Trump escalates immigration rhetoric

NYU professor Ruth Ben-Ghiat discusses Trump's rhetoric about migrants at the border.
3:00 | 10/02/19

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Transcript for Trump escalates immigration rhetoric
I wanna go to our guests join us now from new York New York University professor Dan Ruth and yacht who is an expert on fascism and authoritarianism she's been here on the show. Before great to see your Ruth so. This question I have here is is sort of to go to 30000 feet on this extraordinary story of the president's controversial ideas. Given that this was said in private given that it has not come to fruition. How concerned should we be by this is it really that problematic that the president sort of spout off in private and his aides. Sort of dismissive. It's very problematic and we need to be extremely concerned at Berkeley cares has been mentioned on the show I'm ready. And sprains it's been circulating since it doesn't eighteen. And there are insistent the idea seating Aaron might rents its comes up at his rallies analysts are rounded up in me 2019. At a rally. Laugh and said are you can only get a ring without who can't handle. And Whitney see Medicare works now leads he knows the strengths electric frightened. Harris writes prints and alligators this is very much a glimpse into the twisted mind of the person who is murdering his country and its current. And unfortunately. Right we're speaking winds its anger personality and more experience. And a lot of this Ruth is I think sometimes a sort of scratch her had I think a lot of our viewers. I have a sort of been I have their eyes glaze over a given the amount of controversial comments. That have come from the president some of his defenders even here in the show have said this is just too we as he talks like this. Doesn't really mean it is a provocative guy. Did do you see your risk here that all this behaviors become normalized to a certain extent and can even seep into the public discourse. Absolutely I think you create you create very well. And I hate to remind everyone that's. Before he got the presidents are a nation in January 2016. He talked about shooting someone. This isn't seen throughout his presidency and then he during the campaign Mimi shooting you know alluding to shooting. He's political rival Hillary Clinton so. This is why from the very start as he mertz in me likes wrong with authoritarian tendencies because what he's serious serious. Even before they get our office and and thirteen president who chairs it did this Wilson aren't Brazil at this they start associating themselves with violence. And proximity to violence that they could be capable of violence and this strategy into mediation. And now it is back against the while. He's very worried about impeachment and bury its logic that's he's going to be lashing out more than are. Certainly fires up his base we've seen that for sure and I know that it is also upset. A lot of people in this country particularly immigrant communities so a lot to be concerned about and we appreciate you joining us truth and yacht from ma am why you think you so much.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"NYU professor Ruth Ben-Ghiat discusses Trump's rhetoric about migrants at the border.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"66017904","title":"Trump escalates immigration rhetoric","url":"/Politics/video/trump-escalates-immigration-rhetoric-66017904"}