman I'll hunt Omar and he made his continued. Two push this controversy day after day. And merit he mentioned we heard from the president earlier in the Oval Office leaving hearing room on several occasions say he's in speaking. To reporters on the South Lawn of the White House is well let's take a listen for the president's been telling the press. Against Israel. Had other things beyond sanctions. So what I hear that. You just can't talk about our country that way. Had what people are angry at them I fully understand it. I don't know it's good or bad politically I don't care. But what people are thinking so badly when they call. Howard country garbage. They get that. That's worse than deplorable. What they call our country garbage I don't care about politics out of David good or bad about politics many people say it's good I don't know if it's go to bed. I did that yeah this. You can't duck that way about our country. About what I'm the president self I think they've said horrible thing that there had Dyson mad at. And you look at the cat is that visit made about Israel it's that this. They have first amendment rights but that doesn't mean I'm happy about them today at where they say bad things about five. We get is certainly built at a dead we have First Amendment right don't we can certainly feel what heads at what we walked in. Save big. So what enemies begin with the UK. Add this it only goes to show what I'm saying about. Iraq. Trouble nothing but trouble. Remember there's the agreement the ridiculous agreement made by President Obama. It's buyers at a very short period of time it was a short term agreement. What you're dealing in countries you have to Dillon fifty is that a hundred years you don't deal and they feel like there. Always are ridiculous agreement. Credit goes to show you I was right about Iran. At all let's see what happens but I doubt that. It's not American ship its UK guess that they what did they do. As well be speaking of that they have a new prime minister Cummings and that's a good thing that you day. Go ahead in the. I've America but not. I believe all people are great people I believe every what is great. But I love our country and I'm representing our country had people can't go around speaking about our country and saying garbage. This is the greatest country in the world. We now have the strongest military by far we had a depleted military when I did go over. We spent 716. Billion dollars last year 700 billion dollars a year people we have a great. Powerful military more powerful that we've ever had before. We have the greatest economy on not even close. You can't speak about our country the way does book targets that. They said garbage they say things about Israel that so bad I'm not a veteran beat up right now. They can't get away with that fact I'm not the right. President trump right now speaking. On the South Lawn at the White House president asked about oh on Omar Andy three colleagues up on Capitol Hill they call themselves the squad. President of course getting into a battle them is also ask. About the news on out of Iran that Iran's claim to seize a British oil tanker would have more on that story Fannie BC's world news tonight with David Muir Martha Raddatz will have the latest there but going back to the top of the president's remarks. And his attacks on ill on Omar right do you want to bring in look friend and colleague of ours I Tom Hauser he's the chief political correspondent a KT SP. Tom you were there last night as the congresswoman but came back home to Minnesota really receiving I hero's welcome. When she was there are greeting her constituents. Give us a sense Thom for those of us that we're not in the room we've seen some of the footage we so mean some of the videos that you posted. Up on your Twitter feed. What are you getting. From the congresswoman is constituents about what they think about this battle going moment the president right now. Well John it was it was clearly a spontaneous. Grieving for her it was organized. A loosely buys some FaceBook posts and some emails that were sent out saying hey her flight gets in around this time. Come out to the airport if you want to greet her in a least a couple of hundred maybe more maybe a little less it's it's hard to say because they rolled Jane to jammed into the baggage claim area at the airport. But they were there to genuinely. Would welcome her back to Minnesota. After everything she had been through for a few days. Based on the president's remarks and the crowd in North Carolina chanting to send her back essentially back to Somalia. Where is she pay it came from many years ago. And so it was really kind of an outpouring of support from her very hard core supporters here in Minnesota that is not to say. There are not opponents of all Mars here in Minnesota because there certainly are she is one of the most. Move politically complex. Politicians I have ever covered. Here in the state of menace out. Well as far as what the president was just ass on the South Lawn Tom one of the questions he was asked remember the press was do you believe there are any political ramifications. For this battle he's waging against Omar and are three colleagues like I mentioned the president saying I don't know and I don't care. What do you think as far as this state for what you're seemingly EUU cover Minnesota we rely. On so many of our affiliates around the country to give us that fee on the ground right now the senator. From an Arizona Minnesota Amy Klobuchar is 120 funny presidential candidates. On the democratic side what how do you think this is resonating. Broader. Across the sea in Minnesota. Well it is certainly firing up the democratic base here in Minnesota and remember Minnesota has not voted for a new. Winning Republican candidate since 1972. Richard Nixon's second election since then Democrats have run the table in Minnesota president trump. Came very close in 2016. To winning the state he came within off point and a half. And even just this morning he tweeted. That he thanks because of the polarizing views of L on Omar. He thinks that gives him a good shot at winning Minnesota in twenty when he. But what this feud with the congresswoman might be doing is firing up the democratic base which is. Pretty large here and Minnesota. And it may not be of firing up the Republican base as much as he would like it too although I'm sure there is a certain element of that. But you gotta remember there are more Democrats in the state. Then Republicans so he's got out walk a fine line here because. Go on Omar did win her district with 78%. Of the vote that's not to say she would get that much if she was running statewide but she is very popular. In her home district in Minneapolis. She is and I do you remember at the end of the Tony sixteen campaign Tom and I'm sure you will too the president's team for one moment thought they had an opening. In Minnesota that's why they added a rally there right before voters headed to the polls in November Tom Hauser good friend of ours a cheap little coarse morning. Correspondent KS TP thank you very much Tom and have a good weekend. Going to go back over to merit McGraw over at the White House who's been following everything happening over there today Meredith. The president is making his way up to bed minister New Jersey had to go enjoy a long weekend. At his golf club there but one of the things that you've been tracking along with our team is that when he comes back comes back next week. He does have another battle ahead of him. That's right the clock is tick keen eyes the White House and members on Capitol Hill have until this Friday July 26. To console an agreement on some sordid deal to raise that that feeling and why is not important while the Treasury Secretary says. That they might run out of money if they don't. Raise this debt ceiling by September. Now I Treasury Secretary menu each and had been negotiating with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi about says. And just the other day he fact that they did reach a deal to raise the debt ceiling. Eyes and also they reach budget Hapsburg fiscal year 20/20 and 20/20 wind to keep the government running but stealth. These negotiations. Have not been finalized and with time running out a lot of people are very concerned if this could end up leading to government shutdown president trump an Oval Office says he's optimistic. But still a lot of questions remain. Long week ahead that deadline of course on Friday of next week one week from say merit McGraw over the White House thank you Meredith thank. Coming back inside did bureau we of course are following on the ongoing crisis down at the southern border wanna bring any BC Serena Marshall who's been. Monitoring this for us is Serena. We saw the weak start with the acting secretary of Homeland Security Kevin Maclean and down the border Torre's facilities he's back down there again today yeah he's joined by Carly. Is doing my colleagues it's kind of deja Vu but does this coming John we'll probably see a lot of in the coming weeks. That acting at department of Defense Secretary also down there at the border this comes as the DOD has agreed to send more troops to assist Customs and Border Protection agents. And this also comes as there is a bipartisan. Congregation from Capitol Hill members of the house and senate down there are also getting a toward the border in those Border Patrol facilities. But remember as you said earlier the week started with the president making those comments. Ballots and go back to where you came to brown that damages resonate with members of congress. But also so many who live in the United States we're dealing firsthand this immigration issue I spoke to coach at a local coach in the community is live in the US for more than twenty years as undocumented. And the father of a US finesse and here's he had to say. But eyes this year green bottles. Going I'll bring home all mall all the people. We're all consular seeking won't all home. So there isn't we'll hopefully see all keep our quality you're songs general security and mall. And or community is required since before I didn't and in is somewhat I think owns. And you have a fifteen year old son I mean how does that making him field to have this fear about his father are being deported. I think we're mules also were not sleeping in the nick you're all we. Asked getting you know all and then Wheaton. Well how all our movements is a must slow down. And because we don't know what happened tomorrow. There are people wanting this you'll say you came to the country without its legal paperwork here and documented seeing should've followed the rules and come the quote unquote right way what do you tell those folks. Our NBA NRA plus I don't. Are being diesel fortune he had AP article about moral. Won't be in debt doesn't. I don't belong the lack or whether my lack mark Clinton and easy it is the solved. This tunnel tolls so they won't. It's not life in my family's life prolonging. We don't know exactly what she learned a lot to. And coach for those one chain might not understand the fear that you're living in the fear that your sons' living in. Would he want to tell them. We own. On the winter meeting or what is she reached EMS. Montes Hongzhi and disorder can the courts you who. It also blows. While comparable with enemy sees this as a whole. All CNN reported to get out and where we're don't know. All are being critical Lamar culture for so many here the Ohio anymore and he. Since making that person or what little novelties it can open I didn't go to some more people. Well of course come out of that can mean I'm an outlet out what it something you don't. An initial legal entities in rubble news in dorsal. We hear we contribute to these constant. And done that's an undocumented immigrants you'd like he said came to this country but they're also big changes to asylum law this week the administration announcing. That they're going to change the way the process works no longer can you claim asylum and the border if you pass through a third country that also offers a silent meaning all of the Central American refugees coming across the border would no longer qualify for asylum and donor there is big implications there. So want to bring in that had a manager of the child migration. And policy at UNICEF to join as here. Hi it at a time how are you that thank you for joining us today hi thanks for having it. And can you just Tonto was a little bit a bowel how all of what we're seeing at the border it compares to a refugee situations worldwide. So I think. And so they give a little bit of context UNICEF the UN children's fund works in over a 190 countries around the world. And protecting migrant refugee children is one of are apps the priorities. And it's a lot bigger than just what's happening at the southern borders so globally there are 31 million children. Around the world have been forced to flee their homes that are there on the moved an optimistic in their bats tonight. And wherever they are whether they're going it's imperative that we have to help protect and systems that are robust that are gonna connect them the resources that they need. And one of those is access to asylum wherever they are whichever country they are wherever they came from. And a time how will these new asylum rules of the administration has rolled out that I should point out the ACLU is going to be ever has announced they will challenge in court. Impact those refugees that are at the southern border. So you mentioned refugees in and one of the things that I I think is an important it's a kind of a nuances talk about asylum seekers vs refugees. So an asylum seekers somebody who shows up to the US territory and then makes a claim for a silent if they're successful their claim. Then they'll be refugees Reza refugee is somebody that applies from a third country. And then if they gain entry then they'll be entered already at the refugee. And so what we're seeing happening is that children rather then being allowed to seek asylum when they reach an end of the selected to be in effect. There they're not going to be allowed to remain in the United States and I think the policy is relatively new and I'm not sure the specifics of how is that it's gonna rollout. But at the end of the day what this does gonna happen is it's going to impact these children's access. To health services to education services to the essential services that they need to live a safe and healthy childhood. And that's the priority is is making sure that wherever they are that they have access direct access these services. And I think. One thing that that that folks when we're talking about this issue that gets lost is rather than looking at them as somebody who's come from another country. But the refer to as as aliens and legal proceedings to look at them as if they were your own children. And so how would you want your child to be treated how would you want to be treated when you are fleeing pretty unimaginable to distance. That you are seeking to seek asylum from because that's at the court advocates Seeking Asylum and that means that where you were before. Was living conditions that were unbearable. To the point now you just had to get up and leave your home which nobody wants to do. And a ton but before we let you go any said that. The obvious is issues much bigger. And what's happening just on the southern border but quickly since we know the attention and focus that's happening right here right now what has been. The role of UNICEF specifically. Of your division of UNICEF when it comes these facilities. There currently housing so many children along the southern border. Well there are our number of different facilities and so one of the things Sosa mind because that the portfolio that are work within. Is the 3 countries in Central America that most of these kids are coming from sets off Salvador Honduras and Guatemala. Than their fling up through Mexico Iraq the United States and are often repatriated. So when there initially entered they are apprehended by the department of homeland security and their place in processing facilities. And then they're released from processing facilities to what if if it's a family unit and depending on the state that there and a look at it to to look to the north is there but if they're for example in parts of California Texas that will be released to what's referred to as a respite center and respite centers are run. By a amazing groups of NGOs in parts of south Texas and parts of Southern California like the San Diego rapid response network in California. Or it system Roma's cafeterias of the Rio Grande Valley in McAllen Texas and what these restaurants owners do as they're kind of a one stop shop for these folks that have just come a very very long way. Fleeing pretty unimaginable conditions. And they give them. A sort of a dose of a community they welcome then they provide them with what fruit. Win it with. A change of clothes with travel logistics. With a place to stay in a shower they needed and then they'd send them on their way and UNICEF as part of supported some of those restaurants on us. UNICEF USA. And a time really quickly before we let you go. A lot of people be looking innocence say it will this isn't those countries problems that they should be dealing with why should I care as an American what would you tell them. Azimuth and before we need to be looking at these kids as if their own children. And looking at and then putting herself in their shoes and and so 11 thing that I think is is too important to highlight is that. The children don't know the difference of the borders writes those so they when they arrive at the United States. Tickets I. Take a step back there so why should Americans care. Americans should care because. Children account of the town and so before their refugee before their migrant they should be treated as it looked as toda. Any time pal he's the manager child migration services for UNICEF thank you for taking time on Friday speaking to us we appreciate it thanks happening. Are coming back into the Washington bureau here we're gonna switch gears because we are getting ready for the second. Democratic presidential debate for years ago we be having had the first Republican presidential debate at this point. But we know that they are getting set their drawings we know who's going to be on the debate stage what night what police want podium. That means we need RE BC political director Rick Klein who's joining us here Rick happy Friday the predator that they are spotted their slotted they know where they're going houses gonna look. Well I had one campaign manager for one of the campaign say this could be the single most important draw of the entire election cycle you could determine the nominee is based on this because. This is the second to beaten shot library tell you why because. The third debate our debate on NBC news most important debate that is where they start chopping down fewer than half as hands impetus in half so. This is the chance to make a marking going into the summer months if you wanna keep your fund raising a live it matters a lot and CNN announced the straw last night and it is intriguing because. 91 is going to feature kind of the liberal dream team match up it's gonna be right center stage Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. And then flanking them my two younger white males who have gotten a lot of traction and be booed as judge and NATO along system intriguing possibilities. In just that night one match up so 92 though feels like a repeat performance if you well. Biden and Harris yeah I it's hard for me to imagine how this is good for Joseph Biden and how he said he was not on an unaware of the attack and we come from Kabul Harris he was prepared for attack from Cory Booker who's gonna be now on his other side. And if you notice just by luck of the draw here. All of the diversity in the field it's on ninety dole in 92 not just in not just Harris and Booker but also flee and Castro. Policy covered so if this becomes a discussion of Joseph Biden's record on racism that is an awkward set up for him. Well it seems like it really he's surrounded by at that point when you look at the way the makeup of the stage is going to be so. Who you know I noticed it earlier most yacht important night from the former campaign manager spoke to but. Cool for this debate is it Steward dies is Joseph Biden's night is this you know come on Harris is ninety common and beat him out of first place in what has to happen on the eastern. Those guys can do in and die or live and I'll be fine in about almost doesn't matter for the longer term it out shaping the narrative is the folks on the outside of that that are reeled in real danger here if you look at. The Marianne Williamson's in the Tim Ryan's in the John Bellini in the Steve Bullock so is going to be on the debate stage for the first time the only change Jeanne Hensley a night to Kristen Gillibrand. These are folks that need to make a market right now he do the analysis they do not have the polling or the fund raising numbers. To make that debate in September so they have to make the mark when they have this nationally televised audience. And Rick quickly this explainer but he at home the rules and the difference between what we've seen in the first two debates and we're gonna see for the third debate that ABC news is hosting. Give us that tough sell for this for these two debates it's been 65000. Individual donors or 1% in a series of polls. In September and October starting with our debate in September 12. You need to get 2% in the polls and did not or and 130000 donations so we're telling Henry thing on both size and as of now it's Jewish seminary candidates would qualify and at this rate a couple others are gonna. Get in there are but they're gonna need to have a big summer make an app and Toms are the most recent one in the race is he gonna have anything in time for the third and then he's not in this economic development of study he says he's never been asked in a poll force so he's he's right now nowhere but I'll tell you a lot of the campaigns are jealous not just of the fact that he's a billionaire and help under. But the fact that he's got these massive email lists these built up through the impeachment. After some climate initiatives that it he's been involved in. He can happen to those folks and big unit is a dollar to in large enough numbers he could vault into contention right over these folks plus he's putting itself on the air right now and which is summing mostly Candace can afford bill ABC's Rick Klein thank you ceremony Starr issued a resident NX. Week we're gonna switch gears because next week. We've got increase seen please welcome my group anyway where the group that's been handling Robert Mueller for the last two years of our lives. Robert Mueller is going up to Capitol Hill he is set to answer questions from not one locking him but to. Congressional committees he's going to first base to House Judiciary Committee. Then moving it down the hall to the House Intelligence Committee. And that's where ABC's Catherine falters is going to be spending a couple. Hours next week are you ready in its ten really in the same room John or just switching out your kids so it's gonna be like a little rules are right it's easier goes Peter Brady and playing every gang tackle is so all it's gonna be judiciary first as you mentioned for three hours they have more members. And then. The house intelligence committee for two hours but it will tell you that just yesterday we had a briefing. With some senior members of the the democratic staff. And they're already downplaying expectations security thinking ready for questions by Robert Malone answered yes known exactly because that was people they said it doesn't that he never says anything that's over ten awards in its want to talk time. Did they go back and study his olds his old testimony at because they how amazing had an account. How many and I can't remember the other thing though here is that. Robert Mueller didn't want to testify though he did not spend the report is my testimony so what exactly are they expecting it to get out of that race and they're strategizing in terms of how to last questions in any yes or no answer to cement the ball forward here and really. They say that they want to focus and have written down here from the briefing the judiciary committee on. On five topics specifically. President directing his former White House counsel to hire Mueller are around. We have it equivalent Dow ski directing that the president directly queen find out ski to ask Jeff Sessions to limit the investigation and then of course your member Michael Cullen and Paul and a fort. And witnessed him running and not act so there's lots of topics that they want to cover but the reality and convey it don't know what more he's going to say they said. It you know. What we've asked what more do you expect in the city said what we've read the book and the report but now this is the time to see the movies so the public testimony and it will be his first time. Before cameras answering question her and invest. Is there and real quick Katherine just explaining the reason these two committees. Are going to be during the questioning the deal with. Different areas of the report right yeah that's right so one is going to be dealing with volume one the other with volume to other splitting up. Obstruction and collusion Intel really wants to focus on the Russian interference the campaign ties to Russia a WikiLeaks right what the president news sell it at the goal right now is to split up the two volumes of the reports that way but you have the members asking questions you never know what they're gonna feel sleepy. Take a foreign journey pages you know pushing together like resource the DE CK you do this. The VAN NI single we'll see a lot of and we should have that. Over 400 page report in front of us because I think that members in the committee a mobile reference page numbers a lot look we could just see Robert Mueller quite literally reading his report. Tree and not only can honestly don't know who now he's allowing. I'll see you see a difference captain folders thank you much appreciated. We're have full coverage of special counsel Robert Muller's testimony across ABC news that's going to be happening Wednesday morning charting it deep. Thirty let's end on a. Non political note today what do you think it's been a rough week right let's just a little happier let's go down to Houston Texas where we find ABC's Maggie rule Lee. Maggie where are you are you like an outer space or something what what what's happening over. There Maggie what do you do actually on the move. Really it doesn't soon Yahoo!. How are you not floating right now you know. Think it's expected. We're in thank Johnson Space Center which is really the command center that sent men to the moon and it's been incredible here Don I learned. More than I ever thought I would ever learn about the Apollo mission in the past few days and this is where all went down and I bought Johnson Space Center. Johnson missing control is right here is well we gotta go inside the newly restored Apollo eleven mission control earlier today and I study the excitement levels here and there at their bananas level right now. Everyone is gearing up for this anniversary the technical anniversary fifty years of the moon landing. His tomorrow but the party has already started today I'm I'm Marty well into my party John. That's why I'm all of program. Aren't. Viable route for. For one moment it seemed as he thinks hunger world theme together I was really. So thrilled for the boys in part the world in the country from California. His Central Park. Men and women serving in Vietnam it is a feeding that. We can do something even fans in the middle of the Chicago White Sox game. Fifty years ago this Saturday time stood still has more than 500 million people around the world. Watched astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. Accomplish an historic achievement. They just eight years prior seemed impossible. Walking on the moon. A great day in history the men and women sitting inside this room said during those final moment you could hear a pin drop they knew. A miracle is counting on them and the astronauts lives in their hands. What they lacked in 1960s technology the floor in brain power and many products we now use every day half their start in this phase program. GPS is borne out that kidney dialysis. Power tools for construction all of this technology. It's coming out about going to the moon. And the impact of that giant leap for mankind. He still being felt today those of us that follow benefit by the worked at they've done and were able to stand on their shoulders to continue the work of space exploration. Maggie heat wrap really joining us back again from Houston not the moon starring Maggie eating that your waist all right quick Maggie motion. Interesting thing you've seen down there at the Johnson Space Center go. You know it's illegal and what's right behind me this is the actual command module for Apollo seventeen dunk but not the last manned mission to the mid. That thing behind the rate they're actually touch than what it does balloons there says. And NASA says that I'm going back to the moon in 20/20 four or might stay there for awhile you and me John. At that we should volunteer for that assignment. Great thank let's go I'm ready I don't want to do the whole city's food thing Maggie so we had to figure something out I have faith and I think we can come up plant care period. Op Pak us maxed out Larry I can't wait Maggie really down Houston based Texas thank you my friend I appreciate it. And that is where we're going to and this crazy week thank you so much for joining us on the briefing her make sure to download the BC news that for any news any time I'm John San Suu Kyi. You are watching. ABC news.

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