Trump doubles down on blaming 'both sides' for Charlottesville violence

"The View" co-hosts discuss the president's recent comment that there was "pretty bad dudes on the other side also."
7:16 | 09/15/17

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Transcript for Trump doubles down on blaming 'both sides' for Charlottesville violence
Hours before signing a bipartisan resolution denouncing. White supremacists and neo Nazis and Shaw's now. You know we'll just couldn't resist doubling down on his past comments take a listen I think. Especially in light of the advent. Look at what's gonna marry this gives him pretty bad news the other side else and essentially that's nice and now because of what's happened since then we're then you you can do really what's. It's now a lot of people to sing a lot of people. I might have a right. I say it's a very many people on the other side also. Which is actually not true. Because you see at. You know this is one of those talking points where they say it enough that it becomes real now I I. Have to say you know when you are the goddess Busby running everything. You need to sign the thing that says we don't. Believe and fascism we don't think that's good we don't think neo Nazis was the we don't think that. Anti Everett that we just we don't support that you don't. You don't qualify. And start bringing in other think it's. It could be in an app itself. Quite the president white supremacists on. It's awful and other self there should be no moral equivalency you don't it shouldn't even bring into the conversation with. And it would Alsace is the it would these people marching in Charlottesville lot of them. So that's his base he has to make them happy. I does not make anybody happy even out cultists chatting on I. They're empty but for that it's at its anti fascism reform and for anybody that thinks that this isn't not violent programming their predicated on violence. And ends in fact the Department of Homeland Security according to doctor. It's but it other I saw your thing and let me just say this to you why we look to see what they were talking about there was nothing there because. When you look at the bottom out there you list. The year that they're talking about is when and Obama was so we went to see. What they had been protesting what fascist up empty fire had been protesting and there isn't any. There's nothing they we can't find anything so this to me anti fire is one of those things that. Analysts say the right but somebody came up with as as I'd catch phrase so that. You could say you know all of Europe's violence on the other side but I don't remember violence. I had demonstrations. Before and the gentleman who was. And now. Got. That's been an IQ can I just I have plenty of data adding to defense but the Imus in fact I slots now at about I can't and that's totally fine. But according to confidential government documents they were label they quote domestic terrorist group. In teeth a wise the Department of Homeland Security started warning local and state officials about them. Back in 2016 when we were at the inauguration covering it for ABC we took a quick break got a quick bite DC. And NT asserted storming the street I was frightened and we had to lock the restaurant that we are and because they were knocking people over they were burning anywhere attacking a legal right to end the game and the earth and Rosie Elliott with the regular and does have one did you first hear that phrase I just I actually just started hearing about anti. A couple of months ago even though they went that's not that I think that I had I can't I had never heard of it I and my understanding is that it's it doesn't have a leader doesn't have a head's not warriors. It's not an organized group I do not be that you could compare this. And T for movement with the cake cake now you can't ask the kkk. In my community for centuries so this also equivalency there something on both sides is ridiculous I really think. If Donald Trump wants to say anything about racism he has to first talk about his being complicit in that because he at a campaign. Based on racial resentment and fear right his campaign was for angry white people. And he talked about Mexicans being rapists he talked about. A gold star Muslim family he he talked about up black people he he talked about you know he. He has part. Dissipated and housing discrimination and so anything that he says for me needs to start with the birth their movement he needs to admit. That he is the reason why we are seeing is racial divide in ark you Canada well. Okay. Pete. The history of a group that is organized like white supremacists the kkk with this group. The thing I could say if keyword it had he doesn't say it right he also said there were some very fine people. A markings on which I don't I don't think there's an opposite side of anyone that could argue anyone that they were born inherently better as a race. Has many virtues left in their so there's no equating the two if he had said something along the lines of taking a launch your own hands and violently attacking any one she is never okay. But doesn't say that any tricycle clique that the were equal access to know her eloquently only. Person that was all violently opposed was what I think killed the young lady and came from the other side who decided that. As a neo Nazi that's what he needed to yeah. You can act. You can't do this subtle scare. And that's saddles gyros do it that. That phrase as that I want to see I've never heard of that I had night you know and and people kept saying well you know. On that on television particularly on the on the other networks you know well this group and I can't symbol who was this group because. When you see how stump is organized you could say yes that's who we are we're fighting for this. But often times I've found that sometimes. The side that is scratching the loudness. Has sort of orchestrated it so they can match about consult I'm not shore who was storming. And the mystery I'm not sure who was storming through this. As and the habit the other thing is I want my fear is that this term and T for their trying to use it to scare people so that they don't stand up against hate. When is it wrong to stand up against hate it is never. I know at ports of violence at and and radicalism. In they had their kids struggle against but he didn't hear you that is pleasant is it isn't their basic tactic to be bought it. Equally violent because if fighting violence with via its it's a little while that isn't well this time and he nailed nine days I feel like he's entitled. That are looking to cause trouble that put a mask on in our pocket just saying they're part of a cause. Without any velocity without an organized liquor this guy named Scott Crowe who was a four former NT four organizer said. That heat speech is not free speech which I don't agree wit I don't think when you answer in violence it's kind of like when you hear so much a by the civil rights movement was successful. Who was Martin Luther King was saying don't give them a reason SAB did anything else I have still violence please into the hands I think which is why. I but I don't think it's organized I don't let you know I silent types.

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{"id":49876320,"title":"Trump doubles down on blaming 'both sides' for Charlottesville violence","duration":"7:16","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss the president's recent comment that there was \"pretty bad dudes on the other side also.\"","url":"/Politics/video/trump-doubles-blaming-sides-charlottesville-violence-49876320","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}