Trump holds first rally since impeachment inquiry

President Donald Trump attacked Joe and Hunter Biden and Democrats at his rally in Minnesota.
3:36 | 10/11/19

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Transcript for Trump holds first rally since impeachment inquiry
And guys as the impeachment proceedings heat up president trump also on energize an angry at his campaign rally in Minnesota last night the first campaign rally since they impeachment inquiry began. Using his time to fire off attacks against Democrats and his rivals to take a listen. And your father was never considered Smart. He was never considered a good senator. He was always had good and vice president. Because he understood. How did she S Barack Obama. All right so this rally was peaceful until it was an on protesters are clashing with police and pepper spray was used in one incidents I want to bring in Mona costar Abby at the White House. With more details about this Mona good to see you one asking what was his main message last night. The president went on a political Rampage to say at least Kimberly taking aim. Mainly at his usual targets he went after congresswoman Ellen panel marred her home state of Minnesota calling her a quote. Disgrace to our country as well as house speaker Nancy pulled Pelosi. And the president definitely didn't hold back when it came to former vice president Joseph Biden and his son hunter. Even as you heard they're using some explicit words at times as he. A return to unsubstantiated allegations of corruption accusing. The Biden's of quote getting rich while America got robbed you asked. What his message was it was. Going back to what he's been alleging this whole time which is that the bite ends had at some illegal activity again unsubstantiated claims. That they were involved in inn net Ukraine and also the president called the former vice presidents as sun. A loser he suggested a new tagline that he said could possibly put on shirts which is where's hunter. Some chants broke out then two where some where's hunter chance and Biden then it struck back on Twitter shortly after midnight saying. That America is quote so much stronger. Then your weakness. So the president again. You know this cons as his. Efforts to get. Political dirt on his rival Joseph Biden is the basis of his impeachment inquiry so. He looks like he's going back to that and it's something that he will be using going forward to Tony Tony. Yeah a major fight ahead and before we go you've also been monitoring that China trade war. That's right to the president's that. This afternoon to meet with China's top negotiator here at the White House. The president yesterday when talking about Thursday's talks was quite optimistic he says it went very well. And China has hinted that they too are willing to walk away with eight partial deal. Ahead of that October 15 deadline to remind you got is when the US plans to hike terrace on 250 billion dollars worth of Chinese goods. In the end up from 25% to 30% meanwhile the president. Aims to pressure China to increase their purchases of US agricultural products that is really what we've seen for the last fifteen months during this trade war is. Really tit for tat retaliatory moves where the president will there and terrorists in China will responsible police. This won't lead to a comprehensive plan likely but at least will lead to a partial plan. Where it will be step in the right direction and markets are ready responding both Asian and US stocks. Up in anticipation of that this meeting Kimberlin. All right Mona costar Abby right there at the White House thank you for the updates we appreciate that.

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{"duration":"3:36","description":"President Donald Trump attacked Joe and Hunter Biden and Democrats at his rally in Minnesota.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"66215935","title":"Trump holds first rally since impeachment inquiry","url":"/Politics/video/trump-holds-rally-impeachment-inquiry-66215935"}